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Monday promo code for Mar 31, 2008

What is the greatest thing about March this year? It has 5 Mondays, of course!

Today’s Monday-only promo code is:


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Looks like it is a slow movie week this week. There are only a couple of independent releases, but they actually look pretty interesting. Check ’em out…

Monday promo code for Mar 24, 2008

Its finally here – another Monday and another free Monday-only promo code from Redbox.

Today’s Code: LK8LV1

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Inside Redbox gets a new look

The time finally came to update the look of Inside Redbox…

I will be making changes over the next little while as I add in some new graphics and tweak things here and there.

If you have any suggestions, or run into any problems, please comment here and I will take a look.

So, what do you think?

[edit: I realize the site is a bit slow at times. We should have it on a new server by the end of March, and that should fix the slowness. Thanks!]

Here are the releases for this week. Some are well known, and some not so much… Check ’em out.

New DVD Releases for March 18, 2008

Monday promo code for Mar 17, 2008

Here you go, folks… Today’s Monday-only promo code…


Remember, this expires tonight (Mon, Mar 17, 2008) at midnight, so use it or lose it!

Here we are at another Tuesday – and this week Redbox has some good ones. Even the “Best Picture” is out on DVD this week.

Here you go!

Redbox New Releases for March 11, 2008

Take a look, watch the trailers, rent the movies… and let us know what you think. What is your favorite release this week?

According to an article on Video Business, a small town south of Wichita is “just saying no” to R-rated movies in their Redbox kiosks…

From the article:

A McDonald’s restaurant in Anthony, Kan., removed the R-rated movies from its Redbox kiosk after a local independent video store owner raised the issue during a Feb. 18 board of commissioners meeting, according to meeting minutes posted on the town’s Web site.


Video Buyers Group, which represents about 1,800 independent rental stores, is contacting city councils and independent retailers in some Kansas, Indiana, Colorado and Minnesota communities to pressure Redbox retail partners McDonald’s and Wal-Mart to take R-rated movies out of its kiosks.

“This is not a competition issue,” said VBG president Ted Engen, who also runs the 71-store Total Entertainment Center chain. “McDonald’sâ bread and butter is kids’ meals, and they have R-rated movies there, with no policing at all. We might as well put beer in soda machines.”

My favorite part is right there at the end: We might as well put beer in soda machines. While I agree that we should do the best we can to protect our families from things we find inappropriate, comparing R-rated movies to underage drinking might be a bit of stretch.

So, what do you think? Is this a valid concern, or is this going a bit too far in the name of protecting the little ones?

It’s been a few years since I started this site, and its been a lot of fun. On occasion, I have expressed my reasons for doing so and my connections (or lack therof) to Redbox, but I wanted to clarify my purposes and any potential conflicts that may exist.

First off, let me just say that this website is not in any way affiliated with Redbox, McDonald’s or Coinstar. A more detailed explanation can be found below.

As it says on the About Us page, this website is designed to share and discuss the latest information on Redbox and other similar companies in the DVD rental industry. When I started this site, Redbox was fairly new, and this site was the first dedicated to providing news and info about Redbox, as well a place to share Redbox promo codes.

I chose the name Inside Redbox as somewhat of a play on words, as “inside” the Redbox kiosk was the place to get great movies for a buck. Also, the “inner workings” of the Redbox kiosk is something most Redbox users never see, and I wanted this website to be a place we could all share anything we want to about Redbox.

Over the past few years I have been asked what my relationship is with Redbox, and some have even accused me of working for Redbox and trying to deceive you. I want to clarify all of that with the following disclosures:

  • I am not (and have never been) an employee or consultant of Redbox, McDonald’s or Coinstar, or any similar companies in the DVD rental industry.
  • I do not own stock in Redbox, McDonald’s or Coinstar.
  • I do not receive any free movies, special benefits or services from Redbox, other than the occasional use of promo codes that everyone has equal access to here.
  • I have in the past had discussions with representatives from Redbox, as most bloggers and journalists would. I hope to continue open communication with them as well as other companies in the industry.
  • I do make affiliate commissions from time-to-time on ads located on this website. However, I have never been paid any commissions or the like by Redbox or its affiliates.
  • I try to be fair in my reporting of Redbox and other companies in the industry. As a blogger, I write about things that I am interested in, but am always open to comments, suggestions and even criticism.
  • I do not delete any comments unless they are found to be SPAM, pornographic, hateful, etc…
  • If I am wrong, I will post a retraction, correction or even apology, if necessary.
  • I try hard to respond to all email and comments I receive. If you need something, please let me know.

I hope this clears up what this website is (and is not). I really do enjoy running this site and discussing all things Redbox. I am grateful for all members of the (growing) community here and for all you do in helping make this site a fun and useful place to visit.

Thanks for being here!

– Michael

Redbox New Releases for March 4, 2008

Redbox New Releases for March 4, 2008

New movies this week in the Redbox include: