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Flix on Stix is a small company with big plans. Big as in 20,000 units planned for installation before the end of the year. Flix on Stix anticipates that its first 5,000 kiosks will be in place by May.

As mentioned in a previous article, Flix on Stix allows consumers to download movies and other content to memory stick devices rather than vending traditional discs like Redbox. Download times range from a couple of minutes for standard-def fare to five minutes or more for high-definition titles.
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Downloaded titles will expire after a set period of time determined by the cost of the rental, which will range from one to three dollars per day. The titles will be heavily encrypted, which was a necessity for Flix on Stix in order to obtain support from Hollywood.

20,000 installed kiosks in a single year would far outpace anything Redbox has been able to accomplish in a similar time frame. Will this new option resonate with consumers, Insiders? How many of you would consider this option when you were renting a movie?
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(via Home Media Magazine)

25 Responses to “Flix on Stix Plans to Deploy 20K Kiosks in 2011”

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    CA [visitor]

    Ok, who wants to start the pool on how long it will take before the encryption gets completely busted?

    I’ll say a week after the boxes hit a reasonable install base.

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    Cheezer [visitor]

    Who wants to bet they all 20k kiosks in one city?

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    cjw [visitor]

    hmmm do i want to sit and wait 5 min for my movie to download at a kiosk in front of walgreens in the dead of winter and possibly pay more for it? isnt there already a service kind of like this that I can get right in the comfort of my own home??? doesnt sound like a sure fire money maker but we’ll see….

  4. Member [Join Now]

    This reminds me too much of Circuit City’s failed DIVX(Digital Video Xpress)DVD format in the late 90s, where you had 48 hours to watch the movie from the first time you viewed it. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on DIVX:

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    Jamie [visitor]

    This is such a horribly dumb idea I cannot stop laughing. Most of the public has no idea how to use this, they are going to get a ton of calls from confused customers that don’t understand how to download the movie, or that they have to put it on a device, what type of device etc.


  6. Member [Join Now]

    Also, any mention of virus or spyware prevention?

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    crazy_noodle [visitor]

    Why would anyone want to do this? It is like going to a gas station and waiting for gas to pump into your car. You can stream content from the Internet to your TV and this solution won’t even play easily on a TV for probably 95% of people.

    The two places I could see this _maybe_ working is in Airports and possibly college campuses where kids may not even have TVs anymore, but they could easily stream video too.

    Sounds like someone came up with an idea a venture capitalist was willing to put money into and doesn’t understand technology.

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      depreze [visitor]

      I like it in airports…… $3 to watch a movie on my laptop during the flight or on a long weather delay…. Portals at the kiosks, Limited customer base, but it could work.

      I already get annoyed by someone hogging the Redbox Kiosk, so 5-min once they choose, bringing the wrong size memory stick, etc. this one fails in retail.

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    Gloria [visitor]

    I agree with everyone else. My mother loves redbox but now
    there is going to be a machine that she would have to use a device
    that would confuse the heck out of her. I enjoy redbox and I also enjoyed using
    netflix at one point we could pick the movie and voilĂ  it was on our computer, t.v., and in our mailbox if we chose to. Netflix is way to expensive though! Flix on stix will not work. Nothing beats redbox right now….

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    Maxs [visitor]

    You know those times when you just want to travel to a business headquarters and yell, “Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing! You’ll be out of business in less than a year!”?

    Anyone else want to join me?

    There was something similar at the Portland Airport. It used a Cat5 cable to deliver a movie to your laptop. I think it was installed around October, 2009. It’s no there anymore.

    Anyone who understands how to watch a movie on a USB stick will also know how to stream movies online or rip DVDs to their computer.

    The only upside I can think of is that this will be another interesting story in the technology timeline. CueCat? IOpener? Audrey? DiVX (at Circuit City)? WebTV? Flooz?

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Greenmet29 [visitor]

    “isnt there already a service kind of like this that I can get right in the comfort of my own home???”

    hahahahahahaha … This is the worst idea I have seen in a long time.

    Here is my prediction:

    10% of users love the service, but don’t like the fact that they’ll probably have to buy another random media player to decrypt the encryption.
    50% would rather watch it on their tv than their computer so they won’t use the service
    20% will use the aforementioned “service”
    20% “what is a USB drive???”

    give or take a few percentage on each.

