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Archive for May, 2006

This Week at Redbox

OK, today will be very short. I didn’t get to watch any movies this past week (which is a first in a long time), so I have nothing to report on that front. So, onto the news…


This week is pretty sparse on new releases. As of the writing of this message, Redbox didn’t have their new releases for the week listed on their website.

From what I can tell, there are 2 movies being released: Date Movie, and Freedomland.

If you have seen either of these, or know of some other releases this week, let us know. You can post your reviews in the Redbox Forum.


New codes added during the past week include:


Some are working today, and some are not. Check the Codes page for the latest details.

Also, if you have not registered for an account with us yet, you should do so now.
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You will be able to keep track of which codes you have already used and which card you used them on. This should help maximize your movie-watching pleasure!
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As always, if you have any suggestions for the website, let me know in the Redbox Forum and I will do what I can to help.

Have a great week


PS: I hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend.

Redbox glitches demystified

Happy Friday everyone!

One of our fellow Redbox users just posted a message in the Redbox Forum that I think everyone needs to read. So, I am posting it here for all to see.

This post deals with some of the reasons you might be charged even though you entered a valid promo code.

Thanks, carmander7, for sharing this with us.

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Keep track of your Redbox Codes

I am going to keep it short this week, as I am very busy working on a new feature for you that will help you keep better track of your Redbox codes. In order to use this new feature, you will need to “Register” with the website. By registering, you will also be able to post in the new Redbox Forum.

Click Here to Register


We watched a few movies last week, but I haven’t got a chance to write down my reviews yet. I will post mt reviews in the new Redbox forum as soon as a get some time.

What did you see last week? When you register with the site, be sure to tell us about any movies you have seen in the Redbox Movie Forum.
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Visit the Redbox Forum


As usual, I haven’t seen any of the movies coming out this week. I am sure I will check out a few of them, but I am not sure which ones yet.

The new movies for the week are: Doogal, The Producers, The Ringer, Something New, New Police Story, and When a Stranger Calls.

You can read more about the movies on the main Redbox site.


There has been a lot of discussion on what is happening with codes these days. Make sure you continue to report codes that are working (or not working) on the Redbox Codes page. Also, if you have noticed any irregularities, join the discussion in the Redbox Codes Forum.

Well, that is it for now. Make sure you get registered with the site, visit the Redbox Forums, and look for an annoucement soon on the new feature that will help you keep track of all the codes you are using.
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Have a great week!

New movies, new website, new forums

Some exciting things have been happening over this past week at Inside Redbox. If you haven’t been to the site for a few days, you will notice some changes…

First off, I updated the look to something a bit cleaner and easier to modify as needed. I hope you like it. But, as always, feel free to leave me any feedback on it. Which, brings me to an annoucement…


A few of the very social people among us have suggested that I add a way for everyone to discuss all things Redbox with each other – so now you can.

There is a place to discuss codes, movie reviews and chat, leave suggestions for the site, and more…

Visit the new forum right away and introduce yourself.

You will need to be registered with the site in order to post. Registration takes about 30 seconds so go ahead and register right away and make your first post.


This past week we watched two movies: “Walk the Line” and “The Family Stone”.

“Walk the Line” was an older release about the lives of Johnny Cash and June Carter. I hadn’t watched it because it sounded like just another boring biographical movie. I was wrong…

My wife and I both really enjoyed the film. It was well-acted by both Phoenix and Witherspoon. In fact, I think this movie may mark a turning point in the career of Reese Witherspoon – she did a fantastic job with drama. If you haven’t seen it, it has my highest recommendation.

“The Family Stone” left me with a confused feeling on how to rate it. It was not a bad movie, but it wasn’t a masterpiece either. If you are looking for some edgy comedy, then you should check it out. It was fairly well-acted and has an all-star cast worth seeing together.


The releases this week are: Rumor Has It, Munich, The New World, Big Momma’s House 2, and Nanny McPhee. (In the Salt Lake City market, you will also see “The Work and the Glory 2” in the box.)

