Inside Redbox is the #1 "Unofficial" Redbox Online Community for Redbox Codes, News and more. Inside Redbox is not affiliated with Redbox Automated Retail, LLC. has put together an interesting head-to-head comparison of two movie rental titans, Redbox and Netflix. The chart gives Netflix props for its selection, pricing and streaming service. Redbox is lauded for its convenience, but takes a hit for its limited title options and pricing. (But does anyone really rent thirty Redbox movies a month?)

See the infographic in its entirety after the jump. Take a look and let us know if you agree with its conclusions.
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Netflix vs. Redbox
(via Renters Insurance)

30 Responses to “It’s Netflix vs. Redbox in Head-to-Head Infographic”

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    The Dude [cancun]

    – Netflix does not necessary have the advantage on price. It depends on the customer. It does offer the possibility of watching movies cheaper, if you are efficient .

    – For heavens sake: Redbox DOES NOT HAVE LATE FEES. It is $1 a night. How hard is to understand that? $1 a night!!!

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      Charlie [visitor]

      WHO CARES WHAT THEY CALL IT? The point is that a Redbox rental is more expensive the longer you hold onto it. Whether you call it a nightly fee or a late fee, the effect is the exactly the same. I think everyone here understands that. Except, apparently, you.

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        The Dude [cancun]

        I do get jerk.

        The whole “for heavens sake” is because it has been misunderstood before. As a matter of fact, there is a lawsuit against Redbox for allegedly charging late fees.

        So Charlie moron, if you don’t know what you are talking about, shut the fu*k up.

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    Vernon Dent [visitor]

    I agree with Shane. This is hack research.

    This is a comparison between “apples and oranges”. NetFlix and redbox have far fewer characteristics in common than similarities.

    Its like comparing Walmart to

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      Hassen Ben Sobar [hassen-ben-sobar-2]


      A better comparison would be NetFlix versus Blockbuster (on-line) or rebox and NCR (Blockbuster Express).

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    I’ll agree with this not being a good comparison.

    It says redbox is $30/month if you rent 1 dvd every day and it is compared to Netflix 1 dvd at a time plan. There is no possible way you would get 30 movies in a month with that plan.

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    Big Bobare watching a movie every day (who does that?), then you are [visitor]

    You can’t claim that Redbox is $30/month *AND* say that is has $1/day “late fees”. If you constantly have one movie out, as the graphic tries to force with Redbox to equate it to Netflix, then you’d pay $30/month, regardless of when you “swapped out” that DVD with Redbox, but never $30/month + so-called late fees, which is what the graphic implies.

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      Jamie [visitor]

      The $30 a month for comparison purposes is a total joke. You can’t get 30 a month with Netflix even if you turn them around the next day in the mail.

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        gothmog [visitor]

        well i had the 3 movie plan at 15 a month,i would get 24-36 a the streaming.the fact is the turn around time was very short,they would send you your next movies upon usps receiving the movies.i know this cause if i put 2 in an envelope i would have 1 shipped you could get 2-3 shipments a week.

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      free [visitor]

      Why don’t you “print out” the “online coupon’s” and get redbox “FREE”

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    JeffinWesternWA [visitor]

    The NETFLIX $4.99 plan allows 2 DVD’s a month and about 5 hours of streaming movies. Just hook your PC to your TV (HDMI cable is easy and best option if no gaming /streaming device) and you’ve got 4-5 movies on a “budget” w/o leaving home! Not as much entertainment as $8.99 option but this combined with an antenna for FREE DTV means very LOW cost (no cable /satellite bill -most urban/suburban US areas you’ll get 20+ TV channels via an antenna in non compressed true HD for FREE ‘sans cost one time of antenna and installation!)

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    Rojas [visitor]

    The cost of Redbox vs Netflix is the same for me, I get the Two at a time and
    get 2 movies per week, in 4 weeks i pay netflix $8.99

    If i go to Redbox and Rent 2 per week by 4 weeks thats $8.00 or i could Rent
    a 3 Blu rays and 4 DVD per month and it’s only $8.50

    Sure Netflix has the bones Streaming service as well…..and it works great.

