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Another week has went by and we are back to new movie Tuesday again. Did you enjoy any movies from the Redbox this week?


Anyway, before we get to the movies for the week, there was some other great news for Redbox this week. There was a newspaper article written last Tuesday about Redbox and what the future holds. I will get you a link to the full article later, but my favorite part from the article is:

“This summer, the company plans to let customers go online to check title availability in a particular location and rent a movie on the spot for pickup at that machine later.”

This is exactly what I have been wanting and asking for the last 6 months. This will be a great addition to the Redbox service. The moment I hear about this being rolled out, I will let you know.

Click here for the full article


So, this past week we rented two movies – Irish Jam and Memoirs of a Geisha.

Irish Jam is a little known film that was really quite fun to watch. If one of the blockbusters you want to see isn’t available, and you want a laugh with a pretty fun story, check it out.

I have been wanting to see Memoirs of a Geisha for a long time, but never could find it in the box.
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My wife was out yesterday and just happened to stop by the Redbox and she found it there. It was a great film, that lives up to all the great reviews. A very enlightening insight into a life that most of us know nothing about, and one that really doesn’t exist anymore.
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Gets my highest recommendation if you are looking for a good drama.


I am not too sure what all is being released in the box this week.
The Redbox website doesn’t have anything listed as of this writing, but I did receive an email from them yesterday that says “The Family Stone” and “Last Holiday” are being released.

Family Stone has quite a cast, including Claire Daines, Sarah Jessica Parker and Craig T. Nelson. And, Last Holiday is another Queen Latifah film. You probably either like her or hate her, so you can decide if this one is worth your time.


As always, there are many new codes available on the codes page, so check it out. A few new codes released by Redbox this week are”

LAST: good May 1-4
BIG: good May 7-11
CALL: good May 14-18
CHEAP: good May 21-25

Notice that these new codes are not good on the weekend. This could be a new tactic Redbox is using to get more paid rentals on the weekends. So, if any code is not working, and it is the weekend, you might want to try it again Monday-Thursday.

Click here for all the Redbox codes

Well, that is all the news for this Tuesday. Be sure to keep checking for new codes, and updating the code page with those that you use. As always, thanks for you support, and keep that Redbox down the street busy!


PS: Feel free to comment on this post or any movies you saw this week by leaving a comment below.

9 Responses to “Tuesday Update: Great News for Redbox Users”

  1. Administrator
    Danyal [administrator]

    Hey Michael I love this service you provide, its wonderful. But I was curious if this redbox code thing gets to big, wont redbox catch on and shut you down? I would think it would be best to keep this low key. whats your view on this?

  2. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    Danyal, Glad you are enjoying the site!

    Redbox is very aware of this website and are likely quite happy for the exposure we are giving the Redbox. They know about marketing, and word of mouth will continue to spread about their service and more people will use it. Everybody wins!

    Hope that makes sense.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Nick [visitor]

    Why did the format change from each cities code to just all the codes on one page……….?

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Cory [visitor]

    Hoodwinked was the other released today

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Katie [visitor]

    My boyfriend and I saw Mortuary, Derailed, School of life, and Brokeback Mountain recently. My recommendations are as follows:

    Mortuary: Don’t waste your time. It’s a very poorly planned out movie. Great props and theme at first…Then it gets stupid. Ending is really lame and it left me mad I’m glad we didn’t actually pay money to see it.

    School of life: This movie is wonderful. I give it an A+ It’s supposed to be a comedy but it’s really more of a drama with a few funny parts in it. It left me and my boyfriend in tears.

    Brokeback Mountain: Absolultely wonderful! Another A+ in my book. My boyfriend only got to see the end but seemed to like it. It’s a tear jerker so keep a box of kleenex close by.

    Derailed: It wasn’t half bad. Starts out really slow and boring. I was surfing the net during that time while watching it lol The middle to the end is pretty good. Very good if you like action movies. I give it a C+

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Lynn [visitor]

    I recently saw King Kong, Brokeback Mt and Elizabethtown from the RedBox. (Had to pay for E because it was a weekend but hardly can complain about a dollar!).
    My review:
    King Kong started out (the first hour) marvelous, well acted and fast moving, funny and clever. Then it ground almost to a stop and became very slow moving: probably needed to be about a half hour shorter.

    Elizabethtown: Fine move, great scenery, thoughtful drama with some comedy about a guy failed a big project, got laid off and feeling pretty low has also the death of his dad to deal with. A delightful upbeat lady comes along and with very clever planning shows him life is worth living after all.

    Brokeback Mountain: should have been rated x for pornagraphic scenes and filthy language. Very lovely scenery. Awards? Ridiculous, just Hollywood trying to jam radical ideas down the throats of most of we “common folk”. Did show how two people with the opportunity for good lives could ruin their lives and cause a lot of misery and unhappiness for other innocent people to the bargain.

    I know that differs from the review above but it’s my and my husband’s take.
    Happy viewing all!

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Doug [visitor]

    I think too many people know about your website now, including Redbox. This last Friday May 12th I noticed that the normal redbox codes that I have used now no longer work. I tried around 10 codes that I know worked the week before and now they don’t work. So it looks like Redbox is shutting down a lot of their codes here in Utah.

  8. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    Like I mentioned before, Redbox has been aware of this website for months (since January, I think). It definitely has nothing to do with them shutting down codes, etc…

    Redbox has basically said they will start tapering off codes this summer. Sure, there was a time where there were over 50 codes or more working at once, but that can’t last forever.

    I don’t think Redbox will ever discontinue codes, and I don’t think they are targeting any market (like Utah) directly. From what I have found, 90% or more of the codes work in every market, anyway.

    So, don’t fear. As codes get fewer, that is all the more reason for this website so that all of us can stick together in sharing the codes we know.


  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dameeka [visitor]

    I really enjoy getting on your site and getting the codes. I no longer go to the other movie locations that I have memberships for. This was just technology waiting to happen and I love it. Keep up your good work and your marketing techniques.