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Archive for August, 2007

That’s about all the labor
your holiday weekend needs.

Three-day weekend. Six hot DVD titles. The math doesn’t take much work either.

Been wondering what happens behind the flamboyant tights? About figure skating’s conflicted, seedy side? In Blades of Glory, Will Ferrell plays what could be his most wacky, out-there character yet—and THAT is saying a mouthful—when he squares off against Jon “Napoleon Dynamite” Heder. The two play rival figure skaters who must pair up to return to the figure skating glory they once knew. (And the judge from redbox scores it…Plot: 8.85, Costumes: 10.)

Next up, Jamie Kennedy returns in Kickin’ It Old Skool. He plays a young breakdancer (the robot, the worm, the works) who hits his noggin in a 1986 school talent show and wakes up 20 years later.
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What else would he do but stick to his guns and bring breakdancing back—with a little help from his parents and girlfriend. The boogaloo that ensues? You’ll find it electric. Maria Menounos co-stars.

Want something a little less spoof-tacular and a little more rough?
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London’s criminal underworld ought to do it. Played will take you straight there, and Gabriel Byrne, Val Kilmer and Vinnie Jones will show you around. When a gangster gets released after an eight year stint for something he didn’t do, you can bet he’s going to get even. Salty words and a few stray bullets are bound to fly.

Your mat burn healing okay? That’s nice. NOW GET BACK IN THE OCTAGON! The mixed martial arts return in UFC 69. Georges St Pierre. Matt Serra. Diego Sanchez. Josh Koscheck. They’re all back to toss you around a little bit. Redbox suggests you do some stretching (oh, like it’s gonna help you) and grab a copy today.

In what simply has to be a first in the genre, Petrified gives horror a new face: the bloodthirsty alien mummy. Yep, an antique deal goes bad, a mummified alien gets soaked with blood and comes to life, and people who get in its way…well lets just say things don’t really go their way. Katie Adams, Dana Marie Barba and Christopher Bergschneider star.

And don’t forget about Perfect Stranger, one of last week’s big time releases. Halle Berry goes undercover to see if a successful businessman (played by the sublimely scary Bruce Willis) was involved in her friend’s death. As her secret is slowly revealed, Bruce slowly puts the pressure on her.

Happy Labor Day, redbox faithful. Remember where you can pick out your favorite movies (online) and where you can pick them up (any old redbox location near you). Enjoy.

No Biggie. The New Releases Are In.

No playoffs this year? Get an early start on the off-season with an all-star team of new DVDs.
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Admit it, you knew Bruce Willis had a creepy side just beneath the surface. In Perfect Stranger, Halle Berry plays a journalist who goes undercover to investigate Bruce as her best friend’s killer. When her cover slowly but surely gets blown, Bruce makes her life as his employee a terrifying ride. (Bruce is pretty tough. After suggesting he’s “creepy,” redbox is trying to stay on first name basis with the guy.)

Next up is the The Ultimate Gift. Drew Fuller plays a young man whose relationship with his grandfather Red (James Garner) was based on money and chilly at best. But when Red dies, he leaves his grandson a stiff series of challenges intending to toughen up the trust fund kid, change his life, and turn him into a man. Ali Hillis and Abigail Breslin co-star.

Calling all vampire flick fans (and practicing vampires, too, redbox supposes): Night Junkies is just your cup of…blood. Ugh. Katie Winter plays a drug addict and dancer in London who meets a fellow addict and kindred spirit in Vincent (played by Giles Alderson). Things start out weird and only get weirder when Vincent bites her on the neck, turning her into a vampire.

Didn’t see these great titles from last week? Oh, there’s still time. You can select them online and pick them up at any redbox location near you.

In Wild Hogs, some of Hollywood’s biggest names play a group of regular guys who take to the open road on motorcycles for adventure, fresh air, and a little run-in with an actual motorcycle gang. John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy star.

Once again, it’s Anthony Hopkins facing off with an ambitious young do-gooder (Ryan Gosling) in a match of wits and gory details. In Fracture, Gosling struggles to make a murder case stick against the wily Hopkins.

Finally, it’s Vacancy. Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson play newlyweds who stop at a creepy roadside motel that’s loaded with hidden cameras. When they find they’ll be the next victims in a series of brutal snuff films if they don’t escape, it’s a race for their lives.

Grab a couple or grab ‘em all.
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You know just where to pick the movies out (online) and pick them up (at any redbox location). Until next week…

News from Redbox – Viva Las Vegas redbox style

(It’s just what the king would have wanted!)

