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Inside Redbox gets a new look

The time finally came to update the look of Inside Redbox…
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I will be making changes over the next little while as I add in some new graphics and tweak things here and there.
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If you have any suggestions, or run into any problems, please comment here and I will take a look.

So, what do you think?

[edit: I realize the site is a bit slow at times. We should have it on a new server by the end of March, and that should fix the slowness. Thanks!]

27 Responses to “Inside Redbox gets a new look”

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    A-Love [visitor]

    While I like the changes so far with the site… there is one huge oversight I can see, the find a redbox link! I would always visit insideredbox and link to a local redbox to see if the latest movie was in stock. An awesome convienence and a big time saver when looking for new releases(a advantage blockbuster and others dont share,shame on them!)
    So if you could replace that link insideredbox could be a one-stop-shop again.

    Thanks for listening,

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    A-Love [visitor]

    Oops… I see the find a redbox link at the very bottom of the page after all comments posted, maybe it could at least be more a little more prominent??


  3. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    Thanks for the comment. What page do you generally find yourself on when use that link? The Codes page, a Movie Trailer page?

    If anyone else used that a lot, please let me know what page you are on when you use it most. I am willing to put it somewhere more convenient, I just need to know where that somewhere is! :)

    Also, did you notice the scrolling movie filmstrip at the top of the site? Does it look right and is it working for you?


  4. Member [Join Now]

    Oh, I love the new look! Looks very inviting and accessible. And the first thing I noticed was the scrolling filmstrip. That looks really sharp!

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    A-Love [visitor]

    Thanks Michael
    For the response,the film strip looks great and is working fine!The site has always looked top-notch,we can tell you take pride in your work!

    As for where I am when I use the Find a redbox link,
    I am mostly on the home page, when I use the link.
    I click on codes for MO and then when I X out of it, so I would be back at the home page.

    I don’t know if anyone but me and my friends use this but people should take advantage of knowing what movies are available at what location.

    Thanks for being so flexible.


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    blepore [visitor]

    I am looking for some better code organizational abilities.

    I’ve never been able to figure out what each codes viability was without trying each one. I know you have the green, yellow & white hightlights but, what do they EXACTLY mean? A color key would help.

    Also, could you have a way to clearly identify “new customer” codes so we aren’t seeing those all the time (or those only good at McD’s, etc). I’d be interested in seeing separate areas (or a way to filter/sort the codes) based on type of code (new user, location, validity %, etc.) For example: I’d like to pull up only codes for existing users, with a 90%+ validity, good at Walmart’s in NY.

    Just looking for easier ways to decide what codes I should try first.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  7. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    The best way to get more info on a particular code is by clicking on it. This should give you all of the information you need.

    You can check out my comment in the codes section to see what the colors mean.

    Also, regarding your example (codes for existing users, with a 90%+ validity, good at Walmart’s in NY), that is quite difficult…

    The problem is the more criteria you use to select codes, the less likely you are to get that many codes. What about codes that would work in NY, but no one has tried them there yet? Or, the same for Walmart. Do you see the problem?

    Green highlighted codes are always your best bet, but be sure to click on them to see all of the details. In the meantime, I am working on the comment system to allow you to easily see codes that have comments on them, which will allow you to see restrictions, expirations, etc…

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    bentl3y [visitor]

    Great job! I like the new look.
    The scrolling filmstrip at the top looks great and works well. No problems with the site. Keep up the good work.

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kevin [visitor]

    The site looks good, but the links above the film strip are not clickable.

  10. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    I thought that could get a bit confusing. Those are not meant to be links, just are a sub-headline for the site.

    Is it the vertical bars that make them look like links?

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dogj3 [visitor]

    Second time here, and Ive never seen a faster reply from a webmaster like you, Hats off to you sir and may your site bring you a pocket full of happeness!!

    Good Day


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    John Ramsey [visitor]

    I recently saw that you had a disclaimer stating that you are NOT affiliated with the RED BOX company. I guess you felt that you should do that but I didn’t. Who cares if you were—-you or they give us a free code every Monday so who could ask for more. Keep up the good work and your new site looks just fine. Thank you.

  13. Member [Join Now]

    I love Redbox and, but I do have one small gripe. The Redbox I use is right at the entrance to my WalMart Supercenter, and whenever I use it, people seem to pile up behind me waiting for their turn. What’s especially frustrating to me is to use a code that is rated 100% for Georgia, and then it doesn’t work. I try it at least once more, usually with the same result, and meanwhile, the people behind me are eying me like I’m trying to steal a movie or something. Any idea why that happens? (That the code doesn’t work, not that people are giving me the stink eye!)

