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The bloodletting at bankrupt Blockbuster isn’t over yet, according to documents recently filed with a Manhattan bankruptcy court.
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The documents reveal BB’s intention to close an additional 182 stores by early 2011.

The 180-plus shuttered locations will join more than a thousand other underperforming Blockbuster stores that have been closed in the past couple of years.

Do you ever feel a twinge of sadness when you pass what used to be a Blockbuster store, Insiders? Or do you feel a sense of “they got what they deserved”?
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 Hit the comments and leave your guesses on how many more BB stores will be shuttered before the company emerges from bankruptcy.

(via Bloomberg)

29 Responses to “Blockbuster Plans to Close 180+ Locations in Coming Months”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    I feel a twinge of sadness for another empty business (although the 3 I drive past the most have been utilized by other businesses – one is a beauty school, one is a Verizon store and one is half empty, half Starbucks). When I think about it being a Blockbuster, absolutely I think “you got what you deserved”. Honestly, I don’t see any of their stores surviving – I didn’t even know there were any left open.

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    wayne [visitor]

    i personnally feel if blockbuster keeps messing around with these gimmicks instead of being straight forward with people they will all be out of business….one time its a week next time its two day next time its three day to return i use to get three and four videos a week now with only 3 day to return i will only get three vidoes a month..the cost shood also be lower…$3.50 to rent a video is plenty they keep getting greedy and keep losing customers to redbox….where i am going to look into it also and probably start getting videos there…$1.00 for 1day or $5.20 for three days do the math….

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    tinybrat [visitor]

    I’m totally anti-blockbuster, however, I don’t like to see anyone lose their jobs, especially around Christmas, especially in this economy. 180 stores closing means another 1,000 people out of work which is really distressing. Hopefully they all will find work quickly and hopefully Blockbuster will help them out.

    As for how much they charge, people think they are charging more in order to make more money, but in reality, they have large lease payments to make, they have utility bills to pay, several employees to pay, plus they have to share revenue with the studios. So yes, they charge four times more for their movies, but they have to pay more out than kiosk companies too. That is why they can’t compete. When you have to pay $10,000/month for a lease, and pay $4,000-$5,000 per month in employee wages, plus maybe another $500/month in utils, thats a lot of rentals, and you still haven’t paid for the discs or the revenue sharing. So they probably have to rent 5,000 rentals at $4 each per month just to break even. This wasn’t a problem until cheaper, more convenient methods came along. Blockbuster knew their days were numbered once this kiosk idea popped up. They should have immediately launched their own kiosk business and shut their brick stores down, rather than bleed the company dry for 2 years, then come up with the kiosk idea. Had they closed their doors 2 years ago and focused on kiosks and streaming, they’d be the leaders in the market, rather than netflix and redbox.

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      Russ [visitor]

      I always thought Blockbuster stores wasted a lot of space. This was especially true after the switch to DVD from VHS, the stores should have been cut down in size but only a few locations were.

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      Firstlawofnature [visitor]

      Incumbents are rarely willing to sacrifice the cash cow to upstart ideas like kiosks and DVDs by mail. I don’t think it is in BBI’s DNA to innovate so even if they started to compete earlier with redbox and netflix the result would likely have been the same. This is the natural order of things and it happens to even the best of companies.

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    Russ [visitor]

    In the heyday of my movie renting, I always hated to have to go to Blockbuster. I went there for new releases only, because their catalog selection always left a lot to be desired, as if they really didn’t care about the products they were selling/renting. At that time, Blockbuster REALLY ticked me off because your store card was good only at one location, which pretty much defeats the purpose of a chain. The only thing I ever liked about the stores was seeing what new kinds of candy and popcorn they were selling. I think Blockbuster knew it too from day one – the only thing that set them apart was their ubiquity but I knew plenty of smaller mom & pop stores half the size that had way better selections and took better care of their inventory. Their rapid expansion killed off their initial competition but later chains like Hollywood Video were better until they too expanded rapidly. My brother lives in a rural town of about 15k, but they had a very good video store. Then Blockbuster took them over and the most of the old movies were dumped in favor of more copies of new releases. I understand the strategy, but they could have spent a few dollars on other customer segments, if they had it would be paying them dividends now.

    Another thing people forget is the absolute suckitude of most movie theaters in the early 80’s. Schlepping to the video store was a massive improvement over having to see a movie in an rundown movie theater.

