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I was just over at the Redbox this morning and noticed they added a few new features to the “Rent a DVD” screen…

New Features on the Redbox \"Rent a DVD\" screen

First, you now will see the “Coming Soon” banner across movies that are in the box but not available for rent yet. This is definitely a welcome addition and should help with those who get confused about the inability to “Add to Cart” those new releases before Tuesday.

Second, you will now see new sorting options for DVDs. It defaults to “Release Date” now, and then adds the “All”, “Genre”, “A to Z” and “Hit Movies” options. I couldn’t test them out as that side of the screen of my Redbox was not working right, so you will have to check them out and let us know what you think.

So, do you like the new changes? Do you hate them? What else could Redbox do to improve on their service?

26 Responses to “Redbox Rolls Out New Rental Selection Screen”

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    Jonathan [visitor]

    AWESOME! Oh it just gets better and better! The only way I think it could be better is if they also rented HD or Blu for a couple more bucks.. but we’ve already beat that idea up enough. What I hate, and it’s just a stupid little gripe I have is that the disks coming out of my local machine are filthy!! I mean disgusting…as if someone had used them as plates to eat burritos from. But that’s a stupid gripe and I know there is nothing that can really be done about it. Besides I can’t complain for a dollar for every few rentals.

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    Fred Garvin [visitor]

    I knew they were looking to hire some software engineers, looks like its paying off.

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    mjs9199 [visitor]

    what’s the diff between “all” and “a to z”?

    They could also add a sort by ratings feature…

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      “48 hours” and “28 weeks later” are examples of movies that would appear in “All”, but not “A to Z”.

      …….just kidding………


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      Michelle [visitor]

      If you click on ‘all’ you will get just that, all the movies. If you click on ‘a to z’ it will pop up a window that lets you jump to a section of the alphabet.

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    They could make the machines faster, it’s a mild inconvenience to return multiple moviers.

    They could let you enter your email address first and only show the movies you haven’t rented already.

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      Rick [rick]

      yeah or swipe your card first to show the movies that you haven’t seen.

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        steve [visitor]

        that would be a good idea except for us who use multiple credit cards (w/the free rental codes) not that i’m admitting that i do that or anything, lol.. but yea i had that same thought today at redbox actually, i forget what i’ve already rented sometimes.. so, good idea.

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    Rick [rick]

    i think these changes are great because there was always someone in line before me that was trying to rent something that didn’t come out yet. and i always had to tell them about it. so yeah this should make the selection process faster for those who don’t visit the box on a regular basis.

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    Wendy [visitor]

    These are definitely welcome changes. The only thing I can think of that I’d like to add is an “End” button at the bottom. Rather than have to scroll forward through all the screens, it would help in some instances to jump to the end and then scroll backwards. We sometimes like to sort by release date then go to the end under the assumption that the oldest movies will be most likely to be emptied from the machine first.

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    Jack [visitor]

    I’d like to see a seperate slot for movie returns. No screen would be necessary, just a red and green led to indicate acceptance of the returned movie. This would make it possible to return movies without having to wait for someone to make a rental sellection.

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    Kathleen Lee [visitor]

    It would be nice to get the promo code on Monday morning instead of the afternoon when I have already been “out for the day” and don’t want to go back out again.

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    Wanda Anderson [visitor]

    I think it would be a good thing to add to where you get a recite for the renting of the movie’s and how much it was total cost and also a recite slip of the returned movie’s. So that you can remember to take it out of your account and also to show profe that they were returned.

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      Michelle [visitor]

      If you enter your email address, they send you confirmation of the rental, confirmation of the return, and then a receipt for the charge.

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    David Weidenhamer [visitor]

    Thank you,

    Thank you for the new format, it is much easier to use! My Wife and I use redbox quite often! Every once in awhile I rent a movie,(like the one I rented tonight,”The Grand”, it stunk!!)We watched about ten minutes into the movie,and we had to shut it off! It was I believe, the worst that we have rented from you!! Other than that one,keep it up ,I love the service!

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    Jonathan [visitor]

    My local Redboxes (32828 Orlando) did not have the update as of approx 7PM Monday. So I think they must be updated in some pattern, not all at once. That would make sense, from a network/server point of view.

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    steve [visitor]

    How about a three or four sided kiosk with screens and DVD slots on each side.

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    britt [visitor]

    I think it would make it easier for some renters that know exactly what title they are wanting, to have a screen where you can type in the desired title and check for availability in that kiosk, or even guide you to the nearest facility that stocks it. That search ability would be good on their online site as well, but currently unable to type in any titles for a search, only able to click on the ones that they show you.

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    TMZC [visitor]

    Yes! A multi-sided kiosk is a fantastic idea. If Redbox can’t do that, then for the love of God, please speed up the delivery of the DVD and the confirmation of the return.

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    Debbie [visitor]

    I would love to see the rating of a movie right on the title selection page. When I am looking for kids movies I have to root through a lot of movies. I do love that the outside kiosk has the kids movies down low, great job, but not all are listed.

    Also I would like to see a running time and the date the movie came out, it would help alot as I recently got screwed renting speed Racer that was a very old cartoon and not the movie!

    While we are wishing, It would be nice if they showed a list of movies you have already rented. That would be nice.


  16. Member [Join Now]

    I second Jonathon on the dvd grossness factor.

    I just took Wall-E out of its case, and as far as the last renter goes, it looks like Mommy recruited little Timmy to please fetch the dvd out of the player, and then go wash your hands afterward. What a mess on both sides.