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Redbox New Releases for April 22, 2008

A few hit movies are hitting the Redbox this week, along with a few more horror flicks. It seems like Redbox likes horror.
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What do you think?

Charlie Wilson’s War R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Release Year: 2007


Cloverfield PG-13
movie details / trailer
Starring: Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel, Odette Yustman
Release Year: 2007


One Missed Call PG-13
movie details / trailer
Starring: Ed Burns, Shannyn Sossamon
Release Year: 2008


The Orphanage R
movie details / trailer
Starring: Belen Rueda, Fernando Cayo
Release Year: 2007


4 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for April 22, 2008”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    KYJurisDoctor [visitor]

    Which one of the new releases is the BETTER movie?

  2. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    I think “Charlie Wilson’s War” has the best ratings, but I am personally looking forward to watching “Cloverfield”.

  3. Member [Join Now]
    Timec [timec]

    I haven’t seen “One Missed Call” (nor do I have plans to) but the other three were all pretty good, in my opinion.

    “Cloverfield” was probably my favorite – even though a LOT of people hated it for the entirely handheld camerawork (but I imagine that will be more tolerable on a smaller screen.) In my opinion, it’s simply a darn entertaining monster movie – nothing more, nothing less. Among all of these, it’s probably the only one that I’d consider watching again.

    “Charlie Wilson’s War” was entertaining and intelligent, with some excellent acting – but in the end it felt to me like it was “missing something.”

    And “The Orphanage” was one of the more effective horror films I’ve seen in a while. And if you’re worried about the rating, know that it’s very mild for an R-rated horror film and is absolutely nothing like the torture porn that is so popular these days. Like most great horror (imo) it relies more on atmosphere and suspense than cheap scares and gore. (Although if you don’t like subtitles be aware that the whole film is in Spanish.)

    So I’d say these three are all worth watching, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    j.a.tannenbaum [visitor]

    About r ratings being outlawed on redbox
    my comment BULL
    do not give children a credit card and thery cant rent them
    why should we good customers suffer because of lack of parent controll
    do not give in..make parents take away the credit cards..underage kids do not need credit cards and if they are mature enuff to use them dont worry about redbox