    • Member [Join Now]

      Even their new releases were bad if it wasn’t a big Hollywood blockbuster. They would have a hundred copies of “Sister Act 2” and one copy of “Fire Walk with Me”.

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    Mr. S [visitor]

    I personally do feel bad for the employees but ,blockbuster is one of the highest priced stores in the Nation. Hollywood video is not as bad. That Is why Blockbuster Is In bad shape. I mean I make 40-60000 per year and can’t aford 5.00+ for one new release. Can you imagine some folks make 17000-22000 per year. That and the fact you can get the same movie through your cable operator for around 2-400 and do not even have to leave your couch.

  6. Member [Join Now]
    jbeckford [jbeckford]

    I have been a blockbuster customer since it’s inception (also redbox). But i am done with blockbuster because of their new pricing. I now have to rent a new release for .99 a day for three days. How is that different than the 2.95 for one night it used to be? Doesn’t make sense to me since I don’t want to watch a movie over a three day period. I will wait the 30 days for redbox to get that new release.

  7. Member [Join Now]

    I remember when BB started the “Guaranteed In Stock Or It’s Free” program when they started the revenue-sharing agreement with the studios back in the VHS heyday. However, as someone above mentioned, it was only with the big Hollywood blockbuster movies and not with every flick released. I wonder how many potential customers they lost with that program, when they thought it would be for EVERY new title, regardless of how well it did at the box office.
    I also remember the confusion over multiple rental cards(I was even turned down at a local BB once because I didn’t have the “Correct” card). I remember they eventually came up with a “Universal” card that was good at any BB location sometime in 1995.
    Here we used to have two BB locations…we are now down to one. In fact, it is one of two B&M video stores left here(The other is Family Video). We used to have two BBs, three West Coast Video locations, three Family Video locations, and one Hollywood Video location…and that was just a decade ago. I have a feeling our local BB could be on that list of 180…we’ll have to wait and see I guess. At least we have a little under 10 Redbox locations and 3 NCR BlueBox locations…

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    SteveRoss [visitor]

    Blockbuster has refused to adapt to change and has even increased video rental fees. They get what they deserve. The future is streaming media.

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    JWH [visitor]

    Family Video is a nice place to rent, they are starting to pop up in KY, some of them in former Movie Gallery locations. I hope they do well unlike blockbuster is doing these days.

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    UBM [visitor]

    I like Family Video when they have the “Half off rental” periods: You pay $5 to $10 for 30 days, and you get all your rentals at half price, making them even with RedBox. That means you get Redbox prices, without the 28day delay.

    I’ve told the clerks if they implement this policy, they would get more customers, but corporate only allows them to do is quarterly ( once a quarter).

    So when the 30 day period is active, I rent like mad through them, then
    when it is over I go back to Redbox.
    I also use Redbox during this 30 day period
    when stuff is checked out or the drive to Family video is too far
    ( the closest one to my house is 11 miles) to me to make it, when I know
    I won’t be in the area that week.

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      Jimbo [visitor]

      My Family Video(Pittsburgh) has the half off option all the time. You rent some videos and pay a few buck(depending on how many videos you rented) and for the next 30 datys you get half off. Also on Tuesday thru Thusday for every new release you rent you get an old release for free.

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    G [visitor]

    Note to Redbox (and any others that want to stay in business); don’t constantly change the rules on exisiting customers – they won’t put up with it.

    I left both Netflix and BB because the ceased to be a good bang for the buck, like they did when I first joined.

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jimbo [visitor]

    I had Netflix and Blockbuster subscription plans concurrently. Blockbuster did not always give me new releases and delayed mailing movies. Netflix always gave me what I wanted and in a timely manner. This is one of the reasons Blockbuster’s subscription plan is also dying. I think Blockbuster has missed the boat on dvd rentals due to poor marketing schemes. There only hope is streaming. There will be much demand for it in the future. Personally, I don’t like streaming video for some movies because of the sound quality. I prefer blu-ray or DVD so I will continue to rent from Family Video, Netflix and Redbox.

