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Monday Promo Code – April 27, 2009

Here is your Redbox Monday-only promo code for today, Monday, April 27…
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Expires tonight (Mon, April 27) at midnight Central Time.

101 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – April 27, 2009”

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    Linda Workman [visitor]

    Is it possible to get these early in the morning? Sometimes I shop before work and it would be convenient to get a movie then. Or at least before Noon so I may also be able to pick one up on my lunch break?

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      Damian [visitor]

      You can signup at RedBox’s website to receive text messages on your cell phone every Monday. They are typically good at sending the text just after 10am. Otherwise, I think you’ll need to wait for

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      Jeff [visitor]

      How about u just tell us what u want, and we can deliver it right to your doorstep?

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      The Turnip [visitor]

      Sorry, but the codes just don’t come out that early (it would be nice!) I have them sent directly from Redbox to my cell phone and they usually arrive between 10 and 10:30 am (CST). During the year that I’ve received codes, I think the earliest was 9:30 am, but that only happened once.

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    Colleen [visitor]

    Been getting the Monday code regularly, but I thought there was a Wednesday code as well? I haven’t been getting the Wednesday code…I am more likely to rent a movie on Wednesday night.

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      I thought it was just me, I don’t get the Wednesday code anymore either. After signing up for the extended promotion, I thought that it was Redbox’s way of making up for the “no code Wednesday” rumor.

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      JeffyBear [visitor]

      The Wednesday Code Promotion was only good until April 1st. Then InsideRedbox inadvertently kept the info up after the promotion expired. Still advising people to look for the Wednesday Code. To make a concession for that error…InsideRedbox offered members a free membership upgrade (Which I’m not sure what the benefits are) for a limited time.

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      Wasn’t that just for the month of March?

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      The Turnip [visitor]

      Once or twice a year Redbox will have Wednesday codes in addition to Mondays for a month. Wednesday’s are an extra special promotion – not the norm.

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    put the code in and it didn’t work

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    The earlier, the better.

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    The code didn’t work for me last Monday either! :o(

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    wednesday codes only for the month of March

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    thanks tara…i guess i missed that one… :o)

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    Rick [visitor]


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    Colleen Bruce [visitor]

    Thank you for my Monday Promo .I see you have another Colleen on your list becuase I did not make the comment above about Wednesday PROMO CODE. Is there another Colleen ? I do know we were notified that the Wednesday codes will be only for the month of March..

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      Colleen [visitor]

      I’m not the first Colleen, and I’m not you… (I think)… in fact I am not even a Colleen, I use “Colleen” on the Internet because it sounds sexier than “Walter”. My point is, anyone can post here under any name, there is no signup required and even if there was there is no way to check for real names.

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    thanks for a free codes

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    judy [visitor]


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    Benjamin Scott [visitor]

    Thank you as always!

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    Becky [visitor]

    How can i have RedBox codes texted to me? I used to receive text then i moved and changed phone plans. Please email me or text me :-)

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    my code didn’t work for Monday, April 27.

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    TheRulingQueen [therulingqueen]

    Code worked fine for me!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!

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    JC [visitor]

    Did you know that you can use the same code multiple times?
    HOW???? Well, if you happen to have several checking accounts and you and your spouse have debit cards from those accounts, each card can be used along with the code, it works! I rent at least 4-6 movies for FREE ever monday!

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      too bad there arent 4-6 good movies there :(

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      maybe not anymore [visitor]

      I have been doing this as well, renting free with 3 or more cards at once… but TONIGHT… i got this dreaded message with my second card… “Promo code already used”..!! and the total changed to 1.06 during checkout ..

      I KNEW i should’ve used different email addresses when i first entered an address for each card to get email receipts…

      They might actually be checking billing addresses now for cards thought which would make different addresses useless.. but i THINK…. redbox has caught on to this.. :( with an emphasis on :(

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        maybe not anymore [visitor]

        typo.. i meant “though” ..not “thought”..

        still, i could only rent only one free tonight, for the first time.

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    Terry Howell [visitor]

    Redbox has a p[roblem or it is one big scam. Tried the Monday code today and 3 weeks ago code failed. ” We are unable to process your promo code at this time…….”
    What gives?