  11. Member [Join Now]

    I’m sorry, but I disagree with the opinions above. Here’s why:

    Everything will be digital in the relatively near future, and scratch-able disks will be history within very few years. Along with the end of physical media will be the end of RedBox (which has said they would not go digital, including downloads to kiosks).

    Long term, downloads are the *only* way to go. But for some, tying up their computers for hours and hours is an unsatisfactory solution, particularly for Bluray.

    I would much, much prefer to plugin one my many thumb drives, do my grocery shopping, and grab it and go — than wait for hours in order to play a buffering… buffering…. video of comparatively poor quality.

    Further, I already have a DVD player with a USB port built in.

    I got it at the grocery store.

    For $30.

    Look ahead, folks. Experts give DVDs — and Redbox — three years left, tops; oh wait, it’s 2011. Make that: Two years left.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Chris [visitor]

      I strongly disagree with you on almost everything you’ve posted. I prefer hard copies of media so that If I like something I can lend it to my Friends and Family. I hate using Thumb Drives because compared to a HDD the read/write is slow. My external Hdd read/writes at 55mb/s my flash drive about 5mb/s. My internet connection is also very fast so I get great High quality streaming right from the comfort of my chair. FYI just because your DVD player has a USB port doesn’t mean it will play a highly encrypted video file from these kiosks.

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      firstlawofnature [visitor]

      Flix on stix CEO?

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jimbo [visitor]

    Doesn’t the speed of the download depend on the memory stick?. I usually rent 2 to 4 movies. I pity the people behind me.

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    jethro [visitor]

    Whats a memory stick ?

  14. Member [Join Now]

    I predict a rapid and epic FAIL

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    irishgreen [visitor]

    I watch some of the people that rent movies from redbox and to them its a hardship…what are they going to do with a downloadable movie….WOW

  16. Visitor [Join Now]
    Mario2k4 [visitor]

    I’m going to Vegas in 2 weeks. I an willing to bet $100 of my hard earned money on odds that this Flix Stix idea will be a big Flop! I would’d do it unless it spit out preloaded Stix that o would not have to wait 2-3 mins to download. And then it better be the same $1 Redbox charges. I’d have better odds putting it all on Red in Vegas. At least I’d have @prox 50/50 chance of success.
    No Flix on a Stix for me. I’ll stick with Redbox.

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    Dumb&Dumber [visitor]

    Stupidest idea…EVER!

  18. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dumb&Dumber [visitor]

    What if I have a 1gig memory stick and the movie needs 2gigs?

    Dumb dumb dumb

  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    Leia2Bear [visitor]

    What if I’m driving by or at a gas station and see the Flix on Stix box. I decide I want to rent a movie. Go through the whole process and it says to insert a memory stick. Huh? Memory stick? Don’t have one on me. Now what? Oh for another $20 you can buy one. Yeah right. From $1 to rent a movie to $21 for a movie. No way. Sales lost.

    So basically, they’ve killed any chance of a casual renter coming by and renting. Also, what format memory sticks will they support? Only the USB thumbdrives? How about SD Cards or Compact Flash? If photo kiosks supports 10+ formats why not this kiosk?

    And I’m thinking of my mom and wife’s parents. DVD or Blu-ray is easy to use. Insert and hit play. No new device (e.g. DVD with USB port). This thing just reeks of poor thinking. They need to test it at a mall or something and see if people can even figure it out.

    Lastly, DVDs will not be gone in 2 years. Cassette tapes. Remember those? They were around until the early 1990s. Easy and convenient formats will not die quickly just because a better format comes along. There are too many people with DVD players that won’t and haven’t upgraded to Blu-Ray or completely digital. You may start seeing less DVDs available but Blu-Ray will remain for a few more decades so Redbox will be around.

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    TommyTorrent [visitor]

    I know this is a Redbox forum, but I actually think this could be a good idea. Asside from the fact that i can rip DVDs and download torrents, streaming content quality sucks. And Netflix is raising heir rates, plus I cant watch netflix in jamaica, or europ, ive tried and for busy business travellers its perfect, there are over 12million business travellers leaving from airport across the us every day. They would be wise to put he in the business lounges because the old one took like 20 minutes to deliver the video if thid takes 3 Im in.. And i know a sle of professionals who would choose this method over redbox. Sorry, I stll like redbox, but dvds dont travel well when i wont be back for 3 days