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(At Least You’ll Get One Gift You’ll Like This Year)

You’re going shopping? Today? Do you have any idea how crowded the stores will be?
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Grab some DVDs and wait it out my friend. Redbox has an early gift for you…next week’s new releases are out this week! Just in time to help avoid the holiday traffic jam.

Speaking of serious traffic, there’s only one way to kick off this most sacred of weeks: Rush Hour 3. The hilariously mismatched duo of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan return in the third installment of the popular series, and this time head to Paris to protect a woman who knows the secrets of the Triad’s leaders. From there it’s pretty much nothing but wisecracks and roundhouses. Hiroyuki Sanado co-stars.

Or maybe you want the intensity turned up and the comedy turned down. The Kingdom doth deliver. (Doth it ever!) In this intense action flick, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner are members of an elite government team sent to investigate in the Middle East after an American family is bombed. The fight scenes are heart-stopping and the cast is star-studded.
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Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman and Jeremy Piven all co-star.

Sometimes love lasts forever. Sometimes — as in Eddie Cantrow’s case in the comedy The Heartbreak Kid — it falls to pieces after 72 hours or so. Ben Stiller plays Cantrow, who thinks he’s found the perfect woman (Malin Akerman), marries her quickly, then discovers just how wonderful she ain’t. Luckily he meets his real dreamgirl (Michelle Monaghan) on his honeymoon. You’ll want to jump on your couch and chant “annul-MENT! annul-MENT!” Don’t be too loud.

Next up, director David Cronenberg delivers a tale about — cue the holiday choir — a merciless killer who works for a London organized crime family! In Eastearn Promises, Viggo Mortenson plays the assassin who’s conducting business as usual (killing, that is) until he crosses paths with a midwife (Naomi Watts) who makes him reconsider his whole way of doing things (and kill a few people while he’s at it)

After all that, you’re going to be in dire need of American Pie Presents: Beta House. This is the story of three young college studs who look to ramp up the studliness even further by pledging the Beta fraternity. Dwight Stiffler (yes, of THOSE Stifflers) is the fraternity president. Redbox knows you really needed a plot outline for this one. Jake Siegel, Steve Talley and John White star.

And finally, returning from last week, it’s Underdog! Jason Lee voices a lovable canine that happens to be at the wrong science lab during the wrong explosion, and ends up with superpowers. Peter Dinklage and Patrick Warburton co-star.

What else, movie fans? Well, you can still select your flicks at, then pick them up at your nearest redbox location. The only thing easier is actually watching those DVDs. See you next week.

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    missesheather [visitor]

    I’m not familiar with using the codes, but can I use the codes more than once? What I mean is can I use it again in the next 2 days? B/c I have been using the 1 code for 1 movie, and I just read that sometimes 1 code can rent 5 movies at one time.