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As I just mentioned in my last post, I have started a new Squidoo Lens dedicated to Redbox. One of the cool features of Squidoo is a little thing called the “Plexo List”.

This is a list that can be added to by anyone, and then can be “voted on”.
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I created such a list just to find out all of the different places you rent from across the country.

So, if one of the locations on the list is place you rent from, vote for it by clicking the “up” arrow next to the name.
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If you don’t see a place you rent from on the list, go ahead and add it and then vote for it.

This list will help the Redbox Codes tracking by allowing you to select the location you used a code at, helping us figure out which codes work at which locations.

Check out the list below and then click here to vote and add to the list

Add/Vote for Redbox Locations

7 Responses to “Redbox Locations – Where Do YOU Rent From?”

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    BOB BROWN [visitor]


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    gary gerber [visitor]

    I will be in Naples, Florida at the beginning of August. What are some of the locations in that area.


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    Diane [visitor]

    The King Kullen in Bridgehampton, New York just got a RedBox machine. You will also find that MOST Stop and Shop Supermarkets on Long Island in New York have a RedBox machine. I do work in 11 Stop and Shops and find it so convenient that I can return any DVD from RedBox to another store I happen to be in on any particular day. Bravo for Red Box for kicking BlockBusters butt with $1.00 rentals. It’s about time!

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    luciene [visitor]

    l rent the movie number23 in tennesse and l was going to returned in florida but l could not find a redbox over there i was very upset because i have to pay for the days that the movie was in my hand.

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      andy [visitor]

      @ Luciene
      If you are going to return the movie in area you are not familar with, please log on to the and enter the zipcode of the new area. It will show you all the redbox locations in that zip code area.

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    Jim [visitor]

    Redbox has been great. Except for last night, I drove to 4 locations and couldn’t find Tropic Thunder. It said on the box it was out on the 18th