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Though hardly the first company to come up with the idea to offer downloads directly at kiosks, Flix on Stix is nonetheless looking to build a business on movie rentals via USB sticks. No firm pricing has been released by the company, but according to a demo video, prices could run $1, $2, $3 and $4 for 3, 6, 9 and 12 days, respectively.

According to Engadget:

“Put simply (or as simply as possible), consumers waltz up to a kiosk, select a TV show, game or movie, and then they choose whether they’d like to purchase or rent the title . . . We’re hearing that users can either bring their own USB stick (USB 3.0 is accepted!) or opt to procure one directly from the machine.
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One major potential downside to this service is wait times. Downloading a full movie, even in standard definition, will not be nearly as swift as just renting a disc a la Redbox.
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We all know how frustrating it is to be a few people deep in a line at a Redbox—now imagine each of the people in front of you is waiting for a download as well as browsing titles, swiping their card, etc.

Would you patronize a Flix on Stix kiosk, Insiders? Let us know in the comments if you think this new venture will soar or sink.

(via Engadget)

12 Responses to “Flix on Stix Kiosks to Enter Downloading Market”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Cheezer [visitor]

    It would depend on how current the selection and price. I would be worried about viruses too-especially if folks can bring their own ‘stix’.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Farva [visitor]

    Yeah would the malware cost extra?

  3. Member [Join Now]

    It’s a good idea. I’d have to see the details.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rob [visitor]

    I’d have to see more details, but it sounds kinda stupid… assume you pay for a movie and download it onto your own USB stick… so how do “they” magically remove the movie from your system after the rental period expires? Also, if you use their stick (presumably the consumer pays extra for this?), don’t you have to return it to the kiosk? If this is so, what is the advantage of renting the stick instead of a DVD? Either way, you still have to make a return trip to the kiosk. Viruses would definitely be an issue as well as Cheezer & Farva mentioned.

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Lorenzian [visitor]

    Love it, Save a trip. They could have multiple ports so the computer could multi task. Flash the card everytime its pluged in to clean it?

  6. Member [Join Now]

    This a great idea, I wish I had come up with it. The problem will be download times. Blockbuster should have thought of this (Say goodbye to late fees). The programing is simple, the movie just simply will not work after the rental period, just the same as so many downloadable computer programs.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      HP [visitor]

      I agree. My first thought was, “I’d try that”. I also worry about long waits and viruses but i think those problems can be overcome.

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Analyst [visitor]

    Great idea? It’s a loser. And come Janaury no one will even remember the name of the company. All of these ideas never stick. Don’t go getting all excited – you won’t even have a chace to see them in action. Unless it’s an existing publicly accepted distribution method to the masses it will fail.

  8. Member [Join Now]

    It’s an interesting idea that I may try.

  9. Member [Join Now]
    Robyn Crane [prezcat]

    I’d give it at least a couple months to get all the ‘bugs’ out, read the reviews, then MAYBE try it out. Coward, much?!