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This offer comes courtesy of Walgreen’s and Post cereal…

Buy any 2 boxes of Post cereal from Walgreen’s and get a code for a free Redbox rental. And, it gets even better…

Right now (special price now over) at Walgreen’s they have a special offer on Post cereal at 2 boxes for $5. And, you can print coupons at Post’s website for $2 off 1 box of cereal. With 2 coupons that makes the 2 for $5 deal cost only $1 it still a good deal, plus your free Redbox rental.

This offer has already worked for many, so give it a try and let us know your results.

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30 Responses to “Redbox Offer: Redbox Rental and 2 Boxes of Post Cereal for $1”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    The $2 coupon is only good off of Post Trail Mix Crunch cereal, not all their cereals. Otherwise, this would be a great deal.

  2. Member [Join Now]
    BW [bw]

    Good deal but i only see Kelloggs cereal 2 for 5.00 in wal greens ad. thanks for code

  3. Member [Join Now]

    Checked a local NC flyer, and only the Kellogg’s cereal is on sale 2 for $5.

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      rb [visitor]

      Yeah,… the Post Cereal was on sale last week at Walgreens. The Post sale ended at Walgreens on Saturday, Aug 1st as their sale ads go from Sunday to Saturday.

  4. Member [Join Now]

    nice, I printed out the coupons for nothing….

  5. Member [Join Now]

    I went down to my Walgreen’s today because it’s very close to me and I needed some milk. Also, the Redbox is there. They knew nothing about any deal on Post or free Redbox code.

    BW’s right, the 2/$5 is Kellog’s cereal, not Post. And the coupon is for a new trail mix cereal not even available at Walgreens.

    With all the trouble you have to go through going to Post’s site, downloading a different Java than I had, then downloading Post’s own special java plug-in, this is too much trouble to end up with one coupon. I just hope it’s still valid when the new cereal’s finally on the shelf somewhere. Yes,it does sound good. I hope it’s worth this wild goose chase.

    Will the person who originally posted this message please get it straight and clear up this time and effort wasting myth?

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      rb [visitor]

      If you were a frequent follower of the site, you would have seen my post comment added to the Albertson Deal post last Thursday, July 30th. If you buy 2 Post Cereal between 7/17 and 8/9/09 at Walgreens, a redbox code (valid till 8/23)will be at the bottom of receipt at participating Walgreens. Dare I mentioned on July 30th that Post Cereal was on sale AT THAT TIME at Walgreens, 2 for $5,– and with the $2 Post cereal coupons/redbox code , a very good deal. Walgreens weekly ads change on Sundays. Under the Albertsons Post, bloggers did then try the Walgreens/Post Cereal/$2 coupon deal and reported it worked/was accepted by Walgreens, and Redbox code was at the bottom of their receipt.

      • Member [Join Now]
        Mark [rb123456789]

        But what worked and was posted in a different thread last week is irrelevant, a big part of making the offer a good deal for most people was the 2/$5 Post cereal price (which had already expired when this thread was posted) plus the additional coupon (which it turns out is limited).

        I can see why people are irritated.

  6. Member [Join Now]

    I wish I had read some of the comments before I went through exactly what deban22 went through! Well, at least I won’t waste the time and gas to go to Walgreens- but, I do hope to use the $2 coupons in the future! The Trail Mix Crunch varieties are pretty good…

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      deban22 [visitor]

      Yep ols news is too late, so no good.

      I don’t come here or to any other sites all day and night. I guess I’d be here all the time if I were getting paid, but I’m not an emplyoyee – just a consumer needing some good deals, codes, movie reviews, etc like everyone else. I also don’t like to waste gas, but it happens.

      I no longer waste too much gas, time or money going to Walgreens because like BB, they’re going down – poor choice of items, more of their inferior generic brand on shelves now.

      Tonight I “wasted” gas to drive over for the free tacos at JnB, but also enjoyed the tea and chocolate overload cake.

      Now don’t beg me for the coupon – it’s online for signing up at their site, but ends at 11:59 pm tonight (Tues)

      I’ll be back, but not every day! I have a couple of my own websites to run.


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        rb [visitor]

        Your first “comment” was specifically aimed at/ daggered at the person who had “originally” blogged about the Post Cereal/Walgreen deal as someone providing bogus info. My reply was to inform you that WHEN I, being the one who originally/FIRST blogged about the deal LAST WEEK on this site, it was not bogus info AT THAT TIME! The Post cereal was on sale at Walgreens LAST WEEK, coupons were/are valid, people were reporting they used the deal at Walgreen and received the redbox code on their receipt AT THAT TIME. Your first comment was directed to the person who “originally” blogged the deal. I came forward. It so happens that I “originally” blogged the deal AT THAT TIME–WHEN ALL FORCES OF THE DEAL WERE IN EFFECT AND THERE WAS NOTHING BOGUS ABOUT MY POST/DEAL! Agreed, the deal isn’t as sweet/relevant THIS WEEK without the cereal being on sale at Walgreens. But hey, you got 2 good $2 off coupons. Go to Walmart or someplace where the normal/sale price of Post Cereal is 2 for $5, and with the $4 you save using the coupons, rent yourself 4 new-release Redbox dvds! Eat and enjoy your Trail Mix Crunch while watching the dvds! Gotta, Gotta, Gotta find the bright side in everything!

