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Redbox New Releases for March 3, 2009

8 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for March 3, 2009”

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    can i reserve austrailia online? and at what time and date?

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      Mary [visitor]

      On my Redbox the new releases don’t appear until Tuesday morning. I can go to the Redbox and rent them after midnight, but I can’t reserve them online until tuesday morning. It would be great if I could. Who do I need to contact to make this happen?

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    Jane [visitor]

    don’t bother with the $500 survey. It’s one of those that requires two more things in order to participate. I’m surprised that inside redbox participated in one of these scam surveys!

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    KathyGrega [kathygrega]

    To Jane:
    True it is a survey that requires two more things; however, you don’t have to participate when you find out. Remember, we need to keep the pricing at Redbox affordable, and without sponsors that would not happen.

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    LightenUp [visitor]

    Lighten up, People…

    If you want the movies they have available, rent them. If you don’t want the movies they have, don’t rent them. Give RedBox some credit for being able to spot, and then test the trends.

    And about that $500 offer…does anyone seriously believe for even a second that there’s no catch?

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    Casey [visitor]

    Can you use the codes on other days of the week? I go to work and school on Monday And tuesday. So no time for movies on monday or tuesday