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Just saw a survey that Redbox is sending out to some users (let us know if you got it) about how likely we are to recommend the service to a friend. After submitting the answer to that question, I got the following screen:

Redbox Survey - June 11, 2009

The question I found most interesting was about speeding up return times. I wonder how they would do that?
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Anyway, what answer would you choose and why? Leave a comment and let us know.

75 Responses to “Redbox Doing A Survey, Asks About Speeding Up Returns”

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    Gary [visitor]

    If they could put a “return” button on the side of the machine (next to the slot), a person could walk up and press it and then the machine would allow if a return if someone was browsing.

    There would also have an “insert now” thing that light up when it is OK to insert the return.

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      Great idea. They should just put a return box next to the movie box and then people wouldn’t have to stand in line waiting to return.

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    I am not rcving any codes in my email. REDBOX
    INSIDER UPDATES. Please advise.

  3. Member [Join Now]

    It does seem to take a long time for the kiosk to report that the return as been “accepted”, but that could be because it is matching the DVD with the account it was rented on.

  4. Member [Join Now]

    i am seeing all the same codes repeated over and over again. Mostly non working codes.

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    CynthiaR [cynthiar]

    I had same idea as folks above. There should be a separate slot for returns to allow quick returns while individuals browse to rent.

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    I too agree that there should be a separate slot for returns so we don’t have to stand in line. Also, they should change the return time to the next day by midnight, what’s this 9pm crap anyway? My finacee and I had to race to the Redbox to return a movie tonight before 9pm… but it didn’t matter, seeing as we got there and had to wait in a line to return the DVD anyway, and it was 9:03 when we finally had our turn :(

    As for codes: breakroom works, only once per card. :)

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      tom albert [visitor]

      you knew before you rented that the movie is due back by 9pm the following nite, the crap you talk about in your post is you, you should have returned you dvd on time, you, mofo, asswipe and crybaby.

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        I couldn’t agree with you more! If you want the movie returned on time make sure you get there with enough time to get it returned by 9 pm otherwise it’s your own fault!

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      Mark [visitor]

      The 9PM return time is probably for consistency between all kiosks. Some are behind locked store doors after 9PM, and setting that as a return time probably avoids considerable complaints from people unable to return a movie.

      Also, a midnight deadline would effectively let you keep the DVD two nights for the price of one. They want you to pay for both (or else return it earlier so someone else can rent it).

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    M.Kruter [visitor]

    The separate slot should not be a “return” slot, rather it should be an “express” slot for people who are returning movies AND for people picking up movies reserved online!