Not sure how to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s passing? Allow redbox to help. There might even be an Elvis sighting or two at a redbox location near you.
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First out of the gate this week is Wild Hogs. What you have here is the American dream— – four long time friends (played by Hollywood heavy hitters John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy) who decide on a cross-country motorcycle trip.
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It gives them, you know, a chance to dress up and play big dog (until they run across an actual motorcycle gang that doesn’t appreciate the suburbanite charade).

Or you can catch up with Anthony Hopkins doing what he does like no one else: intimidating the crud out of law enforcement. This time, in the psychological thriller Fracture, it’s young Ryan Gosling who’s up against Hopkins. Gosling plays an ambitious attorney who finds that his case against Hopkins (arrested for murder) ain’t quite open and shut.

On the off chance you didn’t find roadside motels creepy enough, along comes the horror Vacancy. Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson play newlyweds who stop at one for a night’s sleep, only to find their room contains hidden cameras. What’s more, they soon discover they’ll be the next victims in a series of brutal snuff films if they don’t escape and skedaddle.

Now this is what redbox is talking about. In time for the aforementioned anniversary, along comes Elvis. Jonathan Rhys-Myers was up for an Emmy (and won a Golden Globe) for his portrayal of Elvis Presley in this smashing miniseries, which follows the King’s life from young and ambitious to international megastar. Randy Quaid plays Colonel Tom Parker.

Is there a doctor in the house? Redbox has a fever, and the only remedy is not more cow bell. It’s the animated DVD from Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange. That’s right kids, Doctor Strange has joined the list of other famous Marvel heroes with his own animated movie. Your favorite strange doctor, Steve Strange is back in a movie that is one part old-school Shaw Brothers Kung-Fu flick, and one part neo-mysticism (think Matrix with the whole “all is not as it seems” motif). He’s the one they call Doctor Strange….he’s the one that will make redbox feel alright.

And don’t forget about the biggie from last week: Disturbia. Shia LeBeouf plays a teen who, after getting put on house arrest (and getting really bored), starts suspecting his neighbor of being a serial killer. Sarah Roemer and Carrie-Anne Moss co-star.

Grab a couple or grab ‘em all. You know just where to pick the movies out (online) and pick them up (at any redbox location). Until next week…

News from Redbox – Redbox summer training camp is here

Redbox is enforcing two-a-days.

It’s tough love this season from old Coach redbox. But in the end you’ll be a lean mean DVD-enjoying machine. Okay team, “NEW RELEASES!” on 3. Ready?

This week starts off with a creepy tale straight out of the suburbs. In Disturbia, up-and-coming star Shia LeBeouf plays a teen who screws up royally and gets put on house arrest. With so much time to snoop and observe (and obsess), he becomes convinced that his neighbor is a serial killer. Sarah Roemer and Carrie-Anne Moss are the skeptical co-stars.

Next up, Ice Cube adds something new to his wide-ranging resume: suburban dad in a comedy. In Are We Done Yet?, Cube moves the family (his wife played by the lovely Nia Long) to a small town for, presumably, a better life and a little peace and quiet. The plan hits a small snag in the form of their whacked out realtor played by John C. McGinley.

. That stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Make no mistake— – they’re back. The crime fighting adolescent mutants (each named for a Renaissance master) return to stop a mysterious force that threatens to destroy the universe. Chris Evans, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kevin Smith are just a few of the star voices. Will the new image and abbreviated name work better than it did for NKOTB? Redbox is sure of it.

Surprising though it might seem, there’s no better time than the beginning of August for a snowy holiday tale. So make it Unaccompanied Minors. It’s the story of a whole gaggle of youngsters – —minors, as it were – —who get snowed in at an airport in the Midwest. But being resourceful, they do the only thing they can: pass the time by making their own holiday celebrations. Lewis Black, Wilmer Valderrama and Tyler James Williams star.

Funnyman Chris Rock pretty much does it all— – writing, directing and starring – —and pulls no punches in I Think I Love My Wife. He plays a married man with a wandering eye whose willpower is tested to its limits by his friend’s old mistress (Kerry Washington)— – especially in one scene where she repeatedly mentions her unmentionables. Gina Torres plays his wife.

Finally this week, travel to Scandinavia (and back, oh, about eight centuries) in the action/fantasy Beowulf & Grendel. Gerard Butler, (star of the recent action hit, 300) plays the Norse warrior who, to demonstrate his allegiance to a Danish king, does battle with the hideous troll monster, Grendel. It’s the same story they tried to make you read in high school, except a) this is fantastic and b) there will be no test.

That’s it, team. Watch your DVDs like champions this week.