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A DVD Player, And These…

Old Punxsutawney Phil would NEVER make it out of his hole.

And speaking of holes…if you haven’t heard of Hannah Montana, you must be living in one, friend. In HANNAH MONTANA: ONE IN A MILLION, Miley Cyrus stars as the teenage singing sensation who’s just trying to live a normal high school life. This collection of Hannah episodes from the Disney Channel co-stars Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley’s real life achey breaky dad).

Trying to match the craziness of “The Big Game” itself, THE COMEBACKS is one sports spoof for the ages. David Koechner plays Lambeau Fields, an unsuccessful college coach who has one last shot at a title…with a team of total misfits. Along the way, he has many hilarious victories both on and off the field.
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Carl “Apollo Creed” Weathers and Melora Hardin co-star.

Enough with the cheeriness already. Can redbox get a virus up in here? In THE INVASION, Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman star as science colleagues who have just one small task on their plates: save Earth. When Kidman discovers the origin of an ancient virus — and her son contracts it — she has to save him, not to mention everyone else, before it’s too late.

If the goofiness suits you better, grab a copy of DADDY DAY CARE sequel DADDY DAY CAMP. Cuba Gooding Jr. stars as the main man in charge of a summer camp. He learns an age-old lesson the hard way: if kid campers want to torture you, they can get pretty dang resourceful. Lochlyn Munro and Richard Gant are spending the summer there, too.

How about a sunny dose of indie goodness? In KING OF CALIFORNIA, Michael Douglas plays a man who, after being released from a mental institution, reconnects with his daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) in the best way he can think of: by convincing her there’s gold buried beneath their California suburb. Crazy sounding, but as loveable as it gets.

And the week ends with a gripping, award-winning drama from an old favorite. Kevin Kline stars in TRADE as a Texas cop who sets out on a dangerous mission to recover a young girl (Paulina Gaitan). She’s lost in the illegal tunnels of sex trafficking between Mexico and the US.
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Suspense lies at every turn.

Don’t forget that it’s easy to select these great flicks online, then grab them at your nearest redbox. Won’t take but a minute. Until next week, keep an eye peeled for Old P. Phil.

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