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Redbox New Releases for June 30, 2009

26 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for June 30, 2009”

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    More crappy movies….June sure has been a bad month for movies!!!

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    Is Redbox going to have Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow? It was released today on dvd and blu-ray. Blockbuster and Netflix have it but I don’t see it on Redbox.

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      A [visitor]

      I agree! I have been waiting weeks for Redbox to get this movie. (months, really). I’m so disappointed that they don’t have it. I guess I’ll have to try Blockbuster or just pony up the $17.

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        crusty09 [visitor]

        I actually paid money to see it at the theater….
        I really couldnt have been more disappointed…colossal failure.

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    John Las Vegas [john-las-vegas]

    Is it possible to put an option to “not” see the “unlikely” codes? We all know rbx…and mc6a…. no longer work. They are not “unlikely”. They simply no longer work. The “possible” codes option is nice. So maybe instead of putting an “invalid” or “recently removed” box, they seem to take a while longer to drop off, case in point, code that expired on the 22nd is still showing on the 30th, simply lump the expired ones in with the possible ones. The people who do not visit this site regularly can be fooled and waste their time but the rest of us who know they do not work will not have to see them any longer. Thanks.

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      John Las Vegas [john-las-vegas]

      Also, “fooled” is not exactly the right word. I know you are not leaving them on there on purpose to trick or fool people, but I’m sure it is happening. Like if you withhold important truths from someone…Some would say by not telling them you are lying to them. Same thing by marking known expired codes as “possible”. Simply move to “recently removed”. Just a suggestion.

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    gLaDiAtOr [gladiator]

    wheres the july 1st code????

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    John Las Vegas [visitor]

    Has anyone else noticed how much less active this site seems to be now that redbox no longer issue codes for a free night’s dvd movie rental ona regular basis. Soon this site, much like insidedvdplay will be history. Goodbye Michael.

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      djjojo1 [debra]

      ya, i was kinda thinkin the samething.. everyone gets excited with freebies and say oh well i get this free one ,so i think i spend extra and get a couple extras.

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        John Las Vegas [john-las-vegas]

        Are we back to stealing names again? What kind of coward is afraid to simply post a thought?—————July 1 7:21 PM Not mine.

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          Yeah, I didn’t think the above negative comment was made by you. I for one want to see this site keep going. It’s helpful and fun.Also, I do think Redbox representatives check in/take a look at a site like this and take away/act on our complaints, comments, and suggestions.

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          Chip [chip]

          Maybe there’s ANOTHER John from Las Vegas, John. He (or she?) might want to clarify that, huh? Take care, John. Chip out.

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    lulu [visitor]

    I know a lot of you here subscribe to NetFlix, as I do,
    either the one at a time, or the other more expensive options.
    It came to my notice recently that there is a fatal FLAW in
    there return envelope system…
    as follows:
    On one end is the 1/2 inch flap that you seal your return
    on the opposite end of the envelope there is an
    1/8 inch sticky exposed end that happens to
    stick to just about everything
    it comes in contact with…e.g. other envelopes in the USPS
    mail sorting machines. I have had several returned envelopes
    sent back to me by USPS that look like they have been crushed.
    So, now I cut off the other sticky end and I have had a much
    better return….

    whether NetFlix knows of this problem
    and does not care to handle it is up in the air…
    but do this…cut off the 1/8 inch of sticky end
    before you mail the DVD back to them!

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    Had anyone else noticed a second verification of codes? The last couple of codes I’ve tried worked, until after swiping my card and entering zip. Then they come back with a message of already used (which they haven’t been on that particular card) or some other not valid type of message. I know for sure that the code has not been used on my alternative card. This even happened on a 1-time use code. It was accepted, then later denied. Previously, a 1-time code would tell you at the first entry point whether it had been used or not.

    And on another thought…
    Redbox, get me some movies that are worth paying to rent. Please.

    til Monday…

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      Yeah…this has been happening for a while: some codes(that you know you’ve never used before) are accepted and then denied only after you put in your zip. Tried to figure out why before but got no answers/solutions. …. You should put this dilemma in the “community forum” section of this site for responses.

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        jakoblin [jakoblin]

        So many codes i enter from this site insideredbox has this problem.

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          It’s not this site that’s the problem; it’s the way Redbox has programmed the code to work or not to work. The shared codes that do this–are accepted but then rejected only after you put in your zip–must be programmed by Redbox to only work in a certain way OR only work for the person/cc or debit card the code was issued to. Before sharing a code, it would be helpful to all to see if the code also works on a different cc or debit card– have a friend also try it on their cc/debit card. IF it then still works, it is not a 1x code and is worth sharing. Would avoid a lot of frustration of others trying shared codes that will not work because the code was programmed to only work 1x only for the person it was issued to.

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    Sean [visitor]

    I think there have been some good releases this month. Inkheart and Pink Panther 2 were a couple that I’ve been waiting a while to see. As well as the new Friday the 13th. July looks Huge so far. Some people are very very picky.

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      I’d hardly call Watchmen and Knowing a “Huge” month! Those are the only two I’d say are worth seeing that are coming out in July. As far as Inkheart I thought that movie sucked, and I didn’t even want to see Pink Panther 2, although I really like Steve Martin but the Pink Panther movies are definitely not his best work.

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    Thanks Rigamarole,Michael,Redbox for Code 7HE79B. It is working at Walmart, Giant Eagle, Kuhns in PA.–and seems to be working at other locations/states. Looks like it’s time for Michael to put out a Weekend Update email with this code just in time for July 4th holiday! Happy Holiday to all! rbrannan–also known as rb