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13 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for September 16, 2008”

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    Estella Tennyson [visitor]

    Happy Birthday! Today is my birthday, too. I love the free Monday movies and I just discovered this page to find the code. Is there anyway to have the code emailed to me because I don’t get text messages on my phone?

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    Jon [visitor]

    Join the Redbox Insider Updates, and you’ll get an email every Monday. Signup form is on every page of this site, I think.

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    Jamie [visitor]

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for the free codes

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    Harold Warren [visitor]

    Redbox is the best thing to com,e along in a very long time.
    You guys make renting a DVD so easy not like the video stores.And the free code each week is so great.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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    Crazybob @ SETI.USA [visitor]

    Happy Birthday!

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    DEBBIE [visitor]


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    Wilma [visitor]

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, and many more my birthday was this month too. You have to admit the Virgos are the best #1.

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    Kim [visitor]

    Anyone else encountered a Redbox where every code- even today’s new code- goes through a really long routing time, only to come back with an error message? Is that a problem with the machine I should make the store aware of?
    I tried initially ” checkout with promo” and then I tried again, entering after the item was in my card. Same thing, both times.

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    Nola [visitor]

    Cut us some slack if you are going to play you will have to pay.
    so do your job and worry about partying later.

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    Joe [visitor]

    Does anyone know when new releases are put in to the machines and released? Has anyone been able to snag one with a Monday code?

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    Debbie C [visitor]

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the free codes.Does anyone know if we can request any movie we want to see?

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    payne [visitor]

    if red box sucks so bad there’s always the blue about proud of there movies and weak perks.don’t look for me in line because i want be there……