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Increase The Festiveness With
These New Releases, Too.

Tuba optional, of course.

Well, this week starts out with Transformers, as the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, must once again battle the Decepticons, commanded by Megatron for control of the Allspark. This time, however, Earth is the battlefield and Shia LaBeouf, the man with a secret all peace-loving people don’t want two Decepticon scouts to discover. Expect mayhem and fancy transforming.

Next up, The Invisible. Justin Chatwin (of War of the Worlds) now finds himself suspended between two worlds: The real one and the Hereafter. He takes a beating from a classmate and her thug friends that leaves him not quite dead and not fully with us either. He uses this time to look more carefully at his mother, played by Marcia Gay Harden, and others in his life. It’s not a thriller, but more of a fine drama with suspense built in.
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Hilary Swank, playing a debunker (debunkifier?) of religious phenomena in The Reaping, finds that all in Haven, Louisiana is not so easily explained. The “Ten Plagues” have come and it starts getting ugly when the townspeople accuse a 12-year old girl of causing the problems. David Morrissey and Idris Elba provide some extra sanity to help keep things from spinning totally out of control.

In the brilliant swindle category, redbox is proud to offer up the latest from director Lasse Hallström (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and My Life As A Dog). Get ready for Hoax. Starring Richard Gere as Clifford Irving, the movie details how Irving and his “researcher” Dick Suskind (a marvelous Alfred Molina) secured a $1,000,000 advance to pen the authorized biography of Howard Hughes. Only problem? Old weird Howard didn’t authorize anything.

If you missed Evan Almighty or (And?
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! Not and!!) Surf’s Up last week, redbox stands ready to help you correct that deficit in your “movie’s watched: 2007” column. Always glad to help.

Until next week, thanks and redbox out.

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