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(R)editorial: Oscars Recap

ZZZZZZZZZ. Did you hear that sound last night, Insiders? That was the sound of millions of movie lovers nodding off during what had to be one of the most soul-crushingly boring Academy Awards ceremonies in recent memory. Hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco seemed hyperactive and bored, respectively, and the overall event was very, very dull.

Fortunately, there were some great movies recognized and some very deserving winners. The King’s Speech took home the top award of the night, beating out rival The Social Network. I was seven-for-nine for the night with my Oscars predictions—how did you do?

Insider Rebecca Woodcock was the big winner of ourĀ Oscars prize pack contest, and won a fantastic Oscars party package from Redbox, which included Hollywood red carpet decorations, snacks for the show, ten free Redbox rentals, a bunch of Oscar-nominated films on disc and a Sony Blu-ray player.

Thanks to some fun decorations and treats provided by Redbox, I also hosted a small Oscars viewing party:

Your humble blogger is holding the clapper.

What did you think of the Academy Awards, Insiders? Did the right pictures/people win? Do you think Franco and Hathaway’s feelings were hurt when eight-time Oscars host Billy Crystal got a standing ovation from a (relieved) crowd? What’s the Academy going to do next year to spice things up a bit?


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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    According to a ‘New York Times’ article on March 1, 2011, overnight ratings for the broadcast on ABC were down about 10% from last year and almost 15% lower for the 18-49 age group. The all-time highest rating came in 1998 [“Titanic”] where ratings were 33% greater than in 2011–57-million viewers in 1998 versus 38-million in 2011.

    Could the ratings be tied to whether or not a box office blockbuster like “Avatar” is among the nominees? I think so. In other words, blockbuster nominees equals big, big ratings.

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      rb [visitor]

      Yeah, I just saw that on the news that viewership was down by 15% for the 18-49 age group. Ironic that the 2 young hosts were chosen specifically to capture viewers in this age group. Not sure if the decrease has to do with or without having blockbusters as nominees for best movie. Had Inception and Social Network which should have made the above age group more inclined to watch to see some of their favorite young stars from these movies…though where was Leo Decaprio? Anyway, might be that in these poor economic times people resent watching over-paid movie stars get all glammed up to accept more awards–in addition to the millions they get over paid for making movies. Sort of like watching Charlie Sheen right now during the past couple days ‘complain’ about ‘anything’ when he is/was making like 2 million an episode for a tv show. I think the common folk struggling to make ends met resent such ignorance by an overpaid actor. (Side note,..watching Sheen complain how he is the one making billions for the tv show reminds me of a cartoon in the newspaper when Bill Clinton was president. Had Bill driving a car, with Hillary sitting next to him. The caption was Bill arrogantly saying something like “Anyone can see that I’m the one doing the driving here,’…then Hillary saying, “that’s right Bill, now make a right at the next corner, and a left 2 streets after..” In other words, Sheen keeps stating, takes ALL the credit, that he is the ONE and only one who is making all the moves/Billions for the tv show/producers, etc. yet fails to acknowledge that without the good/great script writers who put the character’s words in his mouth, he is little or nothing…..Okay, I went off a little only because Sheen’s irresponsible and arrogant behavior is starting to really annoy me!)

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    mt [visitor]

    Anyone else having trouble with the RSS feeds for – they don’t seem to be working anymore??

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    The Oscars will probably go back to a comedian for next year’s show.

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    Jamie [visitor]

    That ZZZZZ sound is how difficult it is to get to this site now with that stupid type in what you see crap.

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    Wesley [visitor]

    “The Oscars are irrelevant” is harder to believe after “I was 7 for 9 on my predictions, how were you?”

    I was 0 for 0. I found out the oscars were on during the night the oscars were on, and didn’t watch after finding out they were on. I didn’t know Anne Hathaway was presenting them, and don’t know who James Franco is. And I don’t care to find out any of these things.

    So no, I don’t think the Oscars are relevant and I don’t think they ever were.