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What do you think the scariest movie ever is? Wonder what your fellow Redbox fans think? Just in time for Halloween season, Redbox asked its customers for their picks on the five movies that give them the biggest chills and thrills. Respondents were also asked about their favorite family-friendly Halloween movies. The answers are after the jump.

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Redbox, after a failed streaming venture with Verizon a few years ago, seems to be more confident in its more recently launched Redbox On Demand service. So much so, it seems, that the company has hired a new general manager.

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Redbox New Releases this Week

imagesHere are the new movies you will find in your local Redbox this week:


and more…

What will you be watching this week? These new flicks, or another movie that hit Redbox recently?

In the late 80s, a new Blockbuster video store opened every 17 hours, and by the chain’s height in 2004, there were more than 9,000 locations. All that changed a few years later, however, with the rise of Netflix and Redbox. Now the once-unstoppable video chain is down to its final location.

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Hope your Roku, Google Chrome, or smart TV has at least one more slot for a new streaming app, Insiders, because Disney is not messing around when it comes to its upcoming service. The Mouse House’s CEO said his company is about a year away from launch, but it’s going to be a heavy hitter when it does arrive.

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Do you turn your nose up at DVDs? Is Blu-ray’s high definition so mid-2000s to you? Then you’ll be tickled to know that Redbox has started to rent 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs for your ultra high-def fix.

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Obamas Sign Deal with Netflix

So this is a pretty good “get” for Netflix’s original content team. Former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a multi-year agreement with Netflix to produce films and shows. The deal, which hasn’t yielded any specific titles or genres yet, includes scripted and unscripted shows, along with docs and feature-length movies.

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Here’s some fun news. There are wild rumors flying around that Microsoft, bereft of its own content and streaming service, is looking to enter the game in a big way. According to industry analyst Porter Bibb, Microsoft is going to skip the usual steps like “create content” and “build a streaming service” by straight up buying the biggest player in the game: Netflix.

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Redbox vs. Disney: The Saga Continues

Far from backing down, both sides are turning up the heat in the ongoing battle between Redbox and the Walt Disney Company. The dispute started a while back when Redbox started offering download codes to Disney movies sold at a discount on Redbox’s on-demand service.

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Redbox Adds AR to its App

Augmented Reality, or “AR,” is all the rage nowadays. With some of the most popular smartphones out there available with the feature, Redbox has decided to join the AR party. The company announced today that its app is now fully AR-compatible, which means users will be able to combine the AR features on their smartphone with elements from their favorite movies and TV shows.

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