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I just got an email from Redbox that explains what is going on with the 60 older movies added to Redbox kiosks today…

Redbox announces "Redbox Replay"

Personally, I don’t know if I will rent any of these, but perhaps if something comes along that I would love to see and it is convenient, I may change my mind.

I think this program is more geared to those who just go to browse at a Redbox kiosk. If they don’t find the new release they are looking for, a “big name” older title may get them to rent something, more so than some of the direct-to-video and B-movie discs.

So far we have seen mixed reviews here on the site about this. I guess all that really matters is if people rent them or not, so if they disappear in the future, we know it didn’t work out.

So, there you have it. Do you think you might check out some of these titles?

40 Responses to “The cat is out of the bag: Redbox Replay announced”

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    Car [car]

    I started watching the nearby boxes just for fun and people are actually renting these! I’m trying to get an idea of how popular this is.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    I noticed they carry GroundHog Day Special Edition. I have the regular edition, so it could be a benefit for renting some special edition titles if you want to see the bonus features, deleted scenes etc…

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    mc.incid [mcincid]

    The flood approach is risky, especially with each kiosk not getting the same selection. And these are dumped as new releases, instead of being advertised in their own separate banner on each rental page.

    It may have been more productive to do it in themes, 10 stocked everywhere each month. Animation April, Fantasy May, Romance June, Action Hero July.

    Oh, and don’t unconditionally trust the screen description on the page. ‘Wild Things’ says widescreen but it’s fullscreen after the opening titles. Maybe we should just make a verifications list…

    Ghostbusters – widescreen
    Wild Things – fullscreen

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    Larry [visitor]

    Redbox would be better to use this space to stock Blu-Ray titles instead of these un-popular movies of the past.

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    It will be interesting to see if this is a money maker for Redbox and if they continue to stock the older titles. I won’t rent them, but maybe others will. I just hope including them doesn’t add to the sometimes already excessively long wait times for people to look through all of oldies but goodies to decide to rent one.

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    Klit [visitor]

    There will always be lines at the machines people just have to read everything and not be prepaired before hand. Nothing you can do to change that really.

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    I will not be renting any of these old movies. They should provide more new releases.

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    chuckimus [visitor]

    I think it stinks (trying to be polite). As someone else stated, don’t clump them together with the new releases. It’s too cluttered and too much to page through. I go for new releases, I don’t go to stand behind someone who needs to browse through 60 titles to find something that just came out.

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    MR.B [visitor]

    the last two mondays have given me problems with the promo code. Today the machine would not take the code and last week my credit card was charged anyway. advice on how to handle this. I emailed redbox, no reply. is there a special number to call?

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    I like the idea of older movies and i rented 2 tonight. As long as there is plenty of room for the new releases i think it’s a great idea. It sure beats some of the junk “B” movies they stick in there!

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    BeerGuy [beerguy]

    Great, just what we need. People standing there staring at the screen for even longer. These old movies on top of the already too numerous kiddie movies, there won’t be any space left for the new releases.

    They need to put up a sign at each kiosk that says:

    1. DON’T bring your kids to this machine.
    2. Know what you want before you get in line.

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    Wesley [visitor]

    I went to search “new releases” and the first thing I saw was “Air Force One.” It started out confusing, and then pretty quickly turned annoying. Sorting by release date didn’t seem to help and to browse for new movies I had to just page through the list reading every title.

    At least organize it better, Redbox!

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    Sure some will really like it, but for people like me who already has movies on cable on-demand or has already seen most of the popular older movies, it doesn’t appeal much unless there was an extra on the DVD I really wanted to check out.

    As long as they have room after adding all the new releases, I see no reason not to stock them especially since it should only increase their business.

  14. Member [Join Now]

    All of these so called classics, look just like the movies that Walmart has in the sale bins. With Redboxes in Walmarts now, it seems to me that- Redbox and Walmart may be trying to work together. If Walmart can’t sell them, Redbox will rent them out.

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    Iris [visitor]

    Older and more popular movies sure beats straight to DVD “B” type of movies. Yes, I’ve seen majority of these older films, but I might be inclined to rent if I don’t see any newer movies that interest me. Perhaps Redbox should sort it out not only by different categories, but by “new releases” (2 years or newer) and “old favorites” (3 years or older) so it’s easier to select and save us considerable amount of time.

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    Barry [visitor]

    Wow, Most of the ones the they filled up with, I would not want even for free. They would do better to have a larger quanity of new releases. I had a lady in front of me for 15 mins. Back and forth-Back and forth. Then walked away with out renting anything. I do not think this will last long at that rate. Also as for some one wrote earlier, Put in some Blu ray. I know they are doing that in some locations. They would make a killing.