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      Sven [visitor]

      Try it again or go to another machine. Sometimes the machine will have a slow connection.

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      The Turnip [visitor]

      Yep, Sven speaks the truth. I’ve used the Monday codes for about a year and they have worked all but once. Tried a different machine next door and it worked just fine. That puts me at 100%. Also, make sure you didn’t type in a wrong digit (D instead of O) and double-check what you typed. Many times the kiosk I use the most will repeat some digits as I type them in and I have to backspace and correct. Hope these tips help!

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    Code worked just fine. Thanks

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    rb [visitor]

    Thanks to Michael and Redbox for the Monday code. Much appreciated.

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    tarheel [visitor]

    was able to get movie with code… thanks!

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    NANAKIM [nanakim]


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      Car [car]


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        rb [visitor]

        Car….Please explain the benefit of a gmail that you’re always suggesting. I’m not computer savvy but I did google gmail. Said something like gmail will block spam and keep you organized. Are you suggesting to set up different gmail addresses/accounts to be more organized? Example, a gmail address just with Redbox for all your Redbox receipts to be emailed to? The Redbox CSR didn’t ask my email the other day when I got a 1x use code. Later I received a confirmation email from the CSR. She requested the last 4 digits of my cc during our conversation and must have connected the last 4 digits of my cc to bring up my email address. I didn’t like the fact that she/any CSR, could do this. Once a CSR gets your email address, it seems like they could pull up all the credit or debit card account numbers connected to that email address. Not good. Not good. Would a gmail prevent them from making this connection?

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        NANAKIM [nanakim]

        is that all you have to do is sit around and bad mouth the way people type on the computer? if you dont like it dont read it ass whole!!!!!!

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      rb [visitor]

      The Monday free promo code is good for that Mondays only. The dvd will be due back by 9pm Tuesday. When you rent/pay without a code, the screen will say you owe $1…(which will be charged to your credit or debit card)… BUT when you use the code make sure the screen says $1 minus promo code used for a balance of zero. If the screen doesn’t say balance of zero, and if you don’t want to pay $1 for the dvd, then don’t check out/finalize the transaction. See this sites FAQ section for more info.

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    Code worked for me but the only problem that I had today was that when I went back to return the movies at another location the machine was not working and I think it was due to the rain we had today. I called the redbox and they said sometimes the machines are sensitive to the rain.

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      really? [visitor]

      sorry for your trouble but this story made me laugh. :) sensitive to rain? they should have planned better for outdoor machines, lol.. but hopefully you still got your movie returned by 9pm

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      Sean [visitor]

      Oh without a doubt. The machines outside of Maverik that I use never work when it rains. I think it’s bullshit. They should really do something about that. Also, back in the winter, ALL machines around my area would freeze (not litterally, but like a computer freezing) up and not work.

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        Car [car]

        Since it is a mechanical device they might have temperature and humidity sensors that shut it down to protect the motors, pulleys and things like that.

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    Monday’s code worked great. I saw a segment on our television news station about They even had a link on their website. I’ve been using Redbox for about a year after dropping Netflex. Now its great to get a free one every once in a whole…

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    Car [car]

    rb, put your hotmail, gmail, whatever mail here

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      rb [visitor]

      Car…I already signed up on there around 6 weeks ago. I got a 1x code for signing up. Since then I’ve gotten a couple emails from the Redbox site stating new releases, etc. Don’t care if the Redbox newsletter site has my email address to send updates, etc. I’m concerned about the email address that’s connected to my cc or debit cards for billing purposes–and for use of free promo codes! My experience last week got me thinking/worried that when a Redbox CSR can get my BILLING email address (I only have one email address) by connecting it to the last 4 digits of one of my credit cards–what would stop them from pulling up all cc or debit card account numbers connected to that one billing address. Not knowing how Redbox might program future Monday codes to be accepted or not accepted ON MORE THAN ONE cc or debit card for each user—well, I think you get my drift… So I was asking, with this hotmail or gmail you suggest, could I go back and start a new Redbox BILLING email address for EACH cc or debit card I have? P.S. …as of yesterday, the Monday code still worked fine for me, me, me!

