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Sony wants to bridge the gap between the cost of Blu-ray discs and traditional DVDs. They are distributing coupons for lowering the costs of Blu-ray purchases in several large metro areas.

They are hoping this will start a trend for all studios to follow suit, making the Blu-ray version of films more accessible to everyone.
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Will these changes finally cause Redbox to step up their Blu-ray deployment?
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Lets hope so.

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6 Responses to “Sony Lowering Prices On Blu-ray – Will Redbox Get More Discs?”

  1. Member [Join Now]
    MyBlueNovember [mybluenovember]

    I have been wanting to get into Blu-ray for quite a while. It’s all about money and selection. Once they start offering all seasons of my favorite shows then I will really want it. I am mostly waiting for a player to get lower. I would only like to spend $99 on a player. I also am unwilling to pay more than $19.95 on a movie either. If they price as close to DVD as possible I think that’s what will show people why they should upgrade.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    I still go to BlockBuster since they have Blu Ray movies in stock to rent, just to hard to find them at redbox.

  3. Member [Join Now]
    su_A_ve [su_a_ve]

    not until burners and media become the norm…

  4. Member [Join Now]
    Amirrah [amirrah]

    Playstation 3 is still the best BluRay player. Not surprising, since both are made my Sony. Yes, it’s more expensive than plain, no frills DvD players, but it also plays console games, has a large harddrive, and a lot of other bonuses. Multi-player games can be played online for free, there is no additional or monthly charge like with Xbox Live. Sony loses money already on Playstation 3s, as do other companies that make console systems, so don’t expect that cost to come down. (The systems cost more to make than they sell for. The profit is on the software, not the hardware.)

    As for the discs themselves… I buy every movie I own on BluRay and I don’t pay more than the DvD versions cost. The only exception was The Hulk (with Edward Norton). It was a new release and the BluRay copy was $3 more than the DVD copy at Walmart. Well worth it, since it’s an AMAZING movie on BluRay.

    It’s all about shopping around. Just because some stores (still) charge more, does not mean they all do. Shopping online is also a great way to get new BluRays for under $20. Use coupons, and look for sales, to get additional savings.

    Blockbuster here charges the same to rent on BluRay as they charge for DVD rentals. Pre-viewed copies also sell for the same price. (If you buy a “pre-viewed” movie, open it before you leave the store. If the movie you bought is scratched, exchange it, or get a refund. Ask about your store’s exchange policy. Some will exchange within 7 days, some say “no exchanges or refunds”, but that’s why I look before I leave. I’ve never been denied a refund when they see me open it, and see me find a scratch.)

    Obviously, RedBox has some BluRays, and the ones near me get more every week. Hopefully, that’s a good sign for everyone. =)

    You can also cut the cost down by borrowing movies from your friends and family members. It’s been almost two months since I *paid* to watch a BluRay movie, even though I watch 4 to 5 a week.

    In the end, people surprise me when they complain about being asked to pay a little more money for a much better product. Paying $300 for a PS3, instead of $150 for a low-end DVD player is an investment that pays off every time you watch a movie. I don’t even go to the theater anymore. My “home theater” is private, cheaper, and of equal quality.

    The 52″ TV cost a lot more than the PS3, but hey… like I said, it’s an investment that saves me money every time I watch a movie at home. The TV was on sale ($2,000 instead of $3,500), it’s an HDTV obviously, and each movie is free to $20 total, rather than $40+ (the cost of my family visiting a movie theater).

    Good luck with your future upgrades!

  5. Member [Join Now]
    Amirrah [amirrah]

    By the way, BluRay players like PS3 can still play DVDs. When it comes to watching TV shows, it probably won’t matter. Just buy those on DVD. Eventually, it will matter, but currently most shows are not high enough quality to look better on BluRay. (Thus most are not even released in that format. It would be a waste of time and money.) The difference is with movies like Transformers, The Hulk, Ironman, and others released in the last few years… it’s like you’re really THERE and it’s incredible. :D

    Of course, if you watch your TV shows in all HD and love it? Then you probably already have BluRay too.

  6. Member [Join Now]
    Jamina1 [jamina1]

    The problem with Blu-Ray is that you see no benefit unless you have an HDTV. I don’t plan on getting one until my current tv bites the dust, which, given that others I have owned are still kicking, may be a while.

    I don’t see the need to drop more than my *rent* on a television. Especially considering it would cost me another $70+ to put programming to it monthly from the cable company.