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One of our favorite things to do here at Inside Redbox is to reward our readers with free Redbox rentals. We’ve received a bunch of free rental codes that are valid at Kroger-affiliated Redbox kiosks through the end of February.
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For a chance to win one of these codes, simply visit the comments section and tell us why you think Inside Redbox is awesome.

We’ll select winners randomly from the (positive!) comments we receive and email their codes out to them in the next couple of days. Please note that the codes expire at the end of the month, and are only valid at Kroger and its affiliated stores.
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Visit this site for the complete list of Kroger affiliates. One entry per person, please.

Good luck, Insiders!

328 Responses to “RedAlert: ‘Why is Inside Redbox Awesome?’ Code Giveaway”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Richelle Cornmesser [visitor]

    Redbox is so awesome because we travel and we can pick up a movie at a place in one state and return it the next day in another.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Mike Brumback [visitor]

    I like the ability to check whats in on my iPhone

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Daniel Paris [visitor]

    These have been great for family night. We went through a spell a while back where I lost my job and we were still able to do family night with the free promo codes that were available.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Bonnie J Bowers [visitor]

    I like Redbox because it is convenient to be able to stop in just about anyw here, it doesnt matter where I am at I can get a Redbox movie, not only here in Las Vegas, but anywhere I am at. Another reason I like how I dont have to wait in a line as I have always had to do at Blockbuster and other video stores. Redbox is very easy to use and I can rent at any hour. Redbox never closes!