    Keep up the competition
    Happy Holidays everyone

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    Gene [visitor]

    it seems like redbox, and most everyone else, is delighting in the demise of BB. how sad. if it weren’t for BB, redbox wouldn’t exist! BB is the company that first started the major chains of movie and game rentals; they set the precedence. but that’s all forgotten now that there is competition.
    i think companies like redbox should take care of THEIR business and leave other companies to take care of their own. if your product can’t stand on its own without continually slamming the competition, then your product must not have much to stand on, itself.
    it’s sad to sit here are read such hatred for a company that has brought so much joy for so long…even with the problems they’ve had. and now even more employees will be out of work and the gloating will continue.
    i’m a member of BB’s Reward’s program and i think its great! i get a free movie every month, rent 5 movies in a month and get one free, get double movies three days of the week, and more for $15.00 a year. but then, i’m not one that has to rush out and see every single new movie the second it hits the shelves.
    redbox would do well to be a bit more modest in their ‘reporting’.

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      pz [visitor]

      I used to live @ BB,, and yes they did have allot to do with the start of rental business, but like everyone has been saying,, since they were the first ones to really make it across the country,, they should have really payed more attention to what consumers like you and i wanted.
      making changes,back and forth,, confusing people.
      I loved renting from BB, i used to spend allot over the month,, i have the GOLD rewards, but Streaming is the wave of the future, yes,, people like you and I will still rent movies or even Buy them.. but as time goes on, most likely,, you will buy movies like you buy music now.
      all Downloads, the DATA is compressed, and the sound is very good.
      I say in the next 10 years,, DVDs, BRay, and even 3D Bray movies will no longer be on a DISC.. they will all be downloads. the new Digital AGE..
      also, if REDBOX ever goes to streaming,, you can say GOODBYE to NETFLIX and BB for GOOd.

  14. Member [Join Now]

    Getting back on topic, I don’t see how closing even more stores helps BB out. “Circling the drain” comes to mind…

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    E [visitor]

    If you have a good product or service that you believe in, sell that product or service for what it is. If it IS that good, then it will stand on its own and sell itself.
    I detest the fact that the people at Redbox and this Inside Redbox site feel such a need to bash other companies such as Blockbuster. I completely understand competitiveness but it should be done with taste and tact, without being malicious. I’m sick and tired of reading these e-mails that are full of mocking and cruelty and actual rejoicing in another company’s downfall.
    Redbox may be less expensive than Blockbuster, but I am compelled to give my business to Blockbuster simply because I can’t stand the attitude of the people at Redbox and Inside Redbox. The only time I rent from Redbox is when I get a code for a free rental. I refuse to give my hard-earned money to Redbox. I may change my mind on that if and when the day comes that Redbox decides to promote their product/service without bashing their competition. Just like people, companies have character, also, and I am highly disappointed in the character of Redbox and Inside Redbox.

    • Member [Join Now]

      I, for one, have such distaste for Blockbuster because of the way they have treated their customers over the years. Vindictive corporate policies, especially concerning late fees and a pattern of rudeness from the employees is not the way to build customer loyalty.. BTW, in case you didn’t notice the disclaimers ON EVERY PAGE, inside redbox isn’t affiliated with Redbox and I don’t work for either one.

  16. Member [Join Now]
    Icebrg [icebrg]

    One time I rented from Blockbuster and there was feces smeared all over the inside of the case. That about sums up my feelings for them too.

  17. Member [Join Now]

    I’ve drifted to Amazon Video on Demand. I get credits I can use for rentals or purchases and they have movies priced from .99 to 3.99. I get 24 hours to 3 days to watch them and I can watch them on my computer or on my TV.
    I’ve been anti-Blockbuster for 20 years. I always preferred the local video stores where they would remember me and they had hidden gems for me to find and watch.

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    Bandit [visitor]

    They deserve it; those greedy bastards! Unfortunately though, that means fewer jobs for the people.

  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    Smarter Than That [visitor]

    BB is definately one foot in the grave. I just left the local store (Va.) and now the only rental plan they have is $4.99 per movie for three nights. I left the two movies on the counter and walked out. I’ll just wait for them to come to Redbox or Netflixs! Coincidentally, all of the BB Blue boxes in this area are always out of service…seems suspect to me!

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    will [visitor]

    I will stop short of saying ‘they got what they deserved’ since late fees were part of what kept them afloat, but their business model has been rendered obsolete and despite the job losses involved liquidation is probably the best course of action to return as much value to their bondholders and creditors as possible.