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(R)editorial: The Top Movies of 2017

There are probably a lot of people who are just happy that 2017 has ended. It was a very divisive year politically and otherwise. Overall, though, it was a pretty fantastic year for movies. We had the usual parade of sequels, plus a few original movies that gave us hope for Hollywood’s creative potential.

In no particular order, here are our favorite films of the year. Once you’ve read through the list, hit the comments and tell us what your faves were, and if we were way off or spot on. Let’s go!

Baby Driver
Definitely the most stylish movie of the year, Baby Driver shows what happens when a visionary director and a great cast get to create the exact movie they wanted to. Gripping from start to insane finish.

Lady Bird
I rolled my eyes as soon as the phrase “coming of age story” began showing up in early review. Lady Bird is definitely that, but so much more. Exquisitely written, acted, and directed, this movie made me care more about a genre of film I’d never really considered before. That definitely gives it a place on this list.

Just when we thought Pixar had morphed into a Disney-fied sequel factory, they churn out this colorful beauty. I loved it all, from the unapologetic way Spanish words were woven into the dialogue untranslated, to the astonishing animation and fairly adult story. When Miguel sings to the title character at the end of the movie, I teared up just the way the evil wizards at Pixar wanted me to, curse them.

Darkest Hour
I’m a sucker for a good World War II movie, and this is just that. Gary Oldman should finally get his Oscar for his portrayal of Sir Winston Churchill, and the supporting cast is pretty fabulous, too. Oldman absolutely disappears into his character, and the transformation goes far beyond the incredible makeup work.

Wonder Woman
One of the best superhero movies ever doubles as a total girl power-fest. Directed by a woman and starring another woman, Wonder Woman shows us that the ladies can meet or beat the fellows when it comes to awesome action flicks. It brings “You go, girl” back from its 90s exile.

Get Out
Horror movies are tricky. Movies about institutional racism are tricky. Making a fantastic movie that combines the two is nigh-on impossible. And yet here we have Get Out, which is one of the best and deepest horror flicks in years. Bravo, Jordan Peele. 

As an unabashed Christopher Nolan fan, I was excited to see what he would do with the tired WWII genre. True to form, Nolan made a story that’s both simple and complex, silent yet terrifyingly noisy, and just about perfect in every way. Dunkirk DEMANDS to be seen on the biggest screen with the best sound possible, and it singlehandedly convinced me to finally invest in a 4K Blu-ray player. If that’s not a sterling endorsement, I don’t know what is.

3 Responses to “(R)editorial: The Top Movies of 2017”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    Wonder Woman came unglued at the end for me. I liked the new Star Trek a lot more than I thought I would. I liked Get Out but I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.

  2. Member [Join Now]
    Jacobysmom90 [jacobysmom90]

    Get out is one of my favorite movies :)