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Monday Promo Code – April 20, 2009

Here is the Monday promo code from Redbox for April 20, 2009…


Expires tonight (Mon, April 20) at midnight central time.

136 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – April 20, 2009”

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    bush [visitor]


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    the day the earth stopped stunk, really stunk, you should have some kind of quality recon on these stinky movies. I know its only a buck, but the scam is, make a great looking poster of these turkey movies so we suckers will rent them and you will get rich. But now I don’t trust red box until I look the movie up on line and get the real truth if the movie stinks on it. Speck it up Rip Box

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      Frankie [visitor]

      well .. that’s silly .. RedBox doesn’t make the cover … the movie production company does .. how can you try to insinuate that REdBox ought be held liable for your annoyance .. it’s probably a good idea to check anyway, but I’ve been had that way too .. or going with an actor/tress that you like .. then thinking .. what were they thinking … :)

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        erika [visitor]

        Your an idiot..its a dollar for a movie! You take a risk on any movie you rent…better than paying $4 something at blockbuster! GEt a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      NevadaRobin [visitor]

      You’re ridiculous. It’s not REDBOX that creates the promotional’s the MOVIEMAKERS. And if you can’t bother to go look up a movie BEFORE you get to the BOX then you deserve losing your one dollar. REDBOX is just a movie rental arena, it’s still up to YOU, the consumer, to be savvy enough to know what’s what. I guess you’re also the customer at Blockbuster that has stood at the counter demanding your money back because you didn’t like the movie you chose to rent for a week. HUH? Stores and retailers aren’t responsible for your bad choice. You are. Become a better customer. Or better yet, become more accountable for your own choices. PS: read the disclaimer that comes with each comment left. There’s another clue to the process for you.

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      glad2bamom [visitor]

      Come on stevekatz, you know it isn’t Redbox who makes the movies. Do your homework next time and read customer reviews online before making your selection.

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      RedBox isn’t responsible for anything associated with the movie: not who got cast, not the plot, not the script, and least of all, not the poster. I don’t think you’re upset about spending the buck. I think you feel ripped off that you wasted your time.
      This is what we do: Always check Rotten Tomatoes before you rent, buy, or pay to see anything in the theatre. We do a lot of screenings in our metropolitan area (sometimes as many as 100 a year) and we won’t stand in the screening line to see something that’s been poorly rated even if it is free. (“18 Minutes” with Al Pacino comes to mind…) File your “The Day The Earth Stood Still” experience under “Lessons Learned,” and do a little bit of homework next time and I’m sure you’ll be happier. Who can find fault with movies for a buck? And with Inside RedBox’s help, sometimes free!

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      Rich [visitor]

      WHY is everyone responding to stevekatz with the obvious? He’s clearly either a really dumb guy or a troll. Probably the latter, and has been laughing his head off for hours reading your responses.

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      crsunlimited [visitor]

      May I also point out that this movie should stink as it’s a not-so-clever word play on “The day the earth stood still”.

      I personally haven’t seen this movie, but I’m betting it was a low budget movie of some kind trying to make a profit on someone mistaking it for the new remake of The day the earth stood still.

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      Your a REAL WINNER !

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    Free Movie Day
    Bring back wed codes!!!

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    ishyjo [visitor]

    thanks! just in time for another monday movie night!

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    Rick [visitor]

    As always, thanks for the code. Is there a chance free movie Wednesdays
    will return soon?

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      Frankie [visitor]

      yea .. yea .. So convient .. I keep the movie from Monday .. return it Wednesday .. and get another! Marvelous!

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        Sunu [visitor]

        Hello there,

        if you keep the movie until Wednesday, then you will be charged one dollar for having the movie out on Tuesday, If that doesn’t bothering then that’s fine.

        Please bring back Wednesday Codes Insideredbox!!

        Thanks for your time and patience.

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          DANIEL [visitor]

          Actualy Sunu if your in the eastern time zone you can rent right after midnight till 1 am and still use the free code then your movie won’t be due back til 9 pm on wednesday.

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    robert bennitt [visitor]

    I agree with elidady. wed promo codes are better than mon.

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    deb [visitor]

    Steve, “The day the Earth Stopped” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still” are two different movies. If you go to the redbox website they have yahoo ratings for most of their movies.

