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Yea, its true! A new automated kiosk will help keep your DVDs (and drinks) cold for the long drive home. Well, at least if you happen to live in the Southeast…

The Augusta Chronicle is reporting on the new “Twice the Ice” machine, which produces and dispenses ice in 16lb bags or 20lbs loose right into your cooler.

The icehouse portion of the machine produces 35 pounds of ice every eight minutes, Mr. Nance said. When stored ice inside a 6,500-pound bin dips below a particular level, a trigger starts the ice maker, Mr. Boyett said.

They also mention that no human hands ever touch the ice, thus making it more sanitary and replacing even more American jobs with cheap “machine” labor. Great!

Anyway, if you are feeling especially hot today, take a look at the full article and you’ll suddenly feel better. Of course, it would be cooler to back your truck up to the machine and fill up the bed with ice and just jump in.
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What do you think, will this idea take off?
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We already get ice from machines at the fast food joints, so why not for our picnic or BBQ?

4 Responses to “New Kiosk Will Keep Your DVDs Cold (and Fresh)”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Seth Becker [visitor]

    We have had one of these in Stillwater, OK for about 5 months now. I’ve used the bagged ice portion twice, and really like it. It’s a good deal giving you a 16lb bag for $1.50 and the ice is the good crunchy kind.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Peter [visitor]

    We have one in Weatherford, Texas. Works great!