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        Car [car]

        I only remember them asking for the location of the box and the last 4 of the CC then the name on the card to get the movie info of what you rented so they could fix a problem. That’s really enough unique information for them to find your transactions. They really don’t need a e-mail to get there.

        It’s not very hard for them to limit the Monday code to whatever is attached to your CC that they can get on their side, be happy that they haven’t yet.

        There may be problems with restricting the code that would lead to more complaints and bad PR than it’s worth, so maybe they will just let it go for a while longer.

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          rb [visitor]

          Redbox doesn’t want to restrict free promo codes. Didn’t you watch that video clip from Texas about Redbox/insideredbox, etc. The Redbox rep said that Redbox is THRILLED that so many people/sites are sharing/using the free promo codes. I say share, share, share. Keep Redbox thrilled! Seriously, we might try to figure out ways to get more codes to share/work for more people,,,, BUT at the very core of it , Redbox rocks in the public relations department just for providing free Monday promo codes in the first place. Now if only McDonalds would partner with Redbox to also give everyone free Mcnuggets or BigMac combos on Mondays…..

          • Member [Join Now]

            McD doesn’t need to “partner” with Redbox Because McDonald’s OWNS Redbox. You didn’t know that?

          • Visitor [Join Now]
            calbat [visitor]

            deban22, you are WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! You are about 3 months behind in your knowledge. Redbox is 100% owned by Coinstar. Coinstar bought all of McDonald’s’ shares of Redbox. Only Constar. 100%!!! there are no franchises, or ‘partly-owned-by-McDonald’s’ 100% Coinstar!!!!

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    Linds [visitor]

    Didnt work for me

    • Member [Join Now]
      Car [car]

      Was the machine showing movies online when you left the house? The code worked good at the 2 locations I went to and I’ve never had a problem with a Monday code yet.

      Did it say “Routing….” for a while and then something like “unable to process your promo code at this time”? That means the box is offline for some reason, it can’t contact the central server to verify the code.

      Sometimes if you just wait a few minutes, go shopping in the store or something and come back, it’s back online. I did that once and it was like 5 or 10 minutes when I came back and the code went through.

      And of course, always check the code on the screen and make sure it’s typed in right, the touch screen doesn’t make a good keyboard.

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    Code worked fine 6 free movies on 6 different credit cards. I then shared the code with the gentleman in line behind me.

    • Member [Join Now]
      Car [car]

      Question if you don’t mind answering this, same name on all cards? Same e-mail on all cards? Same billing address?
      The reason is someone said that they may now be checking e-mail and or names for the Monday code.

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        I got 9 movies this morning just after midnight at no cost using the Monday code. Same name and billing address on all 9 cards.
        I only have 3 of them registered with email addresses (different emails). That is just in case I need to reserve online.

        On the others I just choose “NO THANKS” on the email entry screen.

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          rb [visitor]

          hmmmmn…..Well if you stayed up till after midnight your time (eastern I assume), you probably gobbled up all of today’s new releases. Watch and report/comment on the new releases you’ve watched on this site’s movie section. ….please….thank you. It will help myself and other bloggers when we go next Monday to choose some of today’s new releases. You know, not everyone has your stamina to stay awake/stand before a Redbox kiosk at midnight just to use their Monday’s code on a Tuesday new release. 9 movies! Wow! Your eyes must be bugging out right now from watching all those movies at once. And I thought blogger Sacramento –who drove 20 miles to get a free $1 movie at a Redbox kiosk–went over and above the call of duty!

          • Member [Join Now]

            I am always up after midnight.

            I have 3 Redboxes within 3 miles of me. The closest (1.5 miles) is in Giant Eagle so it is not available after 10pm. The one at Walmart is 2.5 miles and another .5 miles past Walmart. And of course traffic is really light at midnight.

            If I don’t get the new releases first thing I won’t ever get some of them and for the ones I will get I will be so far behind I will be using Monday codes for movies months old.

            I rip them all to a hard drive and return them as soon as I can so they will be available for other people.

            I don’t have much time for watching the movies but a 1TB hard drive will hold about 240 movies.

