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Hmm, carve a few pumpkins or rent a few great movies? Redbox suggests the one that doesn’t involve someone like you wielding a knife. No offense.

Face it, the end of October is all about the kids. So grab them a copy of Meet the Robinsons. In this hilarious animated feature, a young boy named Lewis (voiced by both Daniel Hansen and Jordan Fry) meets up with an inventor named Wilbur (Wesley Singerman). Together they travel in a time machine to the future where they must stop the evil plot of Bowler Hat Guy (Stephen J.
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Anderson). As for just who the Robinsons are, you’ll have to rent this one to find out.

Next up, it’s the horror/thriller Mr. Brooks. Kevin Costner shows a psychotic side you never knew he had playing the title character—a stand-up philanthropist who (wouldn’t you just know it?) happens to have voices in his head telling him to kill people. Demi Moore plays the detective on his trail. Comedian Dane Cook plays a man who threatens to expose Brooks’ dark secret.

Returning from last week, there’s the huge-action/huge-budget hit Transformers. Little has changed since you were smashing your Transformer toys in the sandbox—the two futuristic, robotic clans (the good Autobots and the evil Decepticons) are still battling viciously for supremacy. But the special effects are huge and the stars are enormous. Shia Lebouf, Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox and Tyrese Gibson are there, to name just a few.

The Invisible also returns from last week. Justin Chatwin and Margarita Levieva star as teenagers who real selves aren’t seen (explaining the movie’s title) by the rest of the world…he because of his untimely death and she because of the neglect she’s endured as a teen.

Also, don’t you dare forget about The Reaping.
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Thought that the 10 prophesied Biblical plagues only happened in Biblical times? Think again. Hillary Swank stars as Louisiana woman in this action-thriller about just what you’re supposed to do to survive the locusts, the famine, the fire, the broken DVD players, and so on.

Last this week, the story of a writer so brilliant (and desperate) that he claims to have the exclusive rights to write a biography for the elusive Howard Hughes. Richard Gere and Alfred Molina star in The Hoax, the real story of author Clifford Irving, and his amazing web of little white lies on the road to becoming famous.

That’s it for this week, redbox renters. Don’t forget that you can make your selections online and pick them up at any redbox near you.

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