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Redbox Adds AR to its App

Augmented Reality, or “AR,” is all the rage nowadays. With some of the most popular smartphones out there available with the feature, Redbox has decided to join the AR party. The company announced today that its app is now fully AR-compatible, which means users will be able to combine the AR features on their smartphone with elements from their favorite movies and TV shows.

Check out the full press release from Redbox after the jump.

Oakbrook Terrace, Ill. – Outerwall Inc., a leader in automated retail and parent company of Redbox, today announced a major update to its app, now titled “Redbox Enhanced.” The new Redbox Enhanced app incorporates Augmented Reality (AR) features from the latest smartphones to provide a truly groundbreaking, mobile entertainment experience.

Redbox customers who have downloaded the Redbox Enhanced app on their compatible iOS and Android phones will be able to incorporate characters, creatures, vehicles, and more from their favorite movies into videos they create using their smartphones.

“Imagine having Han Solo stroll into your kitchen, instead of through the doors of a cantina at the Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine,” says Redbox CEO Galen Smith. “With the Redbox Enhanced app, you can do exactly that and so much more!”

Redbox On-Demand movies and shows that are AR-capable are marked with a special “Enhanced” symbol in the Redbox Enhanced app. Users simply need to push the “Enhance it!” symbol while viewing this content on their devices to utilize their smartphone’s AR camera system and instantly integrate their favorite shows with their real world environment.

“Ever wonder what Paddington would look like sliding down the bannister in your house instead of the Brown family’s? Now you can see it happen.” says Smith. “How about watching the cast and critters from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle stampede through your living room? All it takes is a simple tap of the “Enhance it!” button in the Redbox Enhanced app. The only limit is your imagination!”

Enhanced titles currently include a mix of Redbox customer favorites and new release movies. New enhanced titles will be added to the Redbox Enhanced app on a regular basis.

The free, updated Redbox Enhanced app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, and is compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Samsung Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Visit for complete details on the exciting new Redbox Enhanced app.

What do you think, Insiders? Does Redbox have a huge new idea on its hands, or is this new AR app just a gimmick?

Did you fall for our annual April Fool’s Day joke?

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    Jim [visitor]

    Ha, ha, ha. Unfortunately the price increase is no joke.

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    Bunny455 [bunny455]

    Hmmm…body parts are not the only thing the entertainment field augments! Interesting!

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    The Crystal Methodist [visitor]

    April Fools, Batman drools, tried to trick me, I’m too cool!

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    I wish every a Great Easter and April fooooooool day

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    Redbox’s actual April fools day gag was much better

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    Fact or fiction, I’m not really interested!