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Despite all the hand-wringing and public agonizing by the studios about getting consumers back into a buying mindset, it would seem they actually never left it. According to a new report from IHS Screen Digest, despite an overall drop on physical media purchases in 2011, consumers still spent more on DVD and Blu-ray purchases last year than they did on rentals.

The report reveals that 61 percent of consumer spending on physical media went towards purchases. Despite a rather large decline in consumer spending on discs since 2006, IHS senior analyst for U.S. video Michael Arrington says that if you factor in all the other ways Hollywood is deriving revenue from its content, the picture is much rosier.

Said Arrington:

“The overall view for U.S. video spending is less bleak when other forms of transactional and on-demand subscription video are added to the mix . . . If revenue were to be added from other viewing options such as video-on-demand, Internet-based sales and rentals, and subscription streaming from providers like Netflix and Hulu Plus consumer spending across all outlets of home video would amount to nearly $17.2 billion, a much more substantial figure.”

Dollar for dollar, are you still spending more on buying movies than you are renting them?

[via Home Media Magazine]

5 Responses to “Report: Consumer Movie Purchase Spending Still Surpasses Rentals”

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    Danofive0 [visitor]

    With all the Crap they put out now. I have stopped buying DVD;s i will buy Breaking Bad Season 4. but that is it for right now…

  2. Member [Join Now]
    WingTipSchu [wingtipschu]

    Dollar for dollar, are you still spending more on buying movies than you are renting them?


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    2317 [visitor]

    What kind of stupid report is this?
    It would be logical to say people spent more money on BUYING than renting………it costs avg about 15.00 for a DVD 23.00 for a Blu-ray, and at most (Blockbuster) charges 4.00 for a rental. The ratio would then still come out that 3-4 people would have to rent for the one person who purchased. More so if those people got it at Rebox, then the ratio would be 12.5 rentals per purchase.

    All these reports are really dumb. People who WANT to buy a certain movie will do so. People that don’t…….won’t. Don’t need a lot of fancy reports and such to figure this out.

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      Also, it gets harder and harder to rent movies as all the rental places close down. Instead of buying I wait for it to come on cable, since there is nowhere to rent movies anymore.

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