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TNR also hiring lawyers, fighting Universal

VideoBusiness is reporting that TNR, owners of The New Release and MovieCube kiosks, is also preparing to take possible action against Universal for its new policies.

“We’re not going to sit on the sidelines and watch” the Redbox lawsuit play out, said TNR CEO Tim Belton, who added that the company would decide whether to take legal action shortly.
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“We haven’t been able to reach [Universal] to figure out what their business issues are, which is kind of frustrating.”

TNR is currently Redbox’s closest competitor, with 2,200 kiosks.

Personally, I hope Universal changes its mind on this, because this move could truly kill the kiosk industry – not a good thing for consumers.
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One Response to “TNR also hiring lawyers, fighting Universal”

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    Radman [radman]

    Looks like the studios may have pressured Netflix to get rid of previously viewed.

    I’m reading between the lines and think that Netflix really didn’t want to get rid of previously viewed sales. I think they came up with a compromise to avoid a legal battle.

    Previously viewed had to be a pretty good kick back for them, why get rid of it when you already have the infrastructure set up?