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      rb [visitor]

      Correct..this is a good idea to seek movie reviews at Redbox first: click what category of movies interested in, when all the pictures of the dvds/movies in that category come up, skim your mouse /pointer over the picture of the dvd/movie interested in and it will say what the movie is about, rated, how long it is, and the yahoo rating (average rating score of those who have already seen the movie)–gives like an A,A-,B,B-,C, etc ratings. Beware though, sometimes no rating included, so you are taking a chance renting or use your code on it. Learned my lesson last Monday when I took my list of yahoo high rated movies to get with monday code, but then the MOVIE COVER PICTURE for the new release VINYAN( that was without a yahoo review score/rating) ‘looked’ good so I impulsively got it –and it was boring, stupid, cheaply made! Movies that have an A or B yahoo rating that ARE very good/good are The Changling, 21, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, Transsiberean, Twilight, Stuck… Lesson learned is to look up movie reviews before renting or using code–and don’t be impulsive or swayed by the fancy promo ad dvd cover for an unreviewed movie once you’re standing in front of the Redbox kiosh. Insideredbox should start a blog/forum for just movie reviews by patrons of this site.

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        Plus it looks like a crappy “straight to DVD” movie from the cover. Most “straight to DVD” movies suck though!

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    jeremy [visitor]

    i tried to get in to register for the gold membership and it kept telling me that my email didnt exist not sure who to contact to get it straightened out im obviously a member im here now because i receive emails.”april snow” isnt bringing me any may flowers i guess.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      Receiving newsletter emails does not mean you have an account here. Best thing to do would be to create an account using the “Register” link in the top right.

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      Car [car]

      READ THE F-ING E-MAIL about gold membership, expires the 17th, why can’t you people read????????????????????????????????????????????

      Then people are entering the code into the promo code section and it comes up like it’s a valid code. Is the average human IQ actually that low?

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        Toni [visitor]

        Mmmmm…..I put my gold membership through on the 19th and mmmmmmmmmm…It worked :) lucky me! And you know what I did read it, and did it anyway, so chill. What reading teacher set you off!!

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    are the promo codes good for that day’s rental or is it good for your next visit? new to this, thanks

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    barb [visitor]

    thanks so much.

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    kim [visitor]

    thanks a bunch!! we love you guys!!!
    maybe this summer or something insideredbox could have some games, contests or something?? :) you know, a little something to help us beat the heat. :)

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    Dawn [visitor]

    I’m a newbie and this will be my first freebie movie w/a code …
    Thanks –

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      reviews [visitor]

      Hi newbie.. normally these codes work great but i’m reading some comments and about 5 people have posted that today’s isn’t working… just wanted to let you know if you haven’t gone out to use it yet.. that it might not work. (it’s rare though, they always work for me unless there’s a problem with my typing at the kiosk, lol).. welcome to free movies tho. enjoy :)

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      reviews [visitor]

      sorry, i think i should have said Hi Dawn. your name’s not newbie.. lol

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    Like ol’ Ben said “A dollar saved is a dollar earned”. (Or was that a penny?) Thanks

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    Rod bennett. [visitor]

    Redbox is so popular here that we now have 2 redbox’s in our local Hi Vee.
    We also have a Blockbuster 2 blocks away. I wonder what is going to happen when BLOCKBUSTER IS FORCED TOCLOSE. They are already renting older movies for 99 cents for a week.

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    Nickie [nickie]

    Thanks for the code! Now all I have to do is remember to use it when I get off work @ 5.

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    Merilyne [visitor]

    Thanks for the promo code. You guys are great. Thanks for helping out your customers in this economy.

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    I guess promo codes dont exist for the weekend, huh?

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    Diane [visitor]

    Thanks again for the free Monday promo code. I also would like to see a promo code for Wednesdays. What is the chance of that happening?

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    rb [visitor]

    Thanks for the promo code. Much appreciated.

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    I tried today’s code at a MN Walgreens and 2 Mcdonalds with no luck using both a Credit Card and Debit card any others with problems?

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      Dennis [visitor]

      Just tried todays code(3:30PM ET) and it still didn’t work.

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      Redbox was having computer problems earlier today. As of 4:20pm EST everything should be working fine. I rented DVDs with a promo code at this time and all went well. Try it again. Hope this helps!

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      Car [car]

      If the code was working you would see a $0.00 total, no reason to swipe a CC if the TOTAL isn’t $0.00, why did you do that? And if you did swipe your card, then you got a movie and were charged $1.

      Please read the FAQ at the top of the page.

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    Prix [visitor]

    the code is not working at Greeley , colorado. I tried using it at a mc Donalds and didn’t work!
    I’ll try later in the afternoon.

