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Redbox and Paramount Sign a New Deal

redbox_logoSome Hollywood studios still believe in the value of making deals with Redbox, as evidenced by Paramount’s signing of a new distribution agreement with the kiosk operator.

The new Redbox/Paramount deal will give the former’s customers access to new release Paramount movies the same day they are available for purchase at retail stores. Since 2010, Paramount has opted out of the 28-day delay on new releases that so many other studios were pushing for at the time.


Galen Smith, CEO of Redbox, was excited about the new deal:

“This distribution agreement is a win for Redbox, Paramount and most importantly consumers,”

Will this be the beginning of a new series of agreement renewals between Redbox and Hollywood?

[via Home Media Magazine]

One Response to “Redbox and Paramount Sign a New Deal”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Danofive0 [visitor]

    Look’s like the Box’s is going to be around for a time.
    I thought they would be gone by now. With so much online and all.
    But this again shows you. People still like the disc in hand.
    And RedBox is also a good way to fond out if you want to buy the movie.
    Power to them.