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Netflix-with-ConsolesNetflix appears to be slowly putting the pieces in place for a post-DVD, streaming dominated model. After announcing just a few days ago that its movie streaming service will soon be available on the Playstation 3 game console, it now looks like Netflix streaming will also be coming to the Nintendo Wii.

Streaming media analyst Dan Rayburn says that, according to a source of his that is ” involved in the project”, Nintendo and Netflix are currently engaged in testing the streaming service that will arrive on the Wii “very shortly.”

Says Rayburn:

“What I’m hearing is that Nintendo originally planned to bring the Netflix service to the Wii before the end of this year, which still might take place, but that Nintendo is also considering holding off on the Netflix service until they release their next generation Wii HD unit in early 2010.”

If Rayburn’s source is accurate, this move could potentially add Netflix streaming to the 21 million Wii units sold in the U.S. thus far. When you take into account the tens of millions of Xbox 360s and PS3s the service is already or will soon available on, the signals are clear that Netflix is making a major play for living room streaming domination.

Let us know your thoughts on this massive expansion of Netflix’s streaming capabilities, Insiders.
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Do you currently use this service, or will you be doing so in the near future? How, if at all, will this affect your Redbox rental habits? Were you aware of a Wii HD in the works?
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Should I stop asking questions and just let you get to commenting?

[via Silicon Valley Insider and Business of Video]

6 Responses to “Netflix Could Soon be Streaming on all Three Game Consoles”

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    I currently use the service on xbox360 and love it. I was aware of the Wii HD coming but that is a year away atleast. I have already signed up for the free ps3 disk needed to use the service on a ps3. Xbox360 makes you pay $50 a year to use netflix, ps3 will be free as far as I know. I rent from redbox only if I really want to see a movie and it is going to take a while for me to get it from netflix. The problem with the streaming service currently is it is mostly older movies and b-movies. Great to catch old movies you may have missed but if you want anything new you either wait or redbox it.

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      The [visitor]

      Before you spend any money make sure you check or or and other places for those old movies, a lot of places are streaming for free (with a few commercials) they may be scheduled for regular TV too.

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    Interesting – I’ll definitely try it out if Nintendo doesn’t add more than a marginal fee. They already allow you to surf the internet via an Opera browser interface for free, perhaps this will be free as well. If you already have a netflix account and a Wii, it’s worth a look.

    Actually, I was just about to try out streaming services by hooking our laptop into our TV monitor. I’ll try netflix or one of the free services). I hear the resolution isn’t terrible (not wonderful either – I guess that’s where the Wii HD would come in). I wonder if a typical DSL home connection will be able to support a streaming HD feed. Does netflix do HD streaming?

    For new releases, I’ll stick with Redbox.

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    Currently netflix streaming resolution is dvd qualiity which is good enough for me. I think 360 is coming out with HD streaming in the near future so it should work on a typical dsl connection. Netflix streaming is great for movies with some tv shows, and such are usually great for tv with some movies. I have the Netflix 16.99 a month for the three dvd out and unlimited streaming, but they have plans for as low as 8.99 I believe. I currently use the 360 for streaming as I like watching things on my big screen tv sitting on my couch. But 360 currently charges 50.00 a year for their live service of online gaming and netflix streaming. So when PS3 starts streaming in November for free I will be dropping 360 service and saving 50.00 a year. Can’t wait for that! I am of the opinion that the Wii will not get Netflix streaming until Wii HD comes out in a year or so, but I could be wrong on this.

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