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Archive for June, 2006

The past 7 days have been crazy! I have been spending a lot of time working on selling a house I have in Lehi, UT. Everything looks like it is going well, but it has put a hamper on my movie-watching time. (Not that there have been a ton of exciting releases anyway.) So, this week I am going to take the time to answer some questions I often get in my email about Redbox and this website.


Last week I didn’t get a lot of response on the Question of the Week. The question was basically what your favorite feature was at, and what you would like to see added/changed. If you would like to respond that, you can click here to answer last week’s question.

This week, instead of a question, I will share some answers.

Is affiliated with Redbox?

No. I get this question a lot, or I get people emailing me assuming I can help them with their account, or a late fee, or something of that nature. Well, I cannot help with those items. I started this site back in December 2005 just because I felt like it was a fun idea. I don’t get paid from Redbox, McDonald’s or anyone for doing it.

One thing I do know, though, is that employees from Redbox read this site regularly, so posting your ideas and suggestions is a great idea – they do get heard.

What are Redbox Codes and where do they come from?

Redbox Codes are words that can get you special deals on renting movies from the Redbox. Most often, they will get you a free 1-day rental. Sometimes they may be rent-1-get-1 free, or half-price rentals, or even up to 5 free rentals at once (last year’s SANTA code did this).

Where do they come from? Well, Redbox ultimately has to tell their computer system about them, so I guess they all really come from them. But, how do people find out about them? Well, Redbox sends emails periodically with codes, sometimes McDonald’s and Redbox employees give out codes, and quite often users like you just try something you think might work. Trying people’s names, places, days of the week, etc.. can yield good working codes. Give it a try, and report back with those you find working.

Is this illegal or won’t it hurt Redbox to give out all these free movies?

No, absolutely not (to both questions).

It is definitely not illegal to use codes that Redbox themselves provides. And, I am positive that Redbox is very happy with you and this website because it increases their market to all the people you tell how to get free movies from McDonald’s (or Smith’s, Giant, Stop and Shop, etc…).

Just to give you an idea, this website has over 2500 registered users and gets nearly as many visitors as the main Redbox site does. So, keep using the codes, and keep telling your friends – I promise Redbox won’t mind. In fact, they will thank you. The best way to make sure Redbox sticks around for the long term is to get as many people to use it as possible.

OK, well that is enough Q&A for this week. If you have a question you would like answered, just let me know.


There are a few popular movies being released this week, but overall it is mediocre showing.

The movies are: Annapolis, Failure to Launch, Leroy & Stitch, Madea’s Family Reunion, and Ultraviolet.

What are we going to watch? Well, we will probably check out ‘Annapolis’ and ‘Failure to Launch’. I will try and be better about getting you some reviews, and posting them in the Redbox Forum.


I don’t have any verifiable new codes to share this week. There are still quite a few working codes though, so definitely check out the Redbox Codes page and get those free rentals.

Also, we have recently been seeing people posting fake codes just for the fun of it. This hurts everyone and I do my best to prevent it. You can help by making sure you report non-working codes ASAP. With the new rating system, non-working codes disappear off the list quickly. So, please, if you think it is fun to post codes that don’t work, stop now.


I recently ran across a pretty cool site that tells you which gas stations in your area are giving the best price. Unfortunately that site turned out to be spamming some of our InsideRedbox users. I apologize for this. So, I went out and found another page on MSN that doesn’t require signup.

You don’t like to pay extra for movies, so why pay extra for gas for your car? Check it out.

Click here for cheaper gas…

OK, well that does it for the week. Keep renting, and keep using an reporting the Redbox Codes. Have a great week!


I hope you had a great weekend – I know I did. My family and I spent time up in Logan, Utah with some other family members.
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We went to a few concerts, went swimming, attended a birthday party… and ate too much food! Incidently, we even rented from a Redbox while we were there (with a free code, of course!). So, if you know anyone in the Logan area, let the know about Redbox and this website so they can get a great deal on movies, too!

With the first official day of summer coming up tomorrow, we are starting to see the summer movie season heating up. This week we have some popular films being released, and I am adding a new feature to the site a bit later today.


Last week we asked what you thought could be done to improve the Redbox. There were two answers that overwhelmed the rest: Adding a seperate return slot (or just making returns faster) and having a later return time.
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If you would like to give your two cents on last week’s topic, just click here and leave your comment at the bottom.

Now, on to this week’s question. It is a two-parter, and is keeping with last weeks theme.

