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Redbox New Releases for December 9, 2008

6 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for December 9, 2008”

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    fiser [visitor]

    Redbox new release date nice this site is getting better and better good job Mike

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    Thanks for every time you do an update Michael.
    I.R. gets better all the time!Looking forward to coming to this page to reserve Dark Knight after Midnight.

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    Looks like we may have another Wanted type of fiasco. Anyone else not able to find Together Again For The First Time?

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      LOGGER [visitor]

      Actually I am thankful that I cant find it….it looks HORRIBLE!
      Its not on their website anymore….must have been an error of some kind.

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        I noticed that it’s not on the website anymore. That’s odd though because when I called the 1-866 number I was told that it should be out and it could just be an error in area.

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        I’m on the phone with Redbox right now and they are telling me that the movie is on the website between Street Racer & Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. And it’s not there. They said that they access the website the same way the customers do. I think this is B.S.