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How do you feel about streaming video content on your smartphone. If you answered with two enthusiastic thumbs up (which we can’t see, but can feel your excitement through the screen nonetheless) you’re in good company. According to new research from the NPD Group, about 57 percent of U.S. smartphone owners are using their devices to stream video content at least monthly.

Within that cohort of nearly two-thirds of Americans, Apple iPhone users make up the lion’s share compared to Android users, with 66 percent to 49 percent, respectively.

Brad Akyuz, director and industry analyst for NPD, said the following:


“Access to content is becoming a key differentiator for carriers, in addition to unlimited data plans that allow consumers to watch OTT video at home and on the go. As the installed base of smartphones with large displays grows, we expect mobile video data consumption will do the same,”

How often are you streaming content on your tiny pocket computer, if at all?

[via Home Media Magazine]

3 Responses to “Report: Majority of Americans Now Stream Video on Smart Phones”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Danofive0 [visitor]

    I use my smart TV…. Phone is ti small.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    None, the screen is too small and the battery dies too fast.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ant [visitor]

    My very old iPhone 4S is too slow, weak, and small to watch and stream. Also, cellular connection is slow, capped, and expensive!