Question: Considering this website – – what is your favorite feature of the site, and what would you most like to see added to the site to make it better?

Click here and scroll to the bottom to give us your answer

Thanks for everyone and the contributions. By participating you will make Redbox better for everyone who uses it.


It looks to be a strong week for movies. Check them out.

The movies are: Eight Below, Syriana, The Hills Have Eyes, Once Upon a Wedding, Game 6, and for the kids, Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure.

Almost all of these movies have gotten good reviews, and I definitely plan to check out ‘Eight Below’. If you have seen any of these, definitely let us know what you thought by visiting the Redbox Forum.


This week one new code was added:


And remember, the code ‘MONDAY’ only works on – you guessed it – Monday. So, make sure you use it next week, but don’t bother trying it any other day.


Last week when I added back the ‘Redbox Codes by City/Market’ section, I wanted to add something else to the section that I didn’t have time to add. That is a ‘Untested Codes’ section. Later today when you click on one of the Redbox markets and scroll down to the bottom you will see this new section.

This section will let you know of codes that have been reported working recently in other areas, but have not yet been tested in your particular market. Try them out and you may be pleasantly surprised!

OK, that is all for this week. As always, I hope you have a great week, and make sure you come back and visit us often to report on codes you have used and find the latest codes for even more free movies.

Until next time – happy renting!


Here we are again on a new movie Tuesday and we have brought back one of the favorite features of many InsideRedbox users – Redbox City Codes!

You may or may not have noticed the return of the Redbox Codes by City/Market section to the website over the past few days, so I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it.
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You can find this section by visiting the Redbox Codes page and then scrolling down to the bottom.


I added this feature to this message last week and it was received well, so I think I will try and come up with a new question each week that will hopefully help shape Redbox in the future.

Last week we discussed whether or not Redbox should add popular television shows to the box, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. So, Redbox, take notice of what your customers want and get some of the lastest hit shows in the box ASAP!

This week’s question: If you could change just one thing about the Redbox rental experience, what would it be?

Click here and scroll to the bottom to give us your answer


According to the Redbox site, the new movies for the week are: 16 Blocks, Pink Panther, Aquamarine, Dave Chappell’s Block Party, Mystery Woman: Mystery Weekend, and Teddy Ruxpin:Journey Begins.

We will probably check out the first 3 from the list. In fact, I just went out and picked up 16 Blocks before the crowds can get to it first!


There were not any new codes added to the site this past week, but many popular codes are still being used daily.
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Visit the Redbox Codes link above to get the full list.

Another important thing to note is another new feature added this past week. You will notice a percentage next to each code that represents how often a code has worked when tested. Any codes that fall below a particular threshold are automatically dropped from the list. This should keep the list full of good, working codes.

That should do it for this week. Don’t forget to visit the link above and answer the “Question of the Week”, and keep reporting those codes!

Have a great week.


Yet another week has went by and it is time for another Redbox update.

My wife and I didn’t rent any movies this past week as we spent the time watching the last two seasons of the Fox series “24”. We both love this show, and I highly recommend it if you like action. The show is unique in that everything that happens during the season takes place in 1 day, or 24 hours, and it is non-stop action.


This brings me to a question for you: Do you think it would be good for Redbox to include DVDs of the latest television shows?

I think it would be great, especially if they could get the studios to release the DVDs on a monthly basis so people could catch up on the last 4 or so episodes that have been aired.

What do you think? Leave us a comment below and let us know.


This week look a bit better than last week for movies. The list is: Firewall, Glory Road, Running Scared, Straight Into Darkness, and Underworld: Evolution.

My wife and I saw “Firewall” earlier this year for our anniversary and we loved it. If you like action, technology and/or Harrison Ford, I suggest you check it out!
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We look forward to seeing “Glory Road”, as we always enjoy a good sports story (ie Remember the Titans, Greatest Game Ever Played), and Disney always seems to do them well.
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If you have seen any of this weeks movies, definitely let us know what you thought in the Redbox Forum “Movie Reviews” section.


New codes added this past week were:


Try them out and let us know if they are working for you in the Redbox codes section of the site.


This week I will be adding back the “Codes by City/Market” section of the site with some important updates. I hope this will allow more effective use of your time in finding codes that work for you.

Remember, this site only works with your help. Everytime you try a code, please report back and let the community know if it worked for you. It only takes a few seconds and will make this site more useful to you and everyone.

That is it for this week. Thank you all for you continued support, and I look forward to hearing your comments from the question of the week and your continued suggestions on making this website even better.

Until later – happy renting!