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Redbox issued a new code over the weekend again, to make up for a lot of issues lately. This one expires tonight (Mon, Jan 11) at midnight, so hopefully you will have enough time to use it today.
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The code is: RBXLUV10

There have also been other codes reported working lately, so be sure to check out the Redbox Codes page.


18 Responses to “New Redbox Code Expires Monday, Jan 11 at Midnight”

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    Lee Jones [visitor]

    I’m pretty sure they don’t rent porn. Never seen anything remotely like it on a kiosk.

  2. Member [Join Now]
    Joan Zaiz [joan-zaiz]

    I’m confused. How can it be free to rejoin your site when I have to buy one of the offers cited?I can’t find out how much it costs and the terms of offer without accepting it. Please advise. I really like to hear from you. Thanks,.

  3. Member [Join Now]
    jakoblin [jakoblin]

    The cloest red box location to me is broken , can not us these code :(

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    rb [visitor]

    Today’s rbxluv10 code worked great BUT the first kiosk I went to was broken and I had to travel to another kiosk to use it :-( Redbox seems to be having a lot of kiosk machine problems lately plus the customer service seems to be slow. They should incorporate a button on their kiosks that a customer can press right there and then that there’s a problem plus state the problem with that kiosk so Redbox can identify and get a service rep to fix the problem faster. Problem with the Walgreen kiosk I went to today was someone must have put a return dvd in backwards and it was jammed and wouldn’t let anyone else rent or return.

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      is the machine inside or outside…. I think the weather has something to do with the machine acting that way.. there was like a red screen showing how to return the DVD (like if someone stuck the movie in backwards) the box that is 2 blocks from me does this when it gets very cold (dont know if the reader freezes up when someone tries to return a movie or what)

      also always hear a wineing noise when this screen is up.. (like a movie is jammed)

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        rb [visitor]

        Machine at Walgreens is an outside kiosk. Exactly: the screen was red showing how to return a dvd signifying that the barcode should be away from the returner/arrow facing returner–or something like that. There was no obvious dvd jammed in the slot, slot was fully closed, and no button on the screen that you could press to get off that red screen. Another customer also tried to get off that screen with no luck either. I knew Walgreen really has nothing to do with the Redbox kiosk, but when I went instead Walgreen to buy something I informed the clerk anyway. She said if she had time she’d call Redbox. That what got me thinking if the kiosk had a special problem-experienced button a customer could push to inform Redbox immediately that there is a problem at that specific kiosk it would hasten a service rep to fix it ,… or if Redbox could fix it/reset the screen remotely.

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          Schnarr [schnarr]

          Redbox “can” fix the kiosk remotely. If you use your cell phone and call them, they will go right in and see what they can do to rectify the problem. You just have to give them the place where you are.

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            rb [visitor]

            I know Redbox can fix some problems remotely…that’s why I think a problem-experienced button on the kiosk that a customer could press would be great to send an instant problem message to Redbox. Redbox could then do a remote evaluation to find and fix the problem if possible, or else send a service rep to fix it.Regarding ‘calling’ Redbox about a problem at a kiosk… If you ever called Redbox, you know to expect at least a 10-15 minute wait for a customer Rep. to even answer your call. In the past,I’ve called Redbox several different times when I’ve experienced a broken kiosk, or a full kiosk that won’t let you return, etc. After experiencing such long phone waits for a customer rep to get to my calls, I’ve decided only to contact Redbox IF it involves a problem where I feel I’ll be incorrectly charged for a dvd rental…Example, if I return a dvd but I don’t get an immediate email confirming that dvd was returned on time. I found I was getting more annoyed with the long phone wait then the actual kiosk problem—so I quit reporting kiosk problems.

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          tuna [visitor]

          That button ideal would never work here in my town you see kids playing with the touch screen all the time and the parents don’t care they even play with the lotto machine

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            rb [visitor]

            Maybe the button idea would work if the customer using the button to report a problem would first have to swipe their credit card to activate the button…Thinking….thinking… At least this would assure that kids can’t just activate the button erroneously , and it would prevent immature prankster adults from falsely utilizing the button since Redbox would then have a record of their credit card swiped to identify them if they continue to make false reports.

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        Daniel [visitor]

        It is more likely they shoved a second one in right behind the first instead of once per push of the return button, if the disc is inserted the wrong way the machine spits it back out.

  5. Member [Join Now]

    Nope. Doesn’t work for me.

  6. Member [Join Now]

    This code works for all your credit cards

    (did not realize this till later and went back and got more).

    Hurry up; good for only another 3 hours!

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Daniel [visitor]

    midnight eastern or central (like the normal monday codes)?