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Redbox vs. Disney: The Saga Continues

Far from backing down, both sides are turning up the heat in the ongoing battle between Redbox and the Walt Disney Company. The dispute started a while back when Redbox started offering download codes to Disney movies sold at a discount on Redbox’s on-demand service.

Redbox has now filed legal docs alleging that the Mouse House has engaged in unfair business practices and copyright abuse. The amendment to Redbox’s complaint is likely in response to Disney’s increasing demands that Redbox cease selling digital download codes for Disney flicks.

From the amended Redbox complaint:

“Disney wants to eliminate low-cost options like Redbox,” the new complaint says, “in order to force consumers to pay as much as possible for Disney’s content, even after Disney has already been fully compensated when it first sells that content to a distributor or retailer … Incredibly, Disney complains that consumers may believe these titles … are somehow inferior to those of other studios simply because Redbox offers them at low prices,”

Strong words from the ‘Box. What happens next, we wonder? Your move, Disney.

[via Deadline]

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