        • Member [Join Now]
          Mark [rb123456789]

          Give it up, rb. It’s 100% clear from the context that deban22 was completely unaware of your original post in another topic. He clearly was “daggering” Michael, who made “the original post” of this misleading topic.

      • Member [Join Now]
        jakoblin [jakoblin]

        “Tonight I “wasted” gas to drive over for the free tacos at JnB, but also enjoyed the tea and chocolate overload cake.”

        i totally agreed jack in box 2 free tacos were a waste of gas cuz these tacos were the size of 2 thin dvd cases.

  7. Member [Join Now]

    The Trail Mix Crunch coupon is good till 8/23/09 (and you can print more than one, as the OP suggested). I printed them and went to WAG to find what everyone else is saying — it’s Kellogg’s, not Post, cereal on for 2/$5 this week.

    But my store (in St. Louis) DID have the Trail Mix cereal on the shelf… it was 2/$9. With the coupons, that’s 2/$5.

    For what it’s worth.

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Gerry [visitor]

    Trail Mix, Trail Mix, Trail Mix, What’s with that. I thought this was a place to talk
    about a place where we can find codes for the redbox machines, instead it
    seems to me that there might be a possibility that these postings are being
    filtered, and all we have now are postings about trail mix. Talk about Big Brother. So dissapointed in this site. It was something before, now I am not sure. Today we are talking about train mix, what will it be tomorrow or next week?

    • Member [Join Now]

      Trail mix is a promotion from Post cereal to get a free code from Redbox so it has EVERYTHING to do with codes! Why don’t you read before you post negative IGNORANT comments!! And what the hell does any of this have to do with Big Brother? Talk about paranoid!! And finally if you don’t like the posts on this site or the site itself just don’t come here anymore…we sure won’t miss you!

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Gerry [visitor]

        Anybody, please post the codes that you get from Post on this website so that everybody may benefit. We all need to support this web site and help keep it going for as long as possible.

        • Member [Join Now]

          What’s the point, they will only be “one time use” codes anyway. That won’t do anyone any good now will it? All that will do is waste everyone’s time trying “one time use” codes that have already been used and are no longer any good. How long have you been using this site anyway, I would have thought you would know that by now. It’s people like you that clog up the “codes” portion of this site with useless codes! So who’s “ignorant” now? By the way when you want to post a “general” post you post that to everyone. When you want to “reply” to a specific post you post to that specific person. Get what I mean? Probably not.

  9. Member [Join Now]
    Dogwaterii [dogwaterii]

    so …still …what about the redbox code? IF we were to purchase the cereal …how is the code distributed? it sounds like Walgreens does not know anything about it.

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Gerry [visitor]

    I get it now, I have to buy something from Post Cereal. As for your attitude
    it is also ignorant. Gone are the days of really getting codes for free. In the past month I have gotton more free rental codes from Moviecube then rdbox.
    The next promotion coming up later this month from Post is I understand you will have to watch 6 hours of commercial’s on TV a week, then they will give you 3 free rentals. I get it. so go ahead buy your Trail Mix. Enjoy.

  11. Member [Join Now]

    Hi all here is the free code that I got today 27hz4kt

    • Member [Join Now]

      Duh!!! What do you think this site is all about? That code has been posted at or near the top of this page since this morning! HELLO!!!

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        kaykay [visitor]

        who are you Dude? Why the arrogant tone with me?
        CHILL MAN.

        • Member [Join Now]

          First of all… I’m me of course. Secondly, the reason for the “arrogant” tone is CLUELESS people like you get on here acting like you’re doing everyone this BIG favor giving out a code that is like “secret” or something when it’s OBVIOUS that this is what this site is ALL ABOUT! I mean really, what do you think people get on this site for anyway? And what do you think the second box from the left at the top of the page is for anyway? I mean it clearly says “Redbox Codes”! Get a CLUE and people like me won’t have to be “arrogant” as you call it!

          • Member [Join Now]

            Moviecrazy: Down, boy, down. These folks are only trying to help each other out. Your rabid comments are not only not welcome, they’re depressing me! If you spent as much time doing something productive instead of slamming this site and it’s users, you wouldn’t have enough time to worry about such trivia! And you’d be MUCH happier, I guarantee it.

  12. Member [Join Now]

    little off topic but i heard Kelloggs is going to start giving away nintendo money in their ceral boxes.. you get at least a coupon for 5 off any 30 buck game…

    man im going to become super fat eating all of this ceral LOL

  13. Member [Join Now]

    Site Enhancement Request:

    There needs to be a “report as invalid” button to report that a Redbox offer posted here is bogus so it can be removed.

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Laurie [visitor]

    The coupons are no longer available :-(