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During an investor event in New York City today, Coinstar CFO Scott Di Valerio discussed several items of interest to Redbox fans, including how the company is doing an international licensing test in the UK, its plans for expanding video game rentals and what form its streaming service could take.
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Di Valerio’s comments are after the jump.

Redbox International Expansion
“We are seeing how the licensing model works and we’ll continue to take a look at whether we should license or build out in other countries over the next several years,”

Video Game Expansion
“The criteria we have with the game team is that [games] have to return as much or higher than the standard-definition disc slot they would be taking up . . . They compete as does Blu-ray with standard-def in order to get slotting in the kiosk.”

Streaming Service
“We’ve been pretty clear that we are not going to talk about whether it is going to be a subscription versus à la carte because we are in the middle of detailed discussions . . .  It will be a streaming solution and is not contemplated to be something downloaded at the kiosk on a thumb drive or flash drive.
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(via Home Media Magazine)

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    So, no thumb drives at the kiosk… how long do they think the machines will be cost effective to run, while everything moves online?