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Redbox Gunslinger Strikes in Kentucky

In a McDonald’s parking lot in Kentucky, a man fired 3 shots at the car of 3 teens on Wednesday night.

The incident began because the 3 teens were returning a DVD to a Redbox located at the McDonald’s, and were blocking the drive-thru lane.

Check out the video after the break for the full story…

Redbox lines can be slow enough without this kind of stuff happening. And, what I want to know, is what was the guy doing with 2 guns? Isn’t one enough? Or, is central Kentucky still like the Old West?

Have you ever seen any kind of incident like this at your Redbox? Leave us a comment and let us know any of your own crazy Redbox moments.

Full Story: link

18 Responses to “Redbox Gunslinger Strikes in Kentucky”

  1. Member [Join Now]
    Spacoli [spacoli]

    Well this is ridiculous. ” get out of my way I want my fries!”

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Gloria [visitor]

    Couldn’t tell from the title or this post, but from the video report, he fired at tires after being hit with a club. If the Redbox users had not RETURNED WITH A CLUB and hit him, there would have been no gunfire.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Richard [visitor]

    As a variation of the old saying, dont’ bring a club to a gun fight. Simply from the article and not having seen any footage of the altercation, the punk teenagers should be charged with (felony?) assault and battery — maybe even attempted murder? The old man in the article was merely defending himself.

  4. Member [Join Now]

    The Teen was charged with 1st Degree assult

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rusty [visitor]

    I have noticed that the location of outdoor redboxes in relationship to McD’s drive thru lanes are improperly located and causing more and more problems. McD parking lots aren’t the biggest to begin with, so couple that with redbox traffic and the decline of civility in the human race and this is what you get. So who is more responsible for the problem? McD’s for haphazardly placing redboxes or Redbox for not inspecting a location before allowing a machine to be placed.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    The Turnip [visitor]

    The Redbox at my McDonald’s is next to the drive-thru lane, too. Lazy, selfish morons kept blocking the drive-thru so management put up a sign stating, “No parking when using Redbox.” Apparently you can add “illiterate” to their list of shortcomings because they still park there when there are empty parking spaces only 20 feet away. It’s pretty amazing. Of course I don’t condone shooting someone over this, but if you smack a lazy, selfish, illiterate moron on the back of the head, I’ll tell the police you were at my house when the incident happened. : )

    • Member [Join Now]
      Car [car]

      I am always amazed at how selfish people are, never thinking about others. The world revolves around them.

      Not moving over to the left enough to let people behind make a right turn at a tight intersection.

      Slam car doors at 5AM “I’m awake so everyone else must be”.

      Honk the horn in front of a house like it’s somehow directional to the way their head is facing and will only be heard at that one house.

      Stop walking and talk to people in a small area that everyone else is passing through. And continuing to do so after seeing that they are blocking lots of other people.

      Parking for something quick like a redbox return, blocking other people just to save 3 more steps. You still have to get out of your car and walk a bit, what’s 3 more steps?

      That being said, McDonalds or other locations should take that into consideration when placing a box on their property. If they have to put up a sign, it’s time to move the box somewhere else.

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Diane [visitor]

    they should even have the redbox close to the drive thru…maybe they should move it inside

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    UBM [visitor]

    Couple this with the fact that Redbox sends out surveys at least once a month
    to see if you actually buy ANYTHING when you return or rent from McDonalds
    redbox kiosks, and you begin to see a disturbing trend.

    The redboxes at the MCDonalds AREN’T placed inside for an obvious
    reason: They don’t want you to steer clear of the machines there,
    because you might be tempted to overspend on your purchase
    and that can lead to a lawsuit for “unfair practice”. But put them
    outside, and if the customer makes the choice to come inside
    before or after his transaction, then hey no harm, no foul.

    In my area, their our four Redboxes at MCDonalds: two are placed
    just BEFORE the drive through ( like the one in the video in Kentucky)
    and two are placed near the entrance to the mcdonalds, but two to three
    car slots before the drive through. Becasue they are on the outside,
    people tend to favor those over the Wal-mart/Sam’s Club redboxes,
    which ARE inside ( Sam’s Club ones, you actually have to go INTO the store,
    Wal-marts our just inside the door near the cart return). They’d rather
    be rude and risk retuning a movie in 5 to 10 mins than to make
    the trek into a WalMart and curb their temptations to spend $$$$.

    Me, I go in with a set limit ( time and cash to spend), and hit up redbox on
    my lunch. In and Out, and that’s what I do.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Fred [visitor]

      As a concealed permit holder who carries at all times, I am a bit annoyed by sensationalist titles like this. Gunslinger? Hardly. He was a responsible adult who is smart enough to take measures to defend himself. He had a permit. He was being assaulted and had already been struck. Why try and point the blame on him? He was doing exactly what he has the right and responsibility to do. A group of punk kids coming back to renew an argument is more than enough reason to draw, especially when one has a 2-foot club and has begun hitting you. As for carrying 2 guns, its not uncommon.

      Also note, he fired AT THE CAR. That was intentional. I don’t know Kentucky law, but where I live he already had legal justification of lethal force. He (wisely) chose to avoid that and took an alternate course. He should not be charged with anything.

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    Maxwell_Taylor [visitor]

    Maybe I misunderstood the news report, but a man was being assulted with a “club” pulled out his legal handgun and ” discharged it ” away from people.. and he’s arrested ???
    The damned kids just lucky he isn’t dead for his stupidity.. The news report would have read as a tragedy instead luckly, the older guy wasmore respectful of life . Perhaps that’s the problem with the world . kids have no respect for themselves let alone others

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Vinny [visitor]

    I’m sorry but if the news clip is accurate then the old man was fully in his rights. Granted the shots being fired seems rough, but think of this. The kid left. Did you get that? The kid left. He then returnes to attack the old man. With a weapon.
    I know we are not in the wild west, and the old mans actions may seem extreme, but what else could he have done? If he shot the kid there would be no getting out of that. If he did nothing the kid would have gotten away. Dont fool yourselves. There is a small chance that the kid would have been caught and punished. Attack like this happen every day. Yes, even in your city. The fact that the old man shot out the kids tires shows intelligence and self control. If he just waved his gun then the kid would have prob. taken off and got off scott free, and if he fired his gun into the sky he would have broken “Shannons Law”
    If your not familier with “Shannons Law” It happened here in Phonix I believe. I could be wrong with where. What happened is this, during New Years celebrations some years back, folks were shooting into the sky. Well you could probably figure… Shannon, a young teen took a falling bullet to the head and died.
    It is obvious the man was not an idiot. He chose the lesser of the three evils.

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    marissa [visitor]

    I agree they should move the box to a better location!!!

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    smith [visitor]

    that’s awesome. good job on the guy for having a concealed weapons permit. I would have totally done the same. What is the deal with wanton endangerment charge? the teenager came at him with a club!!

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    obidawsn [visitor]

    We have 3 reboxes. One is inside a Wal-Mart, one is outside of a McDonald’s, and the other is inside a McDonald’s. So some McDonald’s (at least ours) does have them inside).

  14. Member [Join Now]

    The older man should have shot the punk in the foot or knee. He showed great restraint not shooting this punk. If somebody hits me, you can be sure that I would not just stand their and look dumb. I am a 57 year old Vietnam Vet, 101st Airborne. The punk would have that bar up his ass. In that part of Kentucky, having a gun or rifle in your vehicle is not uncommon.

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    RMillz [visitor]

    It’s Kentucky. It brew a special variation of redneck in those parts. My grandma is from there and I’m not suprised.