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    MJQ [visitor]

    It seems no codes are working just now…(Noon Mountain) due to being down…?

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    Andrew [visitor]

    THANKS!! Cant wait to use the code later tonight! :)

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    RobMichele [robmichele]

    Thanks for the code!

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    Colleen Bruce [visitor]

    Thank you for always rememebering me my Redbox.. Have you released 3:10 To Yuma I can’t find it ?

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      calbat [visitor]

      3:10 to Yuma was released Jan. 8, 2008. LAST YEAR!!!! It is already removed from circulation. It will probably be a few years before it makes it way back as some kind of “in case you missed it” or “fan favorite”.

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    patrick [patrick1]

    Redbox is the best thing since sliced bread…shut your piehole.

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    raul guerra [visitor]

    red box : sorry for missing the gold membership day ,can’t hardly wait til the next time. anyway we enjoy your movies and the freeby on mondays, need more western selections. raul awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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      steveo [visitor]

      hey what was the gold membership about? i saw that but it said “failed to connect to server” or something like that when i tried!.. i was sad…. forgot to try again the next day… about to search for more info under FAQ.. have a good day.

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        Car [car]

        It extended your membership to 1/1/10 so you don’t have to “renew” (just a few clicks and really easy anyway).

        For those that didn’t read the e-mail, IT ENDED ON THE 17TH!!! Do not enter april snow into the promo code section thinking that will work.

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    jamrasc [visitor]

    Code didn’t work for me today…thanks anyway!

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    Merilyne [visitor]

    Code is not working for me today either at 2 different locations. Any comment, Redbox?

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    hectordc [visitor]

    thank u 1 more time amigos, simply u r great great and great.

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    Code didn’t work at Walmart, but it took a long, long time to process the code & come back with a response. Wouldn’t doubt that the system was down or just bogged down with promo code entries from users.

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    JuGGaLo420 [visitor]

    Just got off the phone with redbox, as the code that they sent me via text message did not work for me and neither did my other code they gave to me for a movie that was not playable a week ago. According the rep at redbox, there was maintenance done remotely on all machines this morning. They are having issues with the machines not accepting ANY codes! They are still working this out. He said some machines work and some don’t so they don’t know what is going on. He gave me a free code good for 45 days because my Monday code didn’t work. Just thought I would let you all know for those of you that say the code doesn’t work. It is a valid code, however there are problems with their machines.

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    PennyPetrina [pennypetrina]

    Thanks for the code!

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    code did not work in Elizabethtown, PA at Giant

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    codes [visitor]

    just wanted to say M6FR97 worked for me today.. (4 times, lol!)

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    GMS209 [gms209]

    I’m a HUGE fan of Redbox. I even wrote an article about it on a website I set up just for my neighborhood. Every Monday I post the new code. I just read todays code, and was chuckling to myself that pretty soon there may be no more Hollywood Video, or even better, BlockBuster! How can they compete with Redbox? Tee hee. Then I had an OLD memory pop up. A high school teacher once educated us on how the big guys (in his scenario gas stations) would put up stations near the small guys stations. The big guys could afford to lose a few pennies per gallon, thereby attracting customers away from the one’s who couldn’t, and force the smaller guys to eventually close for good. Soon after much of the nearby competition would dissappear, the prices would go up. Alot. After all, they had to make up for the money they lost. Besides, who else would you go to?
    Wow, I really wrote it up, lol. Point is……would Redbox raise their rates once the competion dwindles? Hmmm…..

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      rates [visitor]

      i have thought about this too.. great story by the way.. well taught, for it to stick with you like that.. i can’t believe blockbuster charges 5 bucks a video.. they used to have a snack deal or something like one price, rent all you like all month and get free candy or soda (like 1.50 value) each time u rent.. i did that until they raised the prices.. then i didn’t rent at all until redbox appeared on the scene.

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    Thanks redbox and inside redbox! I got The Spirit with my code (I hope it’s goodor at least decent)!

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      Thanks redbox and inside redbox! I got The Spirit with my code (I hope it’s good or at least decent)!

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      rb [visitor]

      Hope you have good luck with ‘The Spirit’. I just looked it up on the yahoo rating and it only gets a C-. If you like Samuel L Jackson movies, the recent SLJ release ‘LakeView Terrace’ was worth watching.

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    Got Seven Pounds today using the Monday code :-) on BLU-RAY! First time I’ve seen a Blu-Ray disk in Redbox – thanks!!!

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    Thanks for code worked for me!!