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    wanderer [john4892]

    Pros: Netflix has the advantage of an enormous cataloge of titles to choose from and a more limited streaming cataloge. Some of the TV titles are available thru free streaming over the net as well.
    Cons: Having to either watch, rip, or burn and get the disks back in the mail the same day – in order to get the maximum number of rentals in a month. Given weekends and location, this doesn’t work out to 1 per day.
    I have their 2 out at a time for $15.00 Plan and average 4-6 disks per week for turnaround. At most you can get about 15-20 movies a month from Netflix given you meet all of the mailing deadlines. I live in the same town as their distribution center so my return mailing time is always one day (except for Sun.) It is great for filling in missing disks in my collection.

    At best this is a pretty even match with Redbox for price. The biggest advantage is selection. I find the streaming service to be spotty and drops out even on an “N” router and gigabit eathernet. I understand that directly wired into a PS3 is better.

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    Joe Schmuck [visitor]

    “Having to either watch, rip, or burn and get the disks back in the mail the same day”

    “It is great for filling in missing disks in my collection.”

    At least you admitted you’re a thief!

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      alias [visitor]

      there are worse crimes and they still get it back the only people losing money are the people who get money if the DVDs sell and they are millionaires …besides maybe the indie films.

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        Well you could be considered a thief if your taking a sale away from a retail vendor. But the way I see it most but not all of the netfix customers are not going to go to a store and decide if they want to buy a movie or rent it from Netfix. I use to buy a LOT of movies and decided that was a waste of money. Your only stealing from the movie company if they are losing a sale of DVD. How many Netflix or Redbox customers decide if they want to buy or rent??? I’d say very few if any. Renting isn’t stealing. Just because you rip it to watch later, your not stealing, your only stealing if your taking a DVD sale away from the movie company. In the old tape days you had to pick between watching or buying, there wasn’t any ripping and watching later choice. When you rent from Netflix or Redbox the movie companies still get a small fee for that. So they are getting paid when you rent your DVD.

  9. Member [Join Now]

    Hey Joe, I agree; you would have to be a walking
    “movie” zombie to watch all these movies and gain the
    edge… it is much better to load it onto a 1 terabyte portable
    hard drive and watch it at your leisure….later…
    this is much more comfortable….
    and you can delete it, afterwords, to stay within the law…

    HEY Redbox…
    Where is “Afterlife”???
    I just got this today from NETFLIX!!!


    I wanted to make a comment on it…

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      rb [visitor]

      It’s there lumin47,….Under New Releases, 5th row down, under Nanny McPhee. You have your choice of regular dvd or blu ray version! Just saw under Coming Soon the Michael Douglas movie ‘Solitary Man’ that I’m looking forward to watching. Sad about his throat tumor. He’s one of my favorite actors. They say after his surgery, radiation, etc. he’ll probably end up talking like Jack Klugman, etc. Sad, very sad.

  10. Member [Join Now]

    I think this list was just made by somebody who really hates Redbox

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    alias [visitor]

    Idk why people would be forced to choose between the two you can always mix it up. You can get the streaming only Netflix subscription and get Redbox DVDs or if you don’t feel like waiting that 1 business day and you have a Netflix account you can check online if your Redbox has it i believe.. don’t quote me on it…when people compare stuff its fine but when people start arguing which one is better when you can basically have both and keep it in the same price range….and yea it does seem like who ever wrote this article does not like Redbox..

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    alien [visitor]

    It sounds like a lot of people here really, really, need to get a life. Only about one in five movies today are worth wasting the time to watch. Which means you must have the mental capacity of a moron if you need to watch EVERY movies that hits the rental market.

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      The Dude [cancun]

      Why don’t you get a life, you piece of sh*t? Nobody watches every movie that gets released. Alien fag, don’t you notice what kind of site this is? Of course there is going to be people posting about the movies they watch. You don’t like it? Leave and go fu*k yourself.

      And pray people keep spending time watching movies, instead of going after retards like you to beat them up.

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    I am not what you’d call a “movie nut.” I only rent, on average, 2 a month. So at least for me, Redbox is plenty good enough.

    So for $2.16/month (tax included) I don’t even think about NetFlix, especially since I’ve heard nothing really good about their streaming service and I am a HUGE fan of the HBO & ShowTime specials (The Tudors, etc.) which, if available at all from NetFlix for streaming, are on a “wait until next year” basis…

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    ohmygod! [visitor]

    Oh my god!

    I have never seen a site wit as much name calling over a stupid movie! Lets act like adults and be civil towards each other! I like redbox and netflix- Everybody burns dvds and I bet the people critical of others who burns movies has one in their collection!