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Here is your list of new movies coming to Redbox on September 29, 2009.

What will you see? Is anything missing?

33 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for September 29, 2009”

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    Thanks for the early update!

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    desever [visitor]

    There shouldn’t be an apostrophe in Brothers of “Brothers Bloom.” Just a thought!

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    Carson [carson]

    Awesome, I did not think Redbox would get Superman/Batman Public Enemies, now I don’t have to go to BB!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

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    lillian [visitor]

    i am surprised you didn’t post the free codes for this weekend…not sure when they expire, though. i found them on another blog:

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      Where do you think that other blog got them? :)

      Those 2 codes have been posted in the Redbox Codes section for days now – that other blog most likely got them from my Facebook / Twitter update I did about them.

      Thanks for sharing, though!

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        barb [visitor]

        Thanks Michael. I got your free codes over the weekend and used one this morning to pick up my free copy of Monsters vs. Aliens. Thanks so much.

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    ShoRTcut is another movie (at least coming locally)

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    biggD [biggd]

    Thanks for listing Early!!!!!!! Now I know what I can get a good price !

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    veronica flores [visitor]

    does anyone know if redbox is going to have bring it on “fight to the finish”

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    John Small [visitor]

    Bring it on is a Universal title.

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    Jim [visitor]

    If you’re going to list the new releases in alphabetical order, shouldn’t The Brothers Bloom be listed first.

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    JJJ [visitor]

    Terminator Salvation, it’s made by WB so when do we get to see it?
    Love the new trailer…
    old one v=IcYdjHpJUV8

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    hot damn redbox will actually carry batman/superman: public enemies! i wish they carried the dc universe movies every time one came out. same with the marvel animated movies.

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    lillian [visitor]

    do i need to subscribe to that section differently? i thought you posted them here. no wonder i haven’t been getting them in my rss by only looking at this page.

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    tyson [visitor]

    i was hoping for Away We Go and The Girlfriend Experience……buzz kill.

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      bearsfan [visitor]


      I saw Girlfriend Experience and was bored to tears. Unless youre into that Steven Soderbergh stuff, it’s not what you think.

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    may try to get this movie for FREE MOVIE MONDAY next week

    Fermat’s Room

    WARNING THOUGH movie is in spanish no english (dont know if it has subtitles or not) need to do some searching before i get it

    MIght be a hard one to find. of the 10 local boxes i pulled up 1 had it

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    rb [visitor]

    Code alert! I used the code 9h2vee27 that someone listed/shared and it’s working great! Also interesting that I ran into a Redbox guy dusting the inside of a Redbox kiosk. I asked him when the new releases are put in the kiosks. He said one week prior to becoming available to rent, and that new releases become available to rent each Tuesday from the kiosk at 7am. I live in the east, so this would be 7am eastern time. However, it must depend on how each specific Redbox kiosk worker programs the kiosk because I remember other bloggers saying they were able to rent new releases at 12am eastern time.

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      Yeah I can always rent movies at 12:01 am on Tuesday. Thanks for the info on the code, I will try it today! By the way, where did you use the code at?

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    man i will probally never rent 4 movies again on one night… ended up getting to bed around 4am last night (got up around 8)

    movies did rent

    monsters vs al… okay cartoon thought it would been better then it was…. that big giant bug thing kind of made me sad cause it remind me of my dog who passed away last year…(kind of looked like my little dog with the big eyes and how it followed everything around LOL)

    Farmhouse —- sort of hard to follow andi dont think the knew how to end it sort of an ending you did not see coming

    short cut—- just another low bud. horror show… no gore or nothing . think it was only pg 13

    fermats room___ dont know why this movie is getting such high reviews… many of the reviews i read said it was like CUBE… movie is nothing like cube.. They never move out of 1 room (where cube they moved room to room) it does have english subtitles ….it was an okay movie but not what i was hoping for

    I did run into a worker and find this sort of interetesting…. They said they do not plan on carrying DRAG ME TO HELL *universal movie, or transformers (same) unless something gets worked out…. Seems if they have to go buy them the movies are getting damaged long before they see a profit on those movies

    I probally end up waiting and see if that one vee27 codes continues to work till tomorrow… probally be in bed at 6pm tonight right after work LOL

    its interesting to see how many FREE CODES that are coming out… using 2 credit cards

    Last tuesday got 2 free movies at meijers code
    Last thursday got 2 free movies using that one code
    If wanted (didnt) Could of got 2 movies using the vee27 code

    thats 3 movies per credit card in one week…. that is alot of codes in a short period of time…

    next week i dont think there is a single movie i will rent

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      rb [visitor]

      Hope “Drag Me To Hell” somehow comes to Redbox for all the enjoy. I actually saw it at the theater and found it quite enjoyable. There’s an old lady in the movie who puts curses on people and she reminded me of the old lady who lived in my neighborhood who would throw eggs at me and other neighborhood kids and spew out some curse whenever she found us in her yard sneaking strawberries from her strawberry patches!

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    sadly it seems redbox is only getting 2 of the ghosthouse underground movies..

    the Thaw and seventh moon

    instead of the better movies
    the children and offspring

    might rent thaw

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    locally redbox movies coming tuesday

    THE THAW——— may rent if free code
    SEVENTH MOON —– probally tuesday rental
    year one———– only if free code
    image that ———- probally tuesday rental

    My Life in Ruins (PG-13)——-pass
    Assassination of a High School President (R) pass
    Fast Track: No Limits (R)——- maybe with FREE CODE
    It’s Alive (R)——– is this the 70s movies or a remake pass either way

    NOT COMING TO REDBOX but like to

    Trick r treat

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    Redbox Fan [visitor]

    Hey, did you know if you unplug a Redbox on a Friday night and then plug it back in again it will let you rent the Tuesday releases early with the codes for free. Try it! This is awesome. I am watching Year One right now!

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      good way to get the cops called on you.. i remember doing this at an arcade back in the 80s to get free games they said it harms the machine and they called the cops

      then again maybe that is the only way year one will rent if people get them for free LOL

      could also be a good way to get knocked on your #$#$#$#

      i would not do this if you caught doing it they could say you damaged the machine.. they do have your credit card number and can see who was the first after the reboot to rent

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        rb [visitor]

        LOL! When I’m watching that tv show that highlights dumb criminals and the cops are taking away the guy who damaged the Redbox kiosk by unplugging and replugging it just to get a $1 dvd rental–we’ll know it was Redbox Fan! Double dumb Redbox fan could have at least gone to jail by selecting a worthier dvd, but Year One–that’s really dumb! And how much do the kiosks cost anyway? I’d say thousands of dollars…Dumb, dumb,dumb…

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    Sarah [visitor]

    what happened to away we go?

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      John Small [visitor]

      It is available at REAL video rental stores that pay full price for their product. Redbox is too CHEAP to pay for this title.