Not sure what I want to see yet out of those – but will probably rent “Nanny McPhee” for a family movie night.

If you have seen any of them, go ahead and post your review in the new movie review forum to help everyone decide what to watch.


It looks like we are seeing one of the first changes in the way codes work with Redbox only allowing many codes to be used Monday – Thursday. This isn’t affecting all codes right now, but it is affecting many of the new codes.

To discuss any irregularities you are seeing, click here to visit the new Redbox Codes Forum.

That is about it for this week. Make sure you visit often to see all of the latest Redbox news, and tell your friends, too. You aren’t trying to hog all the free dvd rentals for yourself, are you? =-)

Until next time – happy renting.

PS: Even more exciting changes are just around the corner. Make sure you register with the forum and visit often to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

Redbox expanding into New Jersey

The Asbury Park Press in New Jersey is reporting that there will be 9 new Redbox DVD kiosks going in at Stop and Shop grocery stores in Monmouth and Ocean counties by the end of next week.

The story also notes that these are the first Redbox kiosks in New Jersey. You can read the full article here.

Since Redbox is popping up all over the east coast now, we probably need to change the “markets” that are setup for the Redbox codes to make sure people know what market to select.

I would love to hear any suggestions on what should be done.
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Leave me a comment below.

Another week has went by and we are back to new movie Tuesday again. Did you enjoy any movies from the Redbox this week?


Anyway, before we get to the movies for the week, there was some other great news for Redbox this week. There was a newspaper article written last Tuesday about Redbox and what the future holds. I will get you a link to the full article later, but my favorite part from the article is:

“This summer, the company plans to let customers go online to check title availability in a particular location and rent a movie on the spot for pickup at that machine later.”

This is exactly what I have been wanting and asking for the last 6 months. This will be a great addition to the Redbox service. The moment I hear about this being rolled out, I will let you know.

Click here for the full article


So, this past week we rented two movies – Irish Jam and Memoirs of a Geisha.

Irish Jam is a little known film that was really quite fun to watch. If one of the blockbusters you want to see isn’t available, and you want a laugh with a pretty fun story, check it out.

I have been wanting to see Memoirs of a Geisha for a long time, but never could find it in the box.
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My wife was out yesterday and just happened to stop by the Redbox and she found it there. It was a great film, that lives up to all the great reviews. A very enlightening insight into a life that most of us know nothing about, and one that really doesn’t exist anymore.
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Gets my highest recommendation if you are looking for a good drama.


I am not too sure what all is being released in the box this week.
The Redbox website doesn’t have anything listed as of this writing, but I did receive an email from them yesterday that says “The Family Stone” and “Last Holiday” are being released.

Family Stone has quite a cast, including Claire Daines, Sarah Jessica Parker and Craig T. Nelson. And, Last Holiday is another Queen Latifah film. You probably either like her or hate her, so you can decide if this one is worth your time.


As always, there are many new codes available on the codes page, so check it out. A few new codes released by Redbox this week are”

LAST: good May 1-4
BIG: good May 7-11
CALL: good May 14-18
CHEAP: good May 21-25

Notice that these new codes are not good on the weekend. This could be a new tactic Redbox is using to get more paid rentals on the weekends. So, if any code is not working, and it is the weekend, you might want to try it again Monday-Thursday.

Click here for all the Redbox codes

Well, that is all the news for this Tuesday. Be sure to keep checking for new codes, and updating the code page with those that you use. As always, thanks for you support, and keep that Redbox down the street busy!


PS: Feel free to comment on this post or any movies you saw this week by leaving a comment below.

Great news for the movie rental world this week coming from the Associated Press. You can read the full article below, and make sure you look for an awesome annoucement coming this summer that will make us Redbox users very happy!

The article follows:

Redbox aims to bring a DVD rental machine to a lobby near you
Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS – The big red vending machine at the McDonald’s whirrs and hums and spits out rental DVDs of Chicken Little and King Kong – and maybe, if McDonald’s is lucky, profits.

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