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November to Set Same-Day VOD Record

hot cookiesFor consumers who like their video-on-demand piping hot and fresh, November’s going to be a great month. This month will see a higher number of same-day VOD and DVD releases than any other month to date. Studios, along with cable and satellite providers, are going to be massively hyping new releases coming out on VOD and DVD simultaneously.
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According to Video Business:

Studios will tag movies in DVD ads of films released day-and-date as available for rent on demand. Comcast will promote the films in ads across cable outlets and anywhere else it can reach subscribers. Time Warner Cable has icons saying buy on DVD or rent on demand.

Because VOD rentals are such a quickly growing segment of the home entertainment market, spending on ad campaigns has skyrocketed and will continue to climb.
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With big releases such as Gran Torino earning more than $30 million in worldwide cable and VOD revenue, the expense is often justified. So says Michele Edelman, VP of marketing for Warner Bros. Digital Distribution:

“We’ve seen it time and time again: The more you promote titles, the better they do,”

Cable and satellite providers are hoping that increased revenues from VOD will encourage studios to increase the number of day-and-date films released.

Insiders, do you think we’re heading towards a system when most or all titles are released on VOD and DVD (or Blu-ray) on the same day? Thus far, has it changed your buying/renting habits when films have been made available in both formats simultaneously?

[via Video Business]

3 Responses to “November to Set Same-Day VOD Record”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Robert S. [visitor]

    it’s never changed my habit since i’ve never purchased satellite PPV movies. I do like the fact that I can pass up a title on satellite PPV for $4.99 and get it at redbox for $1.50.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    slidecage [visitor]

    they need to drop their prices.. its 4.99 here for normal movies or 6.99 for the harder to find titles (dead snow) black sheep ect….

    also you need to pay all of their fees and taxes (so add on another dollar at least) and figure you got to pay a monthly fee to even rent the box to even be able to get VOD