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I read about these a few weeks ago, and just saw a little bit more information on them yesterday.
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The kiosks are operated by e-play ( – a company operating in the US and Canada – and they allow the rental of DVDs and games, a lot like Redbox and other kiosk operators. One thing that makes them stand out, though, is that they also allow “trade-ins” at many of their locations. You can trade your movies or games for cash or store credit.

I have read quite a few complaints about how well they work (not as easy to use as Redbox), but it is definitely an interesting business, and one that could cut in to Redbox’s profits if Walmart decided to dump them for their own kiosks across the country.

Have any of you seen these kiosks in your area?
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Have you used them? What do you think?

14 Responses to “Walmart-branded Kiosks Popping Up in the Northeast”

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    Yeah, actually – I used one of the e-Play/Wal-Mart branded Video Game Buy Back kiosks in Catskill, NY this past weekend!! Totally rocks. I had a huge stack of video games that I’ve been meaning to trade in, but I never imagined this option would be available at my local Wal-Mart through a kiosk that I can use anytime. Process was very easy, and the buy-back prices were really competitive to my local joint. Since I racked up a hefty credit, I even treated myself to a few new used titles I’ve been itching to get. Only wish there were more of these near me. What do you say, Wal-Mart? BTW – I found out that the correct website is

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    Melissa [visitor]

    The E-play machines have been around for awhile they use to be called Movie Stop. Here in North Carolina Walmarts only have Redboxes but the E-play machines are in Exxon On the Run Gas Stations and they are showing up in Family Dollar Stores. The machines are alot like Redbox except for the games and trading. The company just launched a new website and this month they launched the reserve online like redbox so it seems they are making a move to compete with Redbox in more markets.

    They are also on Twitter –

    Also on Facebook –

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      Wanted to pass alone a free code if anyone wants to try the e-play machines, I use all the different boxes and I say the more boxes the better. It will keep the cost down if the is a healthly competition going on between companies. I try to find codes for all the boxes and pass them alone. If anyone has codes for dvdexpress send it my way. I use them too.

      Here’s a FREE first night rental code for e-play dvd rental boxes – (RAF0329). good until August 11th.

      Just to clear up one thing e-play doesn’t rent games it only sells or trades games. You can only rent DVDs.

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    Evan [visitor]

    I hope Wal*Mart doesn’t dump the Redbox. I suppose it be alright though because the Hannaford right next store has a Redbox too.

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    Isaac [visitor]

    WOW, i really hope the Walmarts around here don’t dump redbox. I’m really surprised with Walmart making this movie.

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    I really miss the free Monday codes!

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      rb [visitor]

      With you on that one… But who knows, maybe Michael’s surprise for this coming Monday is that he might have INSIDE REDBOX info that Redbox is giving out a free promo code for Memorial Day Monday! Don’t get hostile with me if there is no Memorial Day Monday code…. I’m just ‘thinking’ that that might be Michael’s email of how he plans to help keep the weekly code coming on InsideRedbox.

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    Go Big Red [visitor]

    Let’s Keep Red Alive!!!!
    Blue Is Cool- Also,But Red Stands Out And No “One
    Beats A Free Monday” Oh Speaking Of Such. Are The Codes For
    Free Mondays Still Going On.I,Miss The Free Monday’s Giving Back
    To The Community Is All Good Thanx.There’s More To A SmilyFace Than
    Just Painting It Yellow.Besides RedBox Has The Magic Touch. And The
    Clown Still Makes Me Smile And I’m 45yso.

    And Please Bring Back Our
    Free Monday’s

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    Brian [visitor]

    They have one in Torrington,Ct Wal*Mart been there about a month and seems to do alright

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    Kat [visitor]

    I wish there were more Redbox around… the only ones near me is at
    Wal-mart… ( they have 2 one at each entrance) and both of them are always out of everything good!
    So come on Redbox … get them out there !

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    Steve R [visitor]

    The e-Play machines can hold thousands of titles and do both movies and games so the Redbox is redundant. ePlay is starting codes like Redbox as well now.

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    Hazmina [hazmina]

    Recently Blockbuster has just changed their prices here in CO, now all the old movies are just $1 and the new releases are $2.50. I went to see if it was true and the store was packed to the rim with renters. Still prefer redbox though, you don’t have to deal with rude employees!