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Here is today’s Monday-only Redbox promo code.
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As always, this codes expires tonight (Monday, April 14) at midnight. If you miss it, you can always get another Redbox code here.

48 Responses to “Monday Redbox promo code for April 14, 2008”

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    Brian [visitor]

    My thoughts.
    Since the movie selection is a bit sparse at one isolated location and not necessarily prime movies that everyone wants to watch, I would create a network of your Redbox units and create a Web based search tool that will look for all available movies (in a pre-defined user search area) and then identify where a movie may reside. To go one step further, you could have instant reservation of a movie for pickup. And since the automated RedBox Rent and Return system work quite well, you could even have movie requests that then alert your customer to where this can be found if a ‘hold’ would be wanted.

    I do like the relative convenience and price of redbox but the movies in one particular location is a handicap. You need to network your resources.

    PS. And, if you pick up a movie in the afternoon or after work, return times should allow for enough time to watch that night and get it back the next day by 1:00 am (or even midnight the same night) ??

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    Kristi S. [kristi-s]

    Thanks I love Redbox.
    price is right but I have had them charge me for a coded movie before and it did bounce my checking to the tune of $35.oo when it should have been free. What’s up with that?
    Still not too sure what to do about that.

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    MC [visitor]

    Brian, is the official corporate kiosk site, and they have most of the tools you’re asking for (search-by-movie, online purchase and hold, etc).

    You can’t use promo codes online though, so you’re trading cost for convenience. Which, really, a dollar, wow, such a loss. :)

    Your PS is interesting, though. I thought all kiosks were updated to the 9 PM next-day return (formerly 7 PM). So if you rented at 6 PM Monday you would return by 9 PM Tuesday for 1-day pricing.

    Oh, and Kristi…the codes are (usually) for a free 1-night rental. If you don’t return it after one night they start charging you the regular $1+tax-a-night up to 25 nights.

    If you did return after one night with a valid (single-use) code and you were still charged, it would be best to forward redbox your rental receipt, which basically would say,

    Subtotal: $1.00
    Promo Discount: $1.00
    Adjusted Subtotal: $0.00
    Tax: $0.00
    TOTAL CHARGE: $0.00

    Rental Date: …
    Due Date: …
    Payment Card: …
    Customer Email: …
    Redbox Location: …
    Merchant ID: …
    Approval Code: No Charge b/c total was $0.00

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    John [visitor]

    PLEASE do not report MONDAY ONLY codes as working.

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    Barbara [visitor]

    This is in response to Brian. If you pick up a movie after work or late in the day it is not due the same night. It’s due the next evening by 9 PM. Even if you rent it early in the morning, it’s not due until the next evening by 9 PM. That’s why I like to rent in the mornings for the kids… they can watch several times before it’s due.

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    Guru [visitor]

    The MONDAY ONLY code for 4/14/08 (JC10LK) is NOT WORKING…..I tried it at my local redbox location 3 times and it said Error code not valid.
    What’s UP???

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Myron [visitor]

    The machines here in Des Moines are not taking the Monday Code or any other, The 4 I tried say cannot accept your promo code at this time, must be a problem at Redbox.

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jay [visitor]

    Keep up the good work. The Red Box is soooo convenient.

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rick [visitor]


    I had a valid promo code work fine at the redbox machine and when I received the billing email it showed it was going to bill me, so all I did was call the REDBOX toll free number, found on their site, and told the customer service rep about it and the charge was credited to the credit card. Tell me how the heck $1.06 charge caused your checking account to bounce? Maybe if your checking account is that small, maybe you should stay away from Redbox movies for now. I did not realize you could even use a checking account at the redbox machines, thought it had to be a credit card, or are you using a checking account debit card?

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    Rich [visitor]

    Kristi S. sorry you got hit with a 35.00 fee, FROM YOUR BANK!

    and others,

    It would be wise to request a credit to your account from your bank. If they refuse then FIRE them and move your money…. As for using DEBT cards for the convince, not worth it ( 35.00 fee if over drawn ), just think what would happened if you forget to return the movie for several weeks using a debt card. OUCH! use a regular credit card and pay it in full each month, just in case you check out incorrectly from REDBOX, which I have done before…
    I’m glad I’m using a credit card..

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    Reed [visitor]

    question…. if i use this code after 9pm (the return time) tonight (modnay), does it mean that i dont have to take it back until 9pm wednesday?

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    LC [visitor]

    I couldn’t use the promo code from last monday and tried several times even returning after 9pm so that redbox traffic would be lighter to no avail. Now, I’m seeing that the e-mails regarding today’s promo code not working. I hope it will be when I get to my redbox machine this evening.

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    MC [visitor]


    Short answer, no. A movie purchased 10 PM Monday would still be due at 9 PM Tuesday.

    If you wait until midnight, it’s a new day, so you get it until the next.

    Same with reserving online. If you reserve it at 10 PM Monday and pick it up at midnight Tuesday it’s still credited from 10 PM so it’s due Tuesday, not Wednesday.

    *Also, generally, remember to return one DVD per return session, so if you have three DVDs you’ll go through the return command three separate times.

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    MC [visitor]

    Okay, last time I interject tonight. :)

    Just used JC10LK (JC-ten-LK). It worked in Georgia.

    And this marked the first night I’ve seen an empty case for sale at the kiosk.

    I was almost tempted to use the promo on it, lol :D

  15. Member [Join Now]
    8traxrule [8traxrule]

    The ones I go to have had the empty cases for a couple weeks now. I like the 1-second running time!

    If it gives you an error message when you enter a promo code (other than the code not being valid or if you’ve used it before) try picking your movie first then check out and click on “Add promo code”.

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    CK [visitor]

    The Monday-only code JC10LK is not working at a McDonald’s in Texas. Tried it 3 times – just to be sure.

  17. Member [Join Now]

    Monday Only Code for today 4/14 (JC10LK)
    did not work in New Hampshire either.
    I tried Shaw’s and Hannaford markets using promo code both
    first and after and got invalid for use.

  18. Member [Join Now]

    My Monday code arrives, I rush down to my nearest Redbox, and the machine says the code isn’t any good. Any idea why that happens? Anybody?

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    Anonymous employee of Redbox [visitor]

    I am an employee of redbox. But some people have not gotten their first paycheck for 3-6+ weeks. This is really illegal I think. I callled the department of Labor telling them that they are playing the stock market and letting interest accrue with money that should nhave been sent to me over a month ago. Plus they promised me Full Time and now I’m being told that I will have to take part time status. This is also illegal according to state law. Perhaps not federal. Extremely frustrating. If they can Next Day air the movies on time, and if they can Fed Ex overnight my work cell phone to me on time. Why on Gods green Earth can they not do the same with my har earned paycheck which is used mainly to fill my personal vehicle up???

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tony [visitor]

    The codes have not been working for me, even the ones I get for Monday. Whats up? And even when it says 100% it doesnt work for me.

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    tanyetta [visitor]

    Sign up to receive the FREE codes to your cellphones or email.

    It’s as easy as pie.


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  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    Vickie in Las Vegas [visitor]

    Had no problem using the code at Smith’s grocery. This was our 1st time using it too.

  23. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tina [visitor]

    At Stop-n-Shop I use the codes Alvin14 and SHOP and BREAKROOM and they all have worked. I’ve passed them on the other people and they’ve worked for them as well. Any other good codes out there?? I didn’t know they expire. Are these updated weekly or something???

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    Judy [visitor]

    Why does the code need to expire??? I just read this today and now I cant use the code.. URRGH