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Cindy [visitor]

    I have passed your site on to several people after stumbling upon it myself a few weeks ago. I think it is GREAT! I would like to take advantage of the “keeping track of my codes” link but cannot access it once I registered. I posted a comment on the contact us page but maybe I should have posted it in a different location since there was no reply (and maybe that is not the place to post a problem and get a reply) so I apologize if this is in the wrong place.

    I have Registered for the Inside Redbox site but have never received a password. It tells me one will be sent to my email but I one never arrives (and YES I did check the spam/filtered site on my ISP). I tried to re-register but it tells me my user name and email are already registered so I know something worked…I just can’t get a password to use the feature of keeping track of my codes. HELP!

    Thank you,

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dex [visitor]

    Looks great!
    I think the fact that the image in the filmstrip enlarges when you put the cursor over makes people think it is clickable.

  16. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    Sorry for not replying to your other comment. I actually did see it, and it caused me to investigate (and hopefully fix) the problem. I guess I thought I replied to you via email. Sorry…

    Anyway, the problem I found was that for some reason ATT and BellSouth (and their affiliates) were blocking all of the emails from the site. This included your isp, too, Cindy.

    So, I contacted them and they have said the block is removed. So, please try the “Forgot password” link again and see if you get the email. If not, please let me know.

  17. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    The images in the filmstrip are clickable, and take you to the page with the movie trailer and other info. Is this working for everyone?

  18. Member [Join Now]

    Just an FYI:
    All codes are tracked by your credit card number. So, if you have more than one card, you can go back and reuse alot of the codes you may have already used. I’ve got 4 or 5 cards going and I am able to rent 2 to 3 movies a week using the different credit cards and reusing the old codes. Codes like breakroom and dvdonme still work.

    Also, I posted this here because I cannot determine if there is an actual forum or if its all generated by the site operator.

    P.S. Parking your vehicle at the front door of albertsons and getting out to rent your movie when there is a line is a big NO NO. It is annoying when I am not renting a movie to have to navigate around the parked cars on BOTH sides of the drive-thru area in front of the sore. Park your cars in a normal spot and walk to the box. The exersice will do you some good to!

    Site looks good.

  19. Member [Join Now]
    Cindy62707 [cindy62707]

    Hi Michael, Thank you for fixing things. I was able to get my password and reset it and start storing codes. Now maybe I can keep things straight on which cards I used what codes.

    I do have a question…if I enter a code (especially one of the ones that are good for new customers) and ‘think’ I am using it on a card I have never used before, but it turns out I did use it on that particular card, will it give me an error message on check out or will it let me think I got it for free then end up with a charge when I return it?

    Thank you,

  20. Member [Join Now]
    Cindy62707 [cindy62707]

    Oh…I meant to comment on the area above the movie pictures that someone else made a comment about…they do look like links when you look at them and they are located across the top like so many other web sites where you would expect to find links. While you said they were not meant to be links, they do look like “links” that we are used to seeing on many other web sites. No big deal once you know that they are not susposed to be links, just a learning curve.

    Thanks again for a great site!

  21. Member [Join Now]

    If you use a code you have aleady used on that card, it will display a message telling you that you have already used this code. No hidden charges. You will also get the chance to use another code or card.

  22. Member [Join Now]

    love the change,keep up the good work.Only thing I would like to see is the Mondays free code sent earlier sometime I don’t get it until 11:30am.It would be nice if it were there first thing monday morning..Thanks..

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    jon lewis [visitor]

    Is there any look on mabey coming out with a mobile friendly version of the site? I wasn’t having any issues before but now that the site has been updated (which looks great by the way, just takes over a minute to load up on my tmobile wing pda.) yeah I know the internet connection on that really is terrible.! lol . but its just a thought I figured I would throw up there. thanks!

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    Barbara [visitor]

    Love the new look. You did a great job! Thanks for the Mon. Free Codes.

  25. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    @jon lewis:

    Yes, a mobile version of the site is near the top of my list after the site gets moved to the new server.

    Hopefully, you will see this feature sometime in April.

  26. Member [Join Now]
    Rick [rick]

    Excellent! The site is amazing now! Great Work!

  27. Visitor [Join Now]
    Fishbone [visitor]

    Great changes!
    There’s a redbox right down the street from my house now.