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    Gene [visitor]

    I like the idea of older movies too. There are some great ones that are much better than some of these new releases. I’d like to see again.

  18. Member [Join Now]

    yeah they just need more new releases-ive seen every old movie they put in it. the marsh by our house had to put ANOTHER redbox in it (theres two side by side) because the single one was always checked out of movies and people complained.

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    Cathy [visitor]

    I do not like the idea of old movies taking the place of new releases. It just means fewer new ones to rent. This could be a sign of our economic times. If Redbox can replace their newer, more expensive releases with old ones, they are probably just looking to cut costs and attempt to make more money. I think it will backfire.

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    Jason J. [visitor]

    I actually rented “Memento” yesterday. It’s actually pretty smart to have one copy less of the straight to DVD junk in the Redbox, freeing up some slots for these older movies. I’m willing to bet that there aren’t a lot of copies of any of them in any given box. Sure, most of the movies I’ve seen a hundred times but they are still good movies! Not like the latest piece of crap that Steven Seagal somehow got made. If they put more cult classics (like “Memento”) in the rotation, I’ll be renting them more and more. Maybe put some TV shows full seasons in there (Lost, Dexter, Californication, Weeds, etc.) as well.

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    The Turnip [visitor]

    Quite a few of my all time favorites are included in the Replay offerings, but I doubt I’ll rent them from Redbox. This selection doesn’t really do anything for me when I can get so many of them for free at the library or for 50 cents at other rental stores in town.

    I agree with those who said Redbox should stock with a wider variety of the new releases. As it is now, they only get about half of the items that interest me. Blu-ray would be nice, too.

    A DVD-by-mail service is my prime source for movies and I use Redbox strictly as a supplement for new releases only. It’s a near perfect combination.

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    Kingwyatt [kingwyatt]

    Stock more new release titles and more copies of them. It really irritated me when I selected titles be listed by release date and all this old stuff come up instead. I thought something in their database had gone wonky and was patiently waiting for them to fix it. If I want to rent older movies I know how to look them up.

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    tanyetta [visitor]

    The reason why I chose Redbox was for the NEW RELEASE rentals.
    This is a waste!

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    Joe [visitor]

    P L E A S E …Stop placing these old titles under “new releases” headings. Have another category instead of making me search through old & new titles.
    Redbox is a great thing, just listen to your users and don’t start $ucking and lo$ing cu$tomer$ like eBay did.

  25. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jim [visitor]

    Why anyone who has a computer would stand at a Redbox Kiosk and browse titles amazes me. It does not matter how many movies are in the Redbox or how they are categorized. I rent the movies online and pick them up. I have never had to wait at a Redbox yet (in Pittsburgh).

  26. Member [Join Now]

    Besides the point of having about 3 of the old movies they put into redbox recently and not likeing the otherones the first time I saw them I agree we just upgraded from DVD to bluray or atleast started to see I have about 480 DVDs and 3 blurays but u know what would really get redbox hoppin sellin ps3 n xbox360 games along wit wii tht would put blockbuster out of buisness reply if u agree!!!!

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    Libby [visitor]

    Why rent the old copies of DVD when you can go to your library and rent them for free for about a week or longer along with many of the new releases? There may be a wait list but it is worth it if you dont want to pay. Also, I think the free codes are a good idea to get new customers to use Redbox – I love Redbox but I wish you could keep them longer until 9pm the following night.

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      Car [car]

      My Redboxes are closer than the library, it would cost more than $1 in gas just to get there. The movies are free either way though :)

  28. Member [Join Now] []

    I agree with most of the users that I would prefer the RedBox use that space for more coppies of the new releases. That is what a majority of us go to see , the older classics are great for getting form the library or watch now on netflix.

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    RoverDaddy [visitor]

    Why not rent from the library? 1) poor selection depending on where you live, 2) library DVDs (and CDs for that matter) are often mistreated and work poorly, 3) the library isn’t open at 8 PM when I can check out Redbox at the supermarket.

    I sympathize with the people who want more new releases, but I’m actually pleased to see Redbox dropping in some older hits. It really does beat the straight-to-DVD fluff I will never rent. I also wish they’d stop stocking movies who’s name is -similar- to a new release (is the idea really to try to trick people?) Recent example: The Day the Earth Stopped – hmm sounds a lot like The Day the Earth Stood Still.

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    Brian [visitor]

    You may be able to rent some of these for free at the library however:

    Not everyone has a library near me.

    Cannot return to ANY library, just the one you borrowed it from.

    Late penalties for dvd’s at our library are $1 a day, or the same as Redbox charges.

    This is to compete with Netflix and the like. I want my fiance to see Goodwill Hunting since she has not seen it, so I either have to pay to rent it from Blockbuster or buy it. I would get it from redbox for free with the promo code.