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Archive for April, 2008

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A few hit movies this week, as well as some unknowns. If you have seen them, let us know what you think.

I am looking forward to seeing “The Golden Compass”. Any reviews?

Here is the full list:

27 Dresses PG-13
movie details / trailer
Starring: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Edward Burns
Release Year: 2007


Dead Man’s Bounty R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Karel Roden, Boguslaw Linda
Release Year: 2006


Hero Wanted R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr., Ray Liotta
Release Year: 2008


How She Move PG-13
movie details / trailer
Starring: Rutina Wesley, Tre Armstrong
Release Year: 2007


The Golden Compass PG-13
movie details / trailer
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Dakota Blue Richards
Release Year: 2007


Move to new server complete

The move to the new webserver was completed a week or so ago. I wanted to give it some time to make sure things were working properly, and it looks like they are.

You should notice much faster loading times on the site now. Leave a comment and let me know if it is something you have noticed, or if you are experiencing any problems.

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A few hit movies are hitting the Redbox this week, along with a few more horror flicks. It seems like Redbox likes horror. What do you think?

Charlie Wilson’s War R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Release Year: 2007


Cloverfield PG-13
movie details / trailer
Starring: Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel, Odette Yustman
Release Year: 2007


One Missed Call PG-13
movie details / trailer
Starring: Ed Burns, Shannyn Sossamon
Release Year: 2008


The Orphanage R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Belen Rueda, Fernando Cayo
Release Year: 2007


Today there was a new comment added to our previous coverage of the stuff going on in Kansas dealing with Redbox and R-rated movies in the kiosk. I found it interesting enough to warrant its own post, and possibly warranting further discussion.

There has actually been further action regarding this issue recently from other government bodies in the midwest that I had been meaning to post about, but never got around to it. You can read more about it at selfserviceworld.

Anyway, here is the comment made by Jon, as well as my response…

First of all the guy who is bringing up this issue does not own a video store he runs a buying group for independents not some corporate machine. Secondly any child can get a visa/matercard gift card given to them and use it in a redbox. Thirdly video store owners have an extra layer of protection for parents by enforcing the MPAA’s volentary ratings system, they are in ways custodians of the content for children. They ask age, ask for id’s and they don’t rent inappropriate material to children. If you all remember cigarette machines when we were all kids they to had stickers on them saying you had to be 18 to buy, did that stop any of us? NO!!!. Alls that did was made me buy 2 packs in case I couldn’t get back. Go figure that you’d get a one-sided arguement on a site that promotes Red-box. Mcdonalds does market to children with thier happy meals and playlands so why is there box art promoting riske material on it right in the front foyers of the McDonalds? Another thing is alls a child has to do to rent an inappropriate title is press one button that says I am 18yrs old, How hard is that for a child? There is not that extra layer of protection of a human being actually making sure of the age. One last thing is checkcards work in these machines as well and last I checked how old do you have to be to have a checking account 12?

My response to Jon:

“This is not a competition issue,” said VBG president Ted Engen, who also runs the 71-store Total Entertainment Center chain.


The article specifically said that he runs 71 video stores? You don’t think that is a conflict of interest?

Listen, I think it is important to protect our children from things that we don’t find inappropriate, but that is my job as a parent, not someone else’s job to force their silly ideas on me or family.

BTW, this site does not “promote” Redbox, it is “about” Redbox. Personally, I do not watch R-rated movies at all, and I plan to teach my children to do the same. So, I certainly have no agenda here.

Really though, Jon, it seems to me that you are the one with the one-sided argument. Perhaps that stems from you being related to Mr. Ted Engen? Maybe you should disclose this if you are going to come and make an argument on someone else’s website. Nice try, though.

With regards to your “point”, I simply do not think we need the government or any other silly “interest groups” adding more censorship and more regulations to our already over-regulated society.

Let us take responsibility for our own families and our own actions. I simply do not need – or want – you or anyone else doing that for me.

Was my response off-base? Do you have anymore thoughts on this issue?

Redbox New Releases for April 15, 2008

This week the new releases deal with such topics as: teen pregnancy, aliens, the devil, and spongebob. What more could you ask for?

BTW, if you haven’t done your taxes yet, and this is the first you are hearing about, you are already too late. Just forget about it!

Now, on to the new releases…

Aliens v. Predator: Requiem R
movie details / trailer
Starring: John Ortiz, Steven Pasquale
Release Year: 2007


Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Philip Hoffman, Ethan Hawke
Release Year: 2007


Juno PG-13
movie details / trailer
Starring: Ellen Page, Michael Cera
Release Year: 2007


Spongebob SquarePants: Pest of the West NR
movie details / trailer
Release Year: 2008


Here is today’s Monday-only Redbox promo code. Enjoy!


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Chris over at the NewTeeVee blog wrote an interesting post about the scenario of Blockbuster buying Redbox. Here is an excerpt:

Blockbuster needs to do something to juice up its business because Netflix is eating its lunch. But getting into the hardware game will be an expensive endeavor, especially in an increasingly crowded field already packed with big names like Apple, TiVo, Xbox 360, Vudu and soon the Netflix LG box.

Finally, by leveraging the existing Redbox kiosks in non-video locations like grocery stores, Blockbuster could take advantage of impulse renting. People are already used to the idea of DVDs being sold in supermarkets, this would nudge them a little further and into downloads.

While an interesting idea, I don’t think its going to happen. I left a comment there, and agreed with frequent Inside Redbox commentor Davis Freeberg: Blockbuster cannot afford Redbox.

Redbox is too valuable right now and already has more locations than Blockbuster. While the rent-by-kiosk space is still relatively new, it is gaining a lot of users for its convenience and low prices.

Redbox just needs a new website that is easier to use and more “web 2.0”, and they will likely be unstoppable. If anyone from Redbox corporate is listening – I know what you need to do, and am happy to share that with you, if you are interested.

In any case, what do you think: Should Blockbuster buy Redbox? Should Redbox let them?

I personally think there is a better combination, and I will post about that soon…

Redbox New Releases for April 8, 2008

This week we find one movie for the whole family, while the others are for adults. Check ’em out and let us know what you think…

Day of the Dead R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Mena Suvari, Michael Welch
Release Year: 2008


Lions for Lambs R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep
Release Year: 2007


There Will Be Blood R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano
Release Year: 2007


Walk Hard R
movie details / trailer
Starring: John C. Reilly, Jenna Fischer
Release Year: 2007


Water Horse PG
movie details / trailer
Starring: Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin
Release Year: 2007