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            rb [visitor]

            Jimates….Do you live in Pa where our big grocery chain is Giant Eagle? I have 5 Redbox kiosks within 3 miles : 3 at two Giant Eagles, 1 at Kuhn grocery, and one at Walmart. Odd though that there are several McDonalds within 2 miles of me but none of the McDonalds in my area of Pa have Redbox kiosks. Do McDonalds in your area have kiosks? Would be nice b/c then could use the McDonalds-only promo codes. I see a lot of people have Albertson grocers in their states and use codes good just at Albertson. I looked up and saw that Albertson is part of the same grocery chain as a lot of grocers in other states–including our Shop n Saves–which have kiosks. I have a Shop n Save on my way to work but I never stopped and tried any of the codes that have worked for bloggers at Albertson. I’ll report back if I ever try an Albertson code at a Shop n Save kiosk. Just makes me wonder because I see a lot of say HyVee or other grocer location only codes–but then bloggers are reporting they work at a different grocer… So was thinking maybe if some grocery chains are connected through same ownership/management codes might also be connected/working for all grocers within that specific grocery chain.

          • Member [Join Now]

            I am in Ebensburg, 75 East of downtown Pittsburgh. The McDonalds here does not have a kiosk. We have 1 Giant Eagle, 1 Walmart and 1 Sheetz that have kiosks. We have 1 Shop & Save left about 12 miles away but it doesn’t show up as having a kiosk.

            In December when they had the weekly Walmart codes they did not work at our Walmart.

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            rb [visitor]

            Jimates…I’m around 20 miles north of downtown Pittsburgh, Pa. Really disappointed that none of the McDonalds in my area have Redbox kiosks. Thinking I might contact or email McDonalds main headquarters or the McDonalds around where I live and suggest/request Redbox kiosks be put in them since I’m in a very populated/family-oriented area. Seems like Redbox kiosks in the area McDonalds would get a lot of business….. Well, I might just do that! Maybe I could then use McDonalds-only codes at them!

          • Visitor [Join Now]
            rb [visitor]

            Jimates…Check this out. I looked up McDonalds headquarters but found that any unsolicited suggestions have to go thru a corp. employee, franchise owner, supplier, management. So I called a local McDonalds and talked with the manager. She thought a Redbox kiosk in her McDonalds was a good idea. She gave me the phone # of the Management that owns/runs her McDonalds and runs 19 others in the area. I called the number. I told them how I got their phone # and I gave them the name/number of the McDonalds manager I talked with. They took my suggestion very seriously; thought it was a very good idea. I explained how the McDonalds in the area were very populated/family oriented. I explained how a Redbox kiosk inside the McDonalds would be very convenient for McDonald customers and would benefit/bring business to both the McDonalds and Redbox. Even told them how they could sell more BigMacs, cheeseburgers, whatever with free Redbox promo codes on the wrappers,etc. They took my name/number and said they’ll call headquarter with the suggestion and will call back when my suggestion is reviewed and decided upon. Looks like they have to review with managers of all 19 McDonalds if Redbox kiosks would be a benefit for business at these 19 McDonalds before making a decision. Will wait and see…

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            nobody [visitor]

            jlmates prob does the same thing i do get at the machine at midnight get all the new releases take them home and make copies and return them week in and week out

          • Member [Join Now]

            I used to do that. But now with the cost of hard drive space down to about the same as blank dvds (10 cents per gb) I just put them on hard drives. If I need a copy they are already encoded to fit so I can burn one real quick.

            I have my computer connected as a media center to my 42″ lcd so I can just play any movie straight from the hard drives anytime. I have a dual drive usb dock so I can have up to two 1TB drives in the dock.

            Do you use a catalog type software program? I use All My Movies 4.5. It looks them up on IMDB and DVD Empire. I am way behind in cataloging though.

            My wife was the mgr at our local Video Warehouse for a couple of years. And I worked at another of their stores for a while. I got everything that came out during that time and a ton of the older ones from the catalog sections.

            I don’t do the horror movies anymore but I have every other new release that Redbox has had in the last 2+ years. And I have every new release for the 2 + years prior to that. So about 5 years worth.

            I also bought any movie that was priced below $4 for a long time. I had to quit buying because I got to far behind with my catalog and didn’t want to buy movies I already had.

            I have about 1000 on hard drives and at least 6000 on disc, of which probably 1000 are new retail packages.

