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Hulu Content to Stay in U.S. for Now

download (1)While its main competitor Netflix continues to aggressively expand across the world, Hulu has no plans to follow suit. Speaking at a confab in France, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said that Hulu will remain a U.
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S.-only streamer for now.

Said Hopkins:

“We’re evaluating the markets. We don’t have plans at the moment to expand internationally, but it’s clearly a growing market,”

Hopkins went on to imply that Hulu’s plans to expand around the world are definitely coming together:

“If you look at adoption and broadband penetrations around the world, it’s compelling and something we will take a look at,”

How soon do you think Hulu will take its service abroad. Will Netflix’s continual expansion force Hulu to make a move before it’s ready?

[via Home Media Magazine]

One Response to “Hulu Content to Stay in U.S. for Now”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Danofive0 [visitor]

    HULU is smart to sit tight right now….
    NetFlix has more money to burn….
    HULU is doing great as it is right now.
    They will sit tight and see how NetFlix does in the next few years…
    They are looking to see if NetFlix has over done it. And just how well it will do over seas…
    Is the over seas market worth the Big Bucks to going into?
    And Big Bucks I mean spending Big Bucks to get going over seas….
    Just my two bits…