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The number of consumer electronic devices without Netflix streaming has shrunk again with the announcement by Panasonic that it will be adding Netflix to its 2010 line of Viera televisions and BD players.

Netflix’s VP of business development, Bil Holmes, offered the following on the announcement:

“Panasonic continues to provide consumers with unique and exciting products for enjoying entertainment at home. Netflix is proud to partner with Panasonic to deliver movies and TV shows to consumers with the greatest convenience, selection and value.
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How long before you won’t be able to buy a CE device that DOESN’T include Netflix streaming, Insiders? With such a lead built up by Netflix in this segment, will Redbox or any other challenger stand a chance?
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(via Audioholics)

One Response to “Panasonic Adds Netflix to 2010 Viera TVs”

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    Farva [visitor]

    I’m going to hope that Redbox is smart enough to know they (or anyone else for that matter) can’t compete directly with Netflix in this area and has something else different planned for their streaming service.