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          debra [visitor]

          so just clear this up for me… u can use the codes with all of your c.c ?? like breakroom ,dvdonme and be used with your other cards u haven’t use??? if so thanks…..

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            rb [visitor]

            The code REDBOX will only work the first time you, as a new Redbox customer, use each cc or debit card you have. Code REDBOX has to be the first promo code you use on each of your cards for code REDBOX to work on each of your cards. If say, on your Mastercard the first promo code you use on it is BREAKROOM, and then you try the code REDBOX on that same card, code REDBOX won’t work because you’re no longer identified as a new Redbox customer on that card. Code REDBOX has to be the first promo code you use on each card for code REDBOX to work one time on each card. After that, BREAKROOM and DVDONME will work one time on each card. Monday promo code will work 1x on each card you have. Hope that helps. See FAQ on this site as some people report codes like BREAKROOM will work again on each of their cards after a wait period of 90 days…

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            I have used codes with multiple credit cards and even on a debit card. Just don’t enter your email address, or it will know you’ve already used that code on the first card and not let you use it again.

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          Car [car]

          Just a suggestion, you guys should keep it down about how many you get etc… We don’t want to ruin a good thing…. Loose lips sink ships and all that.

      • Member [Join Now]

        When you sign up on redbox you give an email address. Then when you rent a movie at a box and enter your email address on the screen, that email address is now associated with that card. From now on, every time you use that card, it recognizes you and has your email address automatically.It’s like when you go to a website you’ve joined – it knows you.

        I found this out my first couple of days with Redbox, so I started using my other credit cards when I want to use a code to get more movies. When I use a different card I just do not enter my email address, and push “no thanks” on that screen. I do have more than one email address, but will not give them to redbox unless I finally decide to join with another email just to get a free code for “joining” again.

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    hi…Im new to this….do theses codes only come out on mondays….and sometimes on wensdays…

  28. Member [Join Now]

    hi…Im new to this….do theses codes only come out on mondays….and sometimes on wensdays?…

  29. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jakob LIn [visitor]

    Are you 100% sure

    “The code usually arrive between 10 and 10:30 am (CST). “

  30. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ted Turner [visitor]

    Code worked for me and the nice indian guy who was waiting.

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    Drakes Mom [visitor]

    Today I went armed with two codes, in case one failed me. I selected some movies, entered the promo code, proceeded to checkout – and because there is a bar directly underneath the car swipe ( WHY???) I had to repeatedly try to swipe my charge card. Yes, I had it facing the right direction and so on. I even asked people waiting in line ” what am I doing wrong?”. It asked me if I needed more time, I said yes…then it took me back to checkouts – where my promo code was suddenly gone. I tried to re-enter it and it told me it had already been used.
    So I decided to start completely over , and use the second code. EXACT same scenario! Needless to say, no one in line beside me tried the machine after that fiasco. How disappointing!

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      calbat [visitor]

      If this is exactly what happened, in the order that you say happened, here is what you did wrong: you ‘selected some movies, entered the promo code…’ THAT IS THE WRONG WAY TO DO IT!!!! To use a promo code, you need to make sure that you are starting out entering the code first. From the first screen, there is a button to the lower left that says ‘rent with promo code’ YOU NEED TO PUSH THAT FIRST!!!! (before you select your titles). Assuming that there wasn’t some other machine malfunction at the time.

      If I am at the machine to use a promo code, I look through the titles first, then back all the way out to the first screen to start over and enter the promo code at the FIRST SCREEN!!! BEFORE YOUR MOVIES ARE SELECTED!!!

      Do you seriously need to know why there is a bar under the ‘car’ swipe? Are you really that ignorant about debit/credit card theft? Tell you what, call Redbox, have them remove that bar, and then swipe away unimpeded. Just don’t blame Redbox when your bank account is compromised and your credit identity is stolen.

