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Happy Holidays.

Redbox New DVD Releases - Dec 18, 2007

Who could shop with sweet new releases like these?

Nearing twenty years since its debut, the world’s favorite animated family — Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie — comes to the big screen in The Simpsons Movie. And the critics agree it was worth the wait. In true Simpsons fashion, everything goes wrong when Homer pollutes Springfield’s water supply and the EPA puts a dome over the town. Or should redbox say…a d’ohme? A do-diddley-ome? You get the idea, now get the movie.

Next up, a storyline that combines redbox’ three favorite things: laboratory accidents, talking dogs and superpowers. Rent Underdog, and see what happens when a nice doggy named Shoeshine (voiced by Jason Lee) is the victim of something of a lab mishap, which gives him special powers. This one’s perfect for adults, for kids, for…anyone with a soft spot for canines, really. Peter Dinklage and Patrick Warburton co-star.
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The crime-fighting dog not crazy enough for you? Then grab Stardust. This movie takes you to a town nestled on the border of a magical land…and along for the adventure when a young man makes a promise to enter said magical land and retrieve a fallen star. Charlie Cox, Sir Ian McKellan and Bimbo Hart star.

Ah, ping pong — the perfect backdrop for a tale of redemption and revenge. In the whacked-out comedy Balls of Fury, Dan Fogler plays a ping pong has-been who’s asked to take a secret mission. He uses his paddle skills to infiltrate the world of the evil — and just plain creepy — Feng (played by Christopher Walken), who also killed his father. Lots of heavy themes for a comedy with such a low-brow title.

Did you always think West Side Story would have been better set at a cheerleading camp? Then Bring It On: In It to Win It is for you. Carson (Ashley Benson) leads the So-Cal cheerleading team and Brooke (Cassie Scerbo) leads the sassy New York squad. As the two sides fight for the coveted spirit stick, Brooke finds a little trans-squad romance with Penn (Michael Copon).

Finally, to end on a festive holiday note, there’s the gory horror flick Hatchet. If redbox might expand on the great deal of clues dropped by the title, this is the story of a Louisiana ghost tour that gets stuck, leaving a few unlucky tourists stranded at night in a haunted swamp (and, naturally, fighting to survive). Joel Moore, Tamara Feldman and Deon Richmond star.
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That’s it redbox fans. Happy holidays, and don’t forget to make your selections at, then pick them up at your nearest redbox location.

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