      As of 99% of the issues presented here, answers can be found by calling Redbox customer service WHILE YOU ARE AT THE MACHINE!!!!! Now, don’t expect them to magically repair a malfunctioning machine, but they should at least be able to tell you what happened. I said ‘answers can be found’ not ‘your problem will be solved’.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        rb [visitor]

        Ahhh….I’ve put in promo codes after I’ve selected the movie and the code still worked. True, when the screen first comes on, “using a promo code” is at the bottom of the screen on the left. You can press that button and then punch in the code, and hopefully the screen with the dvd/movie choices comes up. OR, you can select a movie first, and then the $1 price comes on the screen. However, if you look at the bottom right side of that screen, there’s also a button that says ‘using a promo code’. You can then press that promo code button and punch in the code. Just make sure that the code is accepted and the screen has a zero balance before you check out/finalize the transaction. Another blogger once said if a code doesn’t work (immediately rejected/invalid,etc) when you punch it in on the first screen, don’t give up on that code. Choose the movie first, then punch in that code. For whatever reason, the blogger said sometimes this makes a difference and the code will work when you punch it in last instead of first. Just sayin’…..

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          calbat [visitor]

          okay. I’m going on what the company told me the last time I had a problem. I have only had a problem using a code twice. The first Wed. in March (the company corrected that by giving one out the first week of April, they did not correct it right then and there at the machine) and 2 Mondays ago (the code didn’t work early in the afternoon, after I called Redbox and they explained to me what was happening, I went back out later at night and it worked fine, I think that the code was like MFR67 or something). The point is, the company will try their best to help you, but don’t be pissed at them if you have to head back out later to try again, or God forbid, you weren’t able to use your precious code for a free movie and then had to make the excruciating decision of leaving empty handed (YES, THAT IS A CHOICE!!!) or paying a dollar.

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    Sage [visitor]

    I missed the last Monday code,
    so I left a comment at RedBox Blog on Wed.
    and then came back to my e-mail later in the day and
    the host sent me 2 FREE codes….yippeee;
    the squeeky wheel gets the grease (or DVD in this case :o);
    Be nice to them on your comments, though.

    • Member [Join Now]

      what were the codes #……

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      rb [visitor]

      By “missed” what do you mean? Did you tell them you didn’t get a chance to use it “on Monday” because “you” were too busy on Monday? Did you tell them you were signed up but Redbox never texted you the Monday code? You missed using the code b/c the kiosk you went to was not functioning? Details.

  33. Member [Join Now]

    I got the wrestler on monday w/ the code. excellent movie!!

  34. Visitor [Join Now]
    Sage [visitor]

    Just a simple comment:

    Code did not work for me,
    but thanks anyway.

  35. Member [Join Now]
    Buddy Baird [buddy-baird]

    I no longer receive my Monday codes via email?
    Can codes only be used on Mondays?

  36. Member [Join Now]

    Im an employee @ mcd’ the codes they give out on the staff board good for anyone to use it(hence you good ppl on this board?

  37. Member [Join Now]

    Im an employee @ mcd’ the codes they give out on the staff board good for anyone to use it(hence you good ppl on this board?)

    • Member [Join Now]

      Post some of the codes and we’ll test them out for you. (Or I suppose ask your manager.)

    • Member [Join Now]

      Those McD codes should work for anyone, and you should post them on the page for codes. Then every time someone uses a new code they can post if it worked. This lets us all see which ones work, which don’t, and it saves everyone time and frustration.

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    Chas [visitor]

    I’m new to Redbox, I pulled up the 4/27/09 promo code 4cw33n today 5/3/09 and the display told me that that particulard code was inactive. Do these codes have a limited “shelf life”,or are they valid for the week until a new one is issued the following Monday on 5/4/09?


  39. Member [Join Now]

    QUESTION 4 ALL: We all come here because we’re Hungry for codes. Nothing wrong with that. This place is for codes. But Hungry doesn’t mean Greedy. This place is for SHARING Codes, not just grabbing them.

    How many of you are with me on this?…When a member gets new codes and posts on here “Oh boy, I got two new codes!” don’t you just want to track him down and strangle him for beeing not only greedy but rubbing it into us?

    New and/or Ignorant Members: you are Supposed to POST CODES here. Pay it forward to your fellow members here who have given you codes. Give & Take, OK?

    Sound Off about this if you agree that members who don’t share Suck and should be kicked in the ass and totally off here.

    An Educated, Christian, Veteran and Native Texan who takes no s..t

  40. Member [Join Now]

    Um, the most recent greedy one has a handle that’s an herb used on Pork…how